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  • Homoow
    1 posts

    @ubi-keo my psn is XtheweedbreederX use my game saves if it helps I play on ps4 and have the bug to in the Saint faith mystery

  • Mattiavittorio
    1 posts

    @neon-nfo same issue for me, on ps5

  • Chaos.Bahamut
    1 posts

    same problem here. unable to talk to the priest. i'm on the xbox and in 140 hours. this is so frustrating.

  • MisterBug86
    5 posts

    Playing on PS4 Pro. Having the same issue as everyone else: can't interact with priest to proceed with Saint Faith mystery. Seems like the number of issues with this mystery quest have exploded since the most recent update, so I hope another hotfix or patch is coming soon. Given the number of bugs I've encountered since the most recent update (this one being the biggest), I will probably just have to leave this game alone until a fix comes in.

  • Ananya2013
    1 posts

    i am having the same issue on PC.

  • Nosamdivad
    10 posts

    Same issue here on Xbox Series X... The guy repeats a few lines of dialogue, but I have no option to interact with anyone in the scene.

  • king_berend
    1 posts

    Same issue here, despite all common quick fixes - no dialogue prompt. Last thing to do for platinum, very frustrating. Don't really feel like buying the season pass if I can't get the platinum trophy due to a common bug...

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2140 posts

    Hello Vikings,

    Thank you for your continuous updates on this thread. I appreciate your patience while our development is investigating this for you.

    After checking this, I can confirm that this issue is planned to be resolved with a future update. Once the resolution is deployed, we will let everyone know through the patch notes.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

    Official Response
  • DePolarBearMan
    1 posts

    I’m having the exact same issue, first time coming to this area, I’ve gone back a couple saves but never can get the priest to have a dialogue box. I’ve been completing a lot as I go so I can platinum the game soon after the story. Having more than 150 hours in and not knowing whether I’ll be able to proceed to 100% completion honestly makes me just not want to play it anymore. Is this still not fixed? Why continue releasing new content if players can’t even fully beat the game as is?

  • georgi.opnakov
    1 posts

    8 months after initial report, this game breaking bug is still present, excellent support. Only thing Ubi-people are doing is posting the same response over and over "we're working on a fix, to be released in next patch, no ETA". Can you at least make it look like your response wasn't copy+pasted every single time.... what a disgrace. 189 hours in the game just to be stopped by this. If there's a place to write complaints please direct me, thanks.

  • NobleSwines
    4 posts

    Amazing - Waited 6 months for a fix for the ‘desperate bounty’ world event bug that stopped me playing. Seen this was finally fixed in the latest patch 1.2.2, brilliant can now clean up everything else and get the platinum!

    Nope… less than an hour later I’ve now come across the ‘Saint Faith’ world event and I can’t interact with the priest. I now see that this is happening to lots of people and was apparently fixed in the same patch but it clearly hasn’t.

    Beyond a joke now this game

  • sakura0515
    1 posts

    @ubi-borealis I made sure the 1.2.2 update made it to my Xbox 1x. The update was there, but Saint faith is not fixed. It’s the last world event I need to do.

  • Giadinhlaso1
    3 posts

    The wolrd event in Hamtunscire ( saint faith) i can't get interact with it, please fix, that is the only world event i couldn't finish

  • superduperdando
    1 posts

    This has to get fixed soon. It’s really annoying to only have this one thing left to do

  • danzecrazy00
    11 posts

    Ubisoft is you hurry up and bring out an 200 MBS update just to fix this 1 world event so we can all get our 100% for it thanks plus I havn’t played the game in 2 days because I have done everything in the game BTW I poster an video on my channel of u all want to check it out

  • MisterBug86
    5 posts

    @danzecrazy00 That's a perfect representation of this issue that for some reason seems to have exploded rather than resolved based on the number of recent Reddit and Ubisoft posts concerning the issue compared to the rest of this bug's entire existence. Well done. I think it will help Ubisoft understand what a big deal it is for some of us to be able to 100% our games, as we have been for a decade or more, even if the main quest is still technically completable (assuming that hasn't been ruined, too).

  • SerUlric
    1 posts

    I am yet another player that is unable to achieve 100% completion due to this glitch with the "Saint Faith" mystery.
    Given the response, I'm surprised that it still hasn't been fixed. Talk about dragging your feet Ubisoft. This annoyance has been here for months.
    Not good.

  • shelby_97xx
    1 posts

    The issue is that the people who have spent 150+ hours on the game have clearly only done so to 100% the map and get the completionist trophy. I could have completed the main story in no time if it wasn’t for all the side stuff, but I enjoy getting all the trophies for games so it’s just irrelevant. As much as I enjoyed the game, the mysteries were very bulked out as it is and to then get to this glitch at the very last area of the map I literally feel like I’ve wasted all my time. The fact that this has been going on for months is an absolute joke. Stop releasing paid add ons until you’ve fixed the glitches in the main game!

  • Arier_
    3 posts

    @serulric me too on ps5 😭

  • ConverseCookie
    1 posts

    Ubisoft already got our money so they just push it to the side for the “development team” to fix it even though it’s been months. We’re not dumb Ubisoft we know the focus is on new buyable armor or buyable DLC. Keep raking in money from others while you lose 100’s of long time followers daily.

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