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  • guest-xM5r2wKP
    4 posts

    @jamieb86 I'm stuck here also. I can't get out of the red wall while fenrir is at the other side of the mountain

  • Vakna2
    2 posts

    @ubi-litten maybe stop asking meaningless questions and fix your [censored] bugs,its been 2 weeks

  • Vakna2
    2 posts

    @vakna2 just a little extraundefined

  • chilledcat
    4 posts

    For me it was a bit glitchy with movement but was manageable. Until I got to the 'second stage' and he did that move of pulling something out of the ground to swing at you. Only for him to just fly up in the air and disappear even the fight music stopped. Had to restart which is annoying cause the whole fight is poorly managed.

  • Bischoph8419
    1 posts

    @stateofapathy THX mate you saved/safed? my day thx! it worked

    From stateofapathy: Ok so, after trying an ungodly amount of things. I think I have found a semi-stable way to get through the fight. I fought him where Tyr sits prior to the fight, the only times I left that area was to grab rations/arrows but I only left when he was above ground throwing things, I never grabbed rations from the center though, I stuck to the outer edges. It makes the fight tough at times (especially being under level) but he didn't glitch out. Anyhow, I hope this helps you guys.

  • Centdebile
    9 posts

    Same issue here pass close to 3h and nothing fix and the middle of the fight he disappears

  • Sancezzio
    2 posts

    Also currently experiencing this bug - in general this fight seems very bugged with animations not playing properly etc. But the game breaking bug where Fenrir goes underground and circles forever I have now experienced multiple times, at this point the fight is essentially impossible to finish. After 60 hours game play this is really disappointing.

  • Sancezzio
    2 posts

    @sancezzio this is on Xbox Series X

  • Roythecoy
    1 posts

    Got the most hilarious bug when fighting Fenrir. I clicked to bind him, and I went flying 1000mph off to the absolute extreme of the XYZ axis on the map, and just stood there shaking. Couldn't even load a game, had to force quit. Fun times.

  • Madash90
    1 posts

    I’ve had a mixture of these issues; stuck behind the wall, stuck underground, flying off in the sky somewhere, both of us in the sky somewhere. This is an absolute joke - its
    not like they need detailed repro instructions it does it every single time!
    standing near where Tyr was sat just makes him disappear through the rock!

    Come on Ubisoft we have wait a long time for this game and paid ALOT of money for it - fix the bloody bug!

  • Dasher222
    19 posts

    How the (insert all profanities) is this still BROKEN????????????????????????? WE CANT PLAY THE GAME UBISOFT. I cant believe i've come across this thread from almost a month ago now and this problem still exists. FIX THIS

  • plasticfridge
    1 posts

    @oneiroic It's not just me then!

    If you hit 'map' as soon as you reload save you can fast travel to another part of the map and it won't de-sync. You can find Fenrir on the ma, but can't kill him as he is not in the arena.

    Here is my fenrir just hanging around where he shouldn't be.undefined

  • Dasher222
    19 posts


    Just to ad;

    • The Tyr method doesn't work for me. Could not be anymore in the position/area he is when sitting and Fenrir is still getting stuck.
    • Why is there no logic to prevent Fenrir from going underground say more than twice in a row?? I swear i've counted up to 5 or 6 times of consecutive events where he just goes underground straight after coming up. For goodness sake, he's invunerable entering the ground, whilst under ground and when exiting the ground. When he does this over and over again without rest, you literally go up to a minute without being able to hit him.

  • Shiks67
    1 posts

    Boss still bugged, it either spam the underground spell where he's is unattackable while going out or in the ground (great idea btw), or he just never go out of that f***** underground, first of the boss fight is very trash even without this bug, but with that you can't do it, when fenrir was younger I had the same issue but managed to spam him to death in easy mode before he vanish but now I can't do that and I'm not planing to spam this game until I got max power.

    How hard can it be to either disable this spell while fixing it (as it takes your devs so much time) or at least add a cooldown before he can do it again for the first part of this bugged stupid spell (spoiler alert : it's not that hard to do, don't lie)

    and YES I tried all the things listed to kill this boss

  • Dasher222
    19 posts

    Managed to get this BS done after literal hours of effort.
    Changed the difficulty to easy and spammed the Nornir ability. Made sure I stayed on the dirt road around where Tyr was at the beginning (not directly on the bench) and didn't have too much trouble with underground loops until the last section where he had about an inch of health left. Had an underground spell loop for a while which lasted about 6 times consecutive but he ended up staying up for enough time for me to kill him.
    Absoultely not how I wanted to play the game but was the only way i could get it done, incredibly disappointing.

  • DestructiveBlue
    1 posts

    I've tried this mission three times and it still bugs out. Its titled "Binding Fate". Fenrir is the bug, he either gets stuck underground moving in circles or he disappears like in the picture.

  • LASERsightsBoi
    2 posts

    So nice to stuck with that underground bug at the end of Asgard story no matter what savegame is loaded, I believe the best choice is to delete the game

  • Agent-P-977
    1 posts

    @stateofapathy You are a life saver. Got it on my third attempt using this work around. Wasn't easy or as fun, but got to move on in the game. Thanks again.

  • Mi_Sinfonia
    3 posts

    this bug triggers when you try to move a opposite direction in circle to Fenris,and nothing can stop Fenris diving...Hope you can fix it

  • XxXBatmanXxX
    6 posts

    Absolute garbage game that this is in the final release of the game. What absolute trash. You have known about this for over 2 weeks and have not fixed it. What a joke.

    /Even worse, it was in BETA and NOT FIXED.

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