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  • Hophi86
    Original poster 11 posts

    I apologise if messaging you directly is presumptuous of me or seen as a breach of etiquette as that is not my intention but I really felt the need to draw extra attention to this thread. As you can read above, this thread is about back and chest tattoos and the lack of visibility of these on female Eivor.

    In the current version of the game there is no way to see the full versions of neither the back nor the chest tattoos if you choose to play as female Eivor, The closest you can get to seeing the tattoos is by hiding her chest armour, but because of Eivor's underwear wrapping around a large part of her upper body almost half of the designs are hidden. This is obviously not a problem for the players who choose a male variant of Eivor as they simply remove his chest armour and get the entire designs.

    A thing I've really appreciated about this game as well as Odyssey is that it feels like the teams have made real efforts to ensure players get an equal experience regardless of if they choose to play as the female main character or her male counterpart, and for the absolute majority of both games these endeavours have been successful.

    However the tattoo system of Valhalla is one part where the male options is at an uncharacteristically clear advantage. The only way to fully appreciate the well-designed tattoos is by playing as the male variation of Eivor, which is especially troubling considering you are able to pay real money for tattoos. This essentially means you have to play as the male character to get the full value of your purchase.

    I highly doubt this was the intention of the developing team when the tattoo system was designed. I realise that you understandably won't comment on internal decisions made during the developing process, but if our above speculation about Eivor's optional upper body clothing in earlier versions were indeed true, when the team made the decision to remove that feature they severely limited female Eivor customisation options compared to her male variation.

    I sincerely hope Ubisoft are able to fix this inequality in a future update. The simplest way would of course be to silently revert to the presumed previous version. I highly doubt anybody would complain about this since the previously mentioned setting in the options menu is still there.

    A more likely solution is perhaps to simply include some new armour in a future update where at least the back of female Eivor is showing. That way every player can enjoy the full versions of the back tattoos which like I said are very well-designed.

    If it is possibly to forward this requests to the development team I would be extremely grateful. Surely this disadvantage for a large portion of the game player base was not intended.

    Lastly, if you'll excuse a small tangent in an already way too lengthy message, I feel the need to make one thing very clear to you, Ubi-Woofer, as well as any other Ubisoft employees reading this: In this thread I have criticised Ubisoft relatively harshly, but criticism of Ubisoft the company is not the same as criticism of the people working there. Ubisoft may have made a lot of decisions that have angered me immensely but the people working at Ubisoft has made some of my favourite games of all time, and for that I'm very thankful.

    I want to send a special message to all of you who work in different kinds of customer support and have to keep up communications with players. It has got to be one of the most thankless jobs in the world. The amount of vitriol you receive on forums such as these is just insane, and it's not right. So for what it's worth, I just want to tell you something you most likely don't hear nearly enough:
    Your job is important; you are appreciated, and thank you very much!
    With kind regards
    Christopher "Hophi86" Wall

  • Kormac67
    725 posts

    @hophi86 Well you got a reaction from woofer. He removed the link posted above.

  • Hophi86
    Original poster 11 posts

    @kormac67 That's honestly understandable. Mods like that are usually frowned upon by developers. I just hope @Gloomseeker didn't get in trouble for posting it as they were just trying to help me.

    Anyway, I'm still hopeful that Woofer or another representative will comment on the issue.

  • TheCosmicBob
    73 posts

    Early in the release, I noticed when she was fast travelling, and not wearing anything but the cover up on top, it would occassionally glitch or something and the cover would disappear, show what appeared to be Eivor's bare chest. I was actually quite startled to see it, but it did happen more than once and I may or may not have taken a screen capture (on PS4).

  • Hophi86
    Original poster 11 posts

    @gloomseeker Thanks buddy! And again, I appreciate all your help!

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1152 posts

    Hello all,

    Thank you for your continued feedback regarding back/chest tattoos for female Eivor, and how you feel that her chest bindings somewhat obscure these. I've collected some quotes from you all and opened a discussion with the developers, to get their take on things. I'm unsure if any changes will be made, but should anything come of it, I'll be sure to let you all know. 🙂

    In terms of the discussion itself, I'd like to ask that you do keep it above-board and refrain from straying into anything too perverse. If the direction of the discussion does go in an unsavoury direction, I'll likely close the thread, so please just be aware and respectful. I'd also like to remind you of the forum rules with regard to inappropriate language/profanities and discussing hacks/cheats (which can also cover unauthorised mods for our games); breaches of these rules can lead to sanctions, so please do check these and make sure you are abiding by them when posting.

    To address a few specific replies -

    @JCar4327 - To be exact, the voice line was "I should probably not climb on this". A memorable way to reach a high point to synchronise for sure! 😆

    @Gloomseeker - I did remove your link to the unauthorised mod you referenced a few days ago, and per the above would ask that you consider this a warning against sharing such a link again. 🙂 We can't verify the safety nor integrity of these mods, so we don't recommend or condone using them. Thank you for trying to help @Hophi86 find a solution that would work for them, though.

    @kreutzgang - In reference to your comment below - to attempt this is in direct breach of our forum rules and just as punishable as posting the offending language itself. If a word or phrase you are trying to use is censored, please do not then edit your response to try and work around it. Thank you.

    Excuse my language, trying to bypass the filters so people know what I'm talking about lol.

    @Hophi86 - Hello Christopher! I just want to quickly preface my reply to your long post by saying - I'm not a member of the Community Team, I'm a Support Staff member, so I wouldn't normally be replying in this section of the forums. On this occasion, I'm able to forward this feedback and see what the developers have to say, but I may not always be able to reply. I'd recommend giving @UbiQuB3 or @Ubi-WhiteRoom a tag if you'd like to pass on further feedback in the future, but please do be aware that they do receive a lot of messages / tags so may not be able to reply at times either!

    That said - please consider your feedback in this thread forwarded to the development team. 🙂 Should anything come of it, I'll try to reply again here and let you know. Your kind words are also very much appreciated, and I'll be sure to pass this sentiment onto my colleagues as well so we can all feel the positivity! ♥

    @TheCosmicBob - Is this still happening in the present game version, in your experience?

    Official Response
  • TheCosmicBob
    73 posts

    @ubi-woofer I have not seen this glitch/bug of the top disappearing for a while. Probably not since December.

  • Hophi86
    Original poster 11 posts

    @ubi-woofer Thank you so much for replying, and for forwarding the comments to the development team! It honestly means a lot. The reason I messaged you specifically is that I saw you had responded in several other threads so I thought you would perhaps be able to help, but I'll make sure to remember to primarily contact the other Ubi-members if I have any further questions.

    I really appreciate you sending along the issue to the team because like I said there are relatively easy ways to fix it: by adding one or more armours that shows off her tattoos. I know the first DLC is set in Ireland (can't wait for that by the way) so if there is anyone from the design team who happen to be reading this: maybe some backless druid robes?

    I'm really happy that you appreciated my comments at the end of my post, and I truly mean them. Those of you working in support and community relations have a very taxing job and are so often under-appreciated, I'm really glad I was able to convey how important I believe you are. So again, thank you very much!

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @ubi-woofer are you seriously saying using the terms "birds and the bees" and "hanky-panky" are against the forum rules? In that case I'm done here, as it's already strenuous to avoid inoffensive words on a forum about a game for adults containing content that actually involves said "offensive" things, graphic violence and frequently overuse of "rude" words. While I can deal with having words censored or trying to use baby language, so people know what's meant, that's taking it to absurd levels, especially considering this forum has quite a few posts that are actually offensive and have nothing to do with the game or content included in it.

  • Kormac67
    725 posts
    refrain from straying into anything too perverse

    @Ubi-Woofer You mean we shouldn't talk about ingame content where someone gets the lungs pulled out of his body while alive?
    Or are you referring to nudity?

  • AlphaGoose46219
    158 posts

    @ubi-woofer Pffff what a reaction for 18+ games, even [censored] must be dung!
    Forget the tattoos and dress Eivor with a BURKA!
    I'm leaving Valhalla and will have some classic fun with the Witcher!
    UBIsoft, hypocrite old chicks!

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @gloomseeker I agree with most of what you say, but a Viking (m/f) running around and fighting in the nude doesn't seem very immersive to me. The Daughters of Lerion are mythical characters, so that is different.

    The main point is that Ubisoft gave us all these tattoos without offering a proper way to show them off (except the face tattoos of course). Hiding armor parts is clearly not enough to fix this.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @hroozenbeek I didn't find it very realistic to have my male Eivor prancing around in his undies either, especially in the snow, but I did it anyway. 😄

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts

    Isnt it discrimnation though the fact the male eivor gets to run around topless but female eivor doesnt have this option.

    Why is it always okay to have males show their muscular torso's yet female torso's are always covered?
    Why is it okay for men to be physical trained when roles demand this (movies), yet whenever women play a role in which realistically they should be more muscular they are always extremely skinny.

    I find this very annoying. I get that women need need to be depicted more and movies and what not, but why cant they never do this in realistic way.

    pfft, anyway sofar my rant.

  • WhoCares78
    112 posts

    @hroozenbeek Ubisoft already threw out any immersion when I had to interact with an American baseball player with mjölnir strapped at my side and a shield that creates a ring of fire around me slung over my shoulder. They then made me go on river raids with a pack of bumbling, inept and worthless Saurons. Not too mention their depiction of England, the Saxons and the Picts. Immersion has gone right out the window. So I say they can do away with the undies too. I want my Eivor to run out on the battlefield with nothing but his hammer, axe and a smile.

    “Legend says his name was Eivor. But he was better known as ‘the naked warrior’. Conquered all of England in the nude, he did.”

    If they want to give up on everything that made AC what it was, they may as well go all in.

  • WhoCares78
    112 posts

    @whocares78 facetiousness aside. The double standard when it comes to nudity and violence is incredibly silly. I know there would be some people offended at the site of naked pixels, but I assume that would be the function of the nudity on/off option in the menu. Because right now it seems really pointless to include.

  • WhoCares78
    112 posts

    @gloomseeker Yeah it does, as does the x-ray confirm kills. And I’m guessing the option is for the brothel scene and the witch. But both of those were so brief it seems pointless to even bother with an option to hide them.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    @whocares78 Oh yes, the baseball player was too much. I'm not going to defend every weird thing Ubisoft has included in this game. 😉

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