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  • DestructiveBlue
    1 posts

    I've tried this mission three times and it still bugs out. Its titled "Binding Fate". Fenrir is the bug, he either gets stuck underground moving in circles or he disappears like in the picture.

  • LASERsightsBoi
    2 posts

    So nice to stuck with that underground bug at the end of Asgard story no matter what savegame is loaded, I believe the best choice is to delete the game

  • Agent-P-977
    1 posts

    @stateofapathy You are a life saver. Got it on my third attempt using this work around. Wasn't easy or as fun, but got to move on in the game. Thanks again.

  • Mi_Sinfonia
    3 posts

    this bug triggers when you try to move a opposite direction in circle to Fenris,and nothing can stop Fenris diving...Hope you can fix it

  • XxXBatmanXxX
    6 posts

    Absolute garbage game that this is in the final release of the game. What absolute trash. You have known about this for over 2 weeks and have not fixed it. What a joke.

    /Even worse, it was in BETA and NOT FIXED.

  • l2ockl2oll
    1 posts

    @ubiexcellent same issue here it keep going underground please do something

  • justin.j.simmon
    1 posts

    I had a glitch where during the Binding Fate fight, Fenrir gets trapped behind the mountain and doesn't come back. I "woke up" to continue playing the game. When I try to go back to Asgard to try again, it acts like I left the fight area and desynchronizes and makes that mission unplayable. The rest of the game outside of Asgard seems to be fine but I believe that is one of the required missions in the game.

  • limpepneo
    3 posts

    Having eh same issue, it just goes underground around and aroud.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    Thanks for updating this thread, W0ffeh and l2ockl2oll. I'm happy to say that this bug is slated to be resolved in an upcoming patch! While we do not have a more approximate timeframe to provide at the moment, I do hope this brings you both (and anyone else that's facing this issue with not being able to defeat Fenrir) some relief. 😊

    Official Response
  • GaaDunkGaAhab
    1 posts

    i still cant progress.... i have opened a thread for that already but no response and its not in the "under investigation" tab

    its impossible to kill fenrir because he does his "dig underground like an autistic mole" attack an does not come back up

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    First time I fought him, he exited his arena on the cliff edge, and just did that stupid underground thing in place and was invulnerable, because you know, tunneling wolves formed from bestiality were a thing in England back then apparently.

    Other issues (was before 1.04 so dunno if an issue) was it'd reset it's health, it's arena border was buggy, etc.. I dodged it's tunnel attack near the edge of the arena border, and it reset his health because it stated I left the arena. Was like level 40 then, so it was a big deal.Terribly buggy fight. Would think they'd prioritize earlier quests and locations considering a larger chunk of people will be doing them.

  • Zeus-X-Machina
    10 posts


    had the same problem, read somewhere that you should not skip the cutscene before the fight and it worked for me, hope it helps

  • smooth_suave
    1 posts

    @xxxbatmanxxx Agreed, just shows how all these companies are greedy these day, and don't care about the final product. It does not take long to see how this game is infested with bugs, but did they care to try and fix it no, and they are not worried about it now as they already got our money. And I just dealt with the bugs cause I wanted to see this trough, but now its preventing me from continuing the story. Happy I didn't get the season pass. They, don't deserve anyone's money. At least Cyberpunk will be out in a few days, CDPR has no issue delaying a game to ensure a better final product.

  • XxXBatmanXxX
    6 posts

    True Smooth. On top of that, there are 31 challenges, of which, 2 do not work in the game. There is no Swordfish in the game and there is no ability to revenge a player like other games. How is the later left out? It is in previous games. Also no achievements. I feel this was majorly rushed to market as they thought Cyberpunk was going to originally released at the same time.

    Valhalla shelved, probably won't come back.

    Onto Cyperpunk, which is preloading in 2 minutes.

    /Even worse, the bug isn't mentioned in the MegaThread of issues, so it will never be addressed.

  • XxXBatmanXxX
    6 posts


    You have known about the Fenrir underground bug since early BETA according to HUNDREDS of threads about the issue.

    Why is it not listed in your MegaThread of known issues or in the known issues list?

    Many videos have been posted of the issue.

    Take 2 minutes and read through the threads or go to Redditt.

    Game breaking.

  • XxXBatmanXxX
    6 posts



    Your response was WEEKS ago and the bug isn't listed anywhere in your documentation.

  • Co11ision
    1 posts

    Had this for ages, various bugs, fennir got stuck mid ground, but was able to range his neck - game crashed at the end.
    My next attempt was going well, until I clicked "raid" and got thrown across Asgard in the air for good few seconds until desynchronized and died.

    Not going back to this until it's fixed - might be never as Cyberpunk is being released and that's a company I can trust...

    Ffs, Ubisoft, stop being a joke.

  • oWallis
    1 posts

    The boss fight in Binding Fate is still bugged. No matter what I do or how far I can make it into the fight, eventually Fenrir digs underground and stays there. To the point where he doesn't even do damage to me if I run right into him. I uploaded a video of it to streamable https://streamable.com/1zp1b4

  • Souky271995
    2 posts

    Hi are there any fix for this bug ? ... because its really frustrating stuck in the boss fight

  • Souky271995
    2 posts

    @souky271995 And by the way ... if i try to jump on mount on the edge of the circle i leave it ... the Fenrir reapear on the ground but that will cause desynchronization. And on forums i read that this bug is appear month ago but still not fixed ...

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