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  • VacaMarron
    1 posts

    Basically that, they just vanished. I read in another post to subbmit our saved files in your support website, but it is impossible (Disable because of COVID maybe?) i simply can't figure out what to do to send the report.
    I selected "Technical issues" and "Bug Report"


  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    In fact even before the Yule update the wolf and fox have both disappeared from the Settlement (before reaching Lv.6).

    I can confirm that the wolf now appears to the west of the Settlement in the forest. The fox I don't know.

    It is said that this issue is caused by building that house for Swanburrow during the main quests.

  • gentester
    65 posts

    For me they either disappeared after building Swanburrows house or after the 1.1 update (both were more or less at the same time in my game so not sure which)

    There's at least 2 or 3 other threads on this issue people have sent pictures and maps of where the wolf is, unfortunately where the fox goes there's a lot of wild foxes and he just vanishes into them and becomes indistinguishable from them

    My best guess is that building Swanburrows house moved both the spawn markers for the pets and apparently moving them back to where they belong seems to be a major problem as this bug has been in the game for one major update and the yule update now.

  • Kormac67
    656 posts

    I still have both of them (lvl6).
    The fox is rare, I last saw her in the cow pen of the cattle farm when I did the cow quest.

  • gentester
    65 posts

    Lucky you
    I haven't seen my wolf for weeks, well i know where it is, just its not in the longhouse or in the settlement, haven't seen the fox since the day I got it

  • gentester
    65 posts

    There was a reply from a mod in here on 10th December. People have answered the query raised, there are maps and photos.

    Is anyone going to update us on when this bug will be looked at?

    https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/86530/about-pets-in-settlement/16?_=1609105340158 also had save files uploaded

  • gentester
    65 posts

    Still not been put in the known issues thread.

    In spite of people sending save games, maps and photos.

  • m1au
    52 posts


    I uploaded a save file a month ago and nothing happened.
    This game is a big mess of bugs and instead of fixing stuff they add more bugs with that Yule season thingy.

    Never going to buy an Ubi game at launch again

  • m1au
    52 posts


    Gave you a copy a month ago and nothing happened, support ticket still unanswered...
    yeah blame Covid...

  • gentester
    65 posts

    I hunted the threads a bit for this bug a couple of days ago.
    Found a load of posts regarding pets missing, the first I could find was from the 16th Nov regarding the Fox being missing. 9 - 10 weeks ago.
    Fox and wolf missing seem to be related as as far as anyone one of us laypeople can tell they both end up to the west of the settlement, on the hillside above Swanburrows house and towards the river from there.
    Forum mods have responded on various threads about it so its known, there have been save games, maps and photos sent so they have sufficient info from players.

    And yet its still not on the list of what the developers are working on.
    Might not seem important in the scheme of things maybe and I completely understand that bugs which break the game for people need to be resolved first.
    However, if you have a known issue, reported umpteen times by different people with proofs sent, the very least you could do is get it on a list at the top of the forum, so that the rest of us lesser mortals can see its known and being worked on (applies to all bugs not just this one) instead of having to check back endlessly rereading old posts and hunting the forums and bumping old threads to make sure the issue doesn't get forgotten about.

  • jdphoenix22
    1 posts

    I’ve heard from numerous people that once you acquire your wolf friend from the quest “Man’s Best Friend” that he is supposed t live in your room. My wolf stays outside in front of the Cattle Farm in Ravensthorpe.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @jdphoenix22 Well my wolf doesn't even show up in the Settlement anymore. The fox as well. It is said that this issue is due to building the house for Swanburrow. I did the Man's Best Friend quest and I remember that the wolf still showed up in the longhouse, but late-game he was no longer there.

  • gentester
    65 posts

    check this thread, and maybe go see if your wolf that is missing completely is off to the west on the hillside above Swanburrows like others have found.


  • KyleeBCoolOK
    1 posts

    All these are better than what I'm getting, which is an empty house and the world event never gets completed. It's just gonna sit there unsolved forever.

  • azullFR
    1040 posts

    I'm sorry for you, clear it's even more disappointing ...😖

  • gentester
    65 posts

    This issue is now weeks old. I found the first report of the fox being missing from 16h Nov just by simply putting Fox into the search bar and that poster also mentioned wolf being missing.

    So basically pet wolf and fox missing in settlements has been a reported issue since then. Two months ago.

    Game saves have been sent, photos and maps attached to various posts and moderators have replied and yet this issue is still not on the list of things they are working on, or even on the known issues. And on newer posts from people I still see mods replying asking for more save games and info in spite of them having all of this from weeks back.

    If it was on a list somewhere we wouldn't feel obliged to keep reiterating stuff in posts, I'm watching 3 forum threads on this issue - or I was - until all those threads vanished off my list of watched and I had to go hunting back through to re watch the threads again.

    No mention of it being fixed in update today either. I think there are some issues in your thread management that need addressing here - possibly a bug report about your bug reporting thread management might be a bit overkill but it does feel like the management of this aspect is almost as frustrating to deal with as the initial bug is.

  • soulsurviva007
    46 posts
    Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience, and I apologize for the delay. I am sorry that you all have been losing your four legged friend after completing the game! What platform are all of you playing on? Also, KikiTehKitty provided an image showing where her 'Dwolfg' has been hanging out in-game. gentester mentioned that this is where there wolf is as well. Can anyone else confirm if their companion shows up in that area as well? If not, does it completely disappear or is it in another area?

    Can we have this issue added to the known issues section? I don't see it there.

  • SusLiK_MZ
    6 posts

    @gentester My Wolf also moved to live here. And there was no trace of the Fox at all.

  • george84712015
    1 posts

    Both my wolf and Dandelion have dissapeared from my settlement. They were there for some time but I haven't been able to locate either since. Also the raid icon for Wenlocan Abbey is still up despite having open all chests and going back multiple times to check

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