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  • Kachlawlz
    1 posts

    Unable to complete the Saint faith mystery in Hamtunscire. Can't attack the NPC you Are supposed to kill. Tried lots of things but cant get mystery to reset.

    Last thing i need for Platinum, would be Nice og you could look into it.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4113 posts

    Thanks for sending a video, @MarekQoops. I've passed this along to the development team so they can take a closer look.

    @Kachlawlz - Thanks for taking the time to share your own report of "Saint Faith." I've been able to collect your cloud save and I've passed this on to the development team for further investigation.

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  • abawfmen21
    2 posts

    Just uploaded a recent auto save to online storage/cloud because I saw you collected it from another player. Playing on ps4 and didn’t know how to add this save file to a support ticket. Hopefully this helps resolve the saint faith bugs...

  • Al-X_Southpaw
    1 posts

    @abawfmen21 Hey my bad, I didn't realize my ubisoft was connected to an old PSN account. I'm abawfmen21 but I don't use that linked PSN anymore. I uploaded my recent save on this account al-x_southpaw

  • Hgudmand2008
    2 posts

    Can't activate this mysteries:


  • Et4hiel
    26 posts

    Hello again,

    3 weeks passed since my original post and there is still no fix and no info in your Megathread that the issue is known.

    I sent you all required files and what did I get? An information that my ticket was closed.

    More important for you is fact that some meaningless pets have disappeared from the Settlement than the bug that prevent players from getting the achievement and completing a location.

    Great lesson for me to never buy Ubisoft games after launch...

  • SimpIyTheBest89
    2 posts

    When is the Saint Faith side mission bug going to be fixed. I can't talk to the priest to start the mission. It is literally my last side mission and can't get the achievement because of it.

  • MarekQoops
    13 posts

    This bug is still not fixed in patch 1.2.0 . Is this ever going to be fixed? Im sorry but first report of this issue was 25th November which is almost 4 months. Im sure you guys agree with me that this is getting more than ridiculous.

  • ubi-smash
    Ubisoft Support Staff 983 posts

    Hi @simpiythebest89! Sorry to hear this is the last side quest you are missing for one of the achievements in-game. Our team is aware of this issue with the quest "Saint Faith" and continues to investigate this issue at this time. While we do not have any updates at this moment, we will keep everyone posted as soon as we have news to share. Thank you for bearing with us in the meantime.

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  • jONEsColts
    1 posts

    I'm also blocked by this, no matter how many times I go back, I cannot talk to the priest.

  • si_E
    1 posts

    Unable to finish the event. Can't talk to the priest, can't make damage to npcs, seems they only reacts to my horse running at them. It's a bug present since early versions of the game, when will you fix it?

  • Suronix96
    1 posts

    Cannot interact with the priest.

  • Et4hiel
    26 posts

    Almost 5 f...g months have passed, is it really too hard to reset progress for people that already started this s..t??

    Why the hell are you implementing "new highly replayable content (that's a joke btw)" if you still didn't fix previous one!?

    Why tf are you adding some crap to Helix store instead of fixing bugs that players are reporting since November!?

    I totally understand that money is all you care, so get your s... together and fix the mess this game is right now or give me my money back, because I paid for a full game not an early access...

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2322 posts

    @Al-X_Southpaw @MarekQoops @jONEsColts @si_E @Suronix96

    Hi all,

    I have forwarded your cloud saves onto the development team to help with their investigation. Please keep checking here, the known issues list and news and announcements for updates.

    @Et4hiel I can understand your frustration that this bug has not been fixed. I play the game myself and I am also waiting for a fix for one of the world events. Luckily the world events are side quests and do not prevent further progression as a main quest would. I'm afraid that some bugs can take longer than others to fix, especially if the development team have been unable to reproduce it.

    However I can assure you that the development team are working hard to resolve this and all other issues that have been reported. With regards to the items that are added to the Helix Store, it is a different team that works on those.

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  • Billy_dieBumse
    1 posts

    As you might already know from various posts since december 2020, the world event "Saint Faith" has not been fixed and the bug has already been explained often enough. Nevertheless it is NOT in the list of your "known issues". I wouldn't write this post if I had the impression that Ubisoft takes care of this matter.

    The consequences:

    Many people having this problem are frustrated for around 4 months because they cannot recieve the trophy for completing 100% of the territories (and logically also the platin trophy).

    It looks like that Ubisoft ignores this problem.

    Why it has to be fixed:

    Restarting this game from the beginning is NO option, because it would take far too much time without having the guarantee of experiencing other bugs on the way - and of course the loss af all achievements.


    We request that "Ubisoft" realizes that this bug has to be fixed as soon as possible - perhaps in making the world events resetable (and showing their names on the map, because you only find out their names in a short period of time when they are finished successfully ! Without the videos of other players I wouldn't even know the name of this world event).

    I already experienced a lot of bugs in this game myself and you fixed them bit by bit. I am sure you will also fix this bug for all of us.

    Still love the Assassin's Creed games and other Ubisoft games very much !

    Keep it up !

    P.S.: Please (re-)insert the missing fishes into the game soon. Perhaps by creating 2 new lakes (or else) for them, one in Norway and one in Englaland 🙂

  • MarekQoops
    13 posts

    This is still not fixed after title update 1.2.1 . As Im looking into known issues, I doubt it will be fixed soon, if at all since its not even under investigation and with the new DLC and new bugs coming out in May dev team will have much more work with that stuff. My last game from ubisoft, what a disaster.

  • Et4hiel
    26 posts

    You know why they still didn't fix this bug? Because they don't care about it, it's almost at the end of the game, Hamtunscire is one of the last places to go while playing campaign. Before most players get there, they will encounter a lot of bugs, which ubisoft "fixed" several times and still can't manage to do that properly (like fishes or Dag duel quest...).
    More weight is spent on adding paid garbage to the Helix store and thanks to that I cancelled my Far Cry 6 preorder, will never again pay full price for game of this dev. If someone doesn't respect me as a player, I won't respect their work - simple as that.

    Have a good day!

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4113 posts

    Hello there,

    I apologise for the delayed response. I would like to reach out to you all with an update from the investigation. The development team intend to fix this issue in a future update! We don't yet have a confirmed ETA for when this update will be released. Once we have more definite information, this will be shared within this thread and in the News & Announcements forum.

    @Billy_dieBumse - Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Please note that the Known Issues list is non-exhaustive, and it is not managed by the player support team. We can pass on your suggestion to see if it's possible to have "Saint Faith" included on the list.. If you can't see your issue on the Known Issues list, rest assured that it is still under investigation by the development team.

    The development team has confirmed that they won't be implementing a "Restart Quest" option in-game. They have provided the following statement:

    Due to the structure of quests within the game, a "reset/restart quest" feature is not feasible at this stage of development. While some quests and world events allow you to walk away or reload your save in order to reset them, this is not the case for every instance within Valhalla. We strongly recommend regularly adding manual saves, especially before and after pivotal moments, to ensure you have backup states to revert to if needed.

    I apologise for any disappointment caused by this. The development team intend to resolve this issue in a future update, so please keep an eye out within the forums for more information!

    @MarekQoops - As this issue was still under investigation when TU 1.2.1 was released, a fix was not included in this update. The development team have let us know that they'll be resolving this issue in a future update, though! We are unable to speculate on when this fix will be made available. As soon as we know more, we will let you know as soon as we are able to.

    @Et4hiel - I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. I can assure you that the development team has been taking all reports of "Saint Faith" seriously, and has been working on finding out what has been potentially causing this issue for players. If you haven't already, I would recommend taking a look at the recent Dev Blog, as it provides more insight into the internal development processes and steps in an investigation.

    Thanks 😊

    Official Response
  • Et4hiel
    26 posts

    @ubi-borealis No need to feel sorry, I know that you and other Ubi Support Staff are not responsible for that. You are here to read our complaints etc., but you can't disagree with my previous post.
    Even your dev blog link shows what I wrote, to quote: "every issue is categorized based on severity, impact, and frequency (...) is considered side content, we’ve prioritized more impactful story progression blockers first". As we both know Saint Faith is a side content, so is not a priority at all, especially if we take into account that it concerns almost the end of the game and I assume that the vast majority of players didn't get there (for example due to bugs blocking the progress of the campaign).
    Again going back to the quote above, there is no "severity, impact, and frequency" and as a result there is still no fix after almost half a year, don't get me wrong, but at this pace all bugs will be resolved when the next game is released...

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4113 posts

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback with us, @Et4hiel. I would like to assure you that even if an issue is given a lower priority to another (based on the categories mentioned in the blog), the issue is still taken seriously. The development team is always working on resolving the issues that players are encountering in-game, and the player support team will continue to work with everyone all to try and get these issues resolved.

    I apologise for any disappointment that has been caused, and hope that we can provide more definite information on when the fix for "Saint Faith" will be released soon.  If you have any additional feedback that you would like us to pass forward, please let us know, as we'd like to see if there is anything further we can do to help 🙂

    Official Response

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