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  • comicexpress
    4 posts
    I am having the same exhausting issue... keeps circlign underground forever in the second part of the fight. I have tried staying in the Tyr spot but he still stays stuck. I manage to make some parts of his body pop out on the edge of the map but only for half a second and I won't do any damage to him.
    This really should get fixed soon or I want a free season pass 😞

    Agreed, free season pass would be nice, I'd settle for at least the first DLC to be free.

    This is the 5th battle with him today, and this time he is hiding in his cave with no way of accessing him. Every other time, he hides underground in one spot, never moves, but a part of his body would pop up and I could hit him with an arrow and damage him, but never enough to actually bind him completely. I'm on PS4.

  • comicexpress
    4 posts

    @stateofapathy how did you leave the area? There is a magical barrier to prevent us from leaving the area. I just updated to patch 1.04, didn't have enough power prior to this to battle him.

  • lainix
    2 posts

    I was able to finish after the bug when i reloaded and didn't skip any cut scenes.

  • egercek9
    1 posts

    He was going underground before the update now that is solved but when I keep fighting a little longer now all of a sudden Eivor is down without any movement capabilities. I can heal and thats it, Fenrir keeps damaging me because I cant fight or move at all and this is the new bug for me.

  • oneeyered
    1 posts

    Same issue on PC even after latest patch. Multiple times I reloaded a save and tried again to no result. He will either run in circles underground on the outside perimeter forever or get stuck in a spot underground. This is a main quest can we please get some support on this?!?

  • AbridgedApe6192
    1 posts

    Take potion to go to asgard to defeat fenrir the big wolf, the wolf digs under ground out of the arena area and mission fails each time I go back to do the mission it wont even let me start it just keeps failing mission.

  • RanchSandwich
    1 posts

    after cutscene before the fight my character is frozen in place and cannot do anything

  • DaxWilliams
    2 posts

    During the boss fight with Fenrir he can go underground and become invulnerable the problem being is that he doesn't come back up, i was able to get him to half HP but then it happened so i reloaded and tried again and he done it straight away, i tried waiting at least ten minutes and still nothing.

  • yashsoman
    1 posts

    @lazar_mikhailov I can also confirm this works, once he goes underground just stand where tyr was sitting and dodge when he comes for u. and spam focus of the nornir.

  • AN0L1
    5 posts

    @dellewaps for me it just fell from the lair and I can't fight it anymore

  • Enformic
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • UbiExcellent
    756 posts

    @dellewaps Greetings! Does anyone have a video clip showing the wolf going underground or falling from the lair? If so, please submit that footage here so I can get this looked into further by our dedicated teams.

  • RRiccarda
    2 posts

    I had Fenrir down to nearly no health (in the second fight with him) when he just... ran out of the fighting circle, his health jumped back to full, and he just didn't come BACK, even though I was still locked in the circle. According to my Raven, he was hiding in the middle of the ocean (lake?).
    I COULD beat him after the second time, but some of his movements are still bugged, and he got stuck in the wall of a mountain once or twice.

  • JBJared
    2 posts

    I was FINALLY able to get it to work after about a dozen attempts. I ended up turning the difficulty down to easy and just standing in the center of the circle. I shot arrows and hit him when he got close enough. Every time he went underground I would just stand there in the center and let him hit me. Turning the difficulty down lets you kill him faster (less times he goes underground) and survive easier.

    I tried staying in the area where Tyr was sitting on the log but it didn't work for me, it actually seemed to make it bug faster/sooner.

  • ttmguitar
    1 posts

    Yep same issue, he just keeps circling around and around and won't come out of the ground.

  • Drysword_
    1 posts

    @oneeyered It's now December 1st and the glitch is still there. I'm now at this part and just discovering that this quest is bugged worse than an ant hill. At varying points in the fight (only has happened when I dodge the first underground attack though) Fenrir just spins in circles. I'm pretty mad because I spent 20 minutes in that fight and then it bugs out at 20% health. Then I tried again and he only got to half. Very disappointing to see how poorly this is being handled. The game is weeks old now.

  • Driken42
    1 posts


    THIS. I just spent the last couple hours failing to every Fenrir bug under the sun, but they all disappeared when I locked FPS to 60. (He did step halfway into a wall once, but it wasn't out of reach, and he came right back.)

  • W0ffeh
    13 posts

    I just reloaded an old save and that seemed to fix it

  • thesarge134
    8 posts

    I'm playing the quest right now and I just have a few more hits to finish but he keeps going in circles. I'm literally standing in the middle of the rocks that get shot out. Fix the game...

  • Freestepper
    188 posts

    As it was stated by many people, this whole fight with Fenrir is broken from the pre-fight cut scene to the fight itself.

    I would also like to add that even if it wasn't broken, this fight feels stupid. Ho goes underground and i have to wait till he comes out. And then he starts doing it three times in the row. So in the fight, i just have to wait. What? Why? Is it intended that he does this move so many times? It's really boring. Oh he's finally on the ground again so i can strike him. Nah, never mind, he is invincible as he is preparing to go underground again. So waiting again. Seriously, redesign the entire fight and fix the bugs, thanks.

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