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  • kieron.stokes
    13 posts

    @easternsun same thing happened to me, also the fox you can get for the settlement through a mystery just never appeared for me either.

  • gentester
    65 posts

    @easternsun It will be up above the village - if you are facing the village from the river it will be off to the left way up past a load of rocks. I put up a thread about this yesterday or the day before. It was in my settlmenet for a while and I built the last house off to the left there behind the boat yard or the last patch dropped - and voila my wolf won't come in the settlement anymore. I suspect a careless hand moved the spawn marker for him
    seen a few posts on reddit - same issue

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @ImaginaryRuins Thank you for the extra details.

    @m1au Thanks for getting back to us, I created a Support case for you with the Case ID 13537666

    You should be able to Zip that file up and then attach your Save there. Just to confirm what Platform are you on?

    @KikiTehKitty Thank you for adding to the Report for us.

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @m1au Thanks for confirming that for us.

    @Balla_Jazzuz @quinch1199 We're aware of issues with the Fox and the Wolf not appearing in Settlements and this is something the team are looking into at the moment.

    To help us look into this, would you be able to provide us with a copy of your Save file?

    You can locate the Save via the details in the Support Article here, and can be uploaded as a Zip file through the Support Site here.

    Official Response
  • Grand_310
    32 posts

    my pet fox also gone, i only found it once near bakery then it run away until now never to be found again

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    @ubi-baron Will the save file be valid still well past the time/area it occured?

    Also to note I've started having auto-save induced game lock issues past 24hrs. Not sure if a micro-patch has been issued end of 7th as wasn't having the issue before. Incident occurs when autosave activates at random times. Only cause I can see as CPU/RAM/GPU usage is still low and only extremely high traffic at the point of the issue is ethernet, so I'm guessing the game is freezing (and progressing to white screen lock) as its not getting the expected response from Ubisoft server perhaps?

    If save file is still valid I can send no issue.

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    @ubi-baron Oh..btw "In the light of the current situation, we are temporarily restricting our support to live chat only" .. however ... "* Chat is currently unavailable. Please choose another support method."

    So, yeah, can't submit any zip files at the moment lol .. if you want it via email etc let me know where and how. 🤣

  • m1au
    52 posts


    Should have worked now, already submitted my save file there.
    I'm playing on PC

  • gentester
    65 posts

    @kikitehkitty Thats where he is in my game as well. I have a photo of him with locations marked etc but no idea if there's a way to upload it guess I need a support ticket to do so... Not finished main game, he vanished from my longhouse and began living there after the last update as best as I can tell.
    Looking at your map I would hazard a guess his location spawn marker has been moved.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 664 posts

    Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience, and I apologize for the delay. I am sorry that you all have been losing your four legged friend after completing the game! What platform are all of you playing on? Also, KikiTehKitty provided an image showing where her 'Dwolfg' has been hanging out in-game. gentester mentioned that this is where there wolf is as well. Can anyone else confirm if their companion shows up in that area as well? If not, does it completely disappear or is it in another area?

    Official Response
  • gentester
    65 posts


    In my case as best as I can tell he moved 'out of town' after the last update as I haven't completed the game. I'm on PC .

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vuuugpaenqxwv2/Pet%20Wolf.jpg?dl=0 Pic with locations marked to help pin him down.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @ubikobold Yes, can confirm that at least the wolf companion is pushed to the left of the Settlement in the forest. Playing on Xbox One, patched 1.0.4, post-game, Settlement Lv.6. However I can't find the fox companion.

    There is a high chance it is caused by a settlement expansion during Lv.5, or that house built for Swanburrow.

  • XenoviousSora
    2 posts

    So I've completed the mystery quest for dandy Fox and it has went to the settlement. I fast traveled back and saw the Fox running away outside the settlement while I was walking around. After this I have never saw the Fox again not sure what happened
    Note I have looked around the settlement for quite some time still can't find it

  • stallattack
    34 posts

    @peacekeepersun same issue, I don't know if it's the patch 1.0.4 or not but after completing the main story, order of ancients..etc. my wolf and fox(dandy) disappeared from the settlement. I've looked every corner of the settlement over and over they're just gone.

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    Not post-game yet, but can confirm Dandelion is not in my longhouse and never appeared there, despite him following Eivor after the world event and asking him to join, where he then runs off (presumably to the settlement). There IS a "wild" fox now on the very western edge of the settlement that runs away when approached. Dunno if it's him or not.

  • jaybee693
    5 posts

    @grand_310 I have the same issue. I saw him in the settlement, but now he's gone.

    The pet wolf is also gone. He disappeared when the fox showed up.

  • gentester
    65 posts

    this thread
    About the same issue
    has a map showing where the wolf seems to be for many people and a photo attached as well showing him.
    Perhaps these 2 threads should be merged?
    But if not I'm sure it would be useful if anyone else with the bug could confirm that their wolf is where others have seen him in the other thread.

  • bitebug2003
    106 posts

    I can seem to locate the wolf (he was missing before the latest patch)
    He used to always lay in Eivor's room, then he started laying in the main hall, then after that he was roaming/laying outside the long house - I also don't hear the howling anymore 😞

    Did he run away?

  • Abeonis
    55 posts

    @bitebug2003 Call him by his proper name (Dwolfg) and he'll return to you.

    In all seriousness though, this appears to be a common issue; it's certainly one I've encountered. Ever since I upgraded to settlement level six (and perhaps before), Dwolfg has been missing. Dandelion is also MIA.

  • bitebug2003
    106 posts

    @abeonis yes, Dandelion the fox - also missing 😞

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