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  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 829 posts

    Hey @sh2009cl

    Sorry to hear you aren't getting any foreign supplies. Just to confirm, do the foreign supplies show as depleted for you on Vagn's map?

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  • davidtsmith333
    44 posts

    Strange to see dev rep report earlier the ship max storage issue had been fixed yet the issue remains. I'd been doing the new Erriff and Berbha river raids, upgraded Barracks to level 4 for higher level crew (Raiders) and increased cargo hold. Had (besides level 3 Lieutenant) 3 level 1 "Jomsvikings" and 4 level 4 "Raiders". Everything was going fine storage-wise up until yesterday when I exchanged the 3 level 1 "Jomsvikings" (up to now I can't see any higher level "Jomsviking" than level 1) to 3 level 4 "Raiders" so that I would have all at level 4 (All 7 were titled as "Raiders"). I then went out on another raid (Erriff or Berbha) to get some remaining items.

    Lo and behold at one of the locations after single-handedly despatching of the enemy thereafter calling in my crew in order to force open a chest it said I couldn't because of no more space for rations or whatever....despite there being plenty space remaining on the ship. I am baffled on this conundrum and the only recourse I had was to end the raid and return home.

    I hope this gets sorted out soon or some explanation or clarification given because it wouldn't make any sense for me otherwise continuing with river raids.

  • sh2009cl
    2 posts

    @ubi-froggard yes the map says foreign supplies exhausted. I haven't been able to purchase the rest of the items in vagn shop or upgrade the viking hall

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1267 posts

    @davidtsmith333 - Hey there! Fixes for this issue whereby the River Raid supplies shows as 1/1 were previously deployed in TUs 1.2.1 and 1.3.2, and currently the issue is considered to be resolved by the development team. If this is not the case, and you are still encountering this issue in-game, can you please provide a video showing this? Can you also please confirm the platform you are playing on, and whether this is the only platform you play on? (i.e. if you use the cross-save functionality or not). Thank you!

    @sh2009cl - Thank you for your reply. Would you be able to provide a video showing that Vagn's map shows the resources as depleted, while you have not purchased everything from his store? As previously communicated, a second fix for this issue was deployed in TU 1.3.2, and for the moment, the issue is considered resolved. I'll need evidence that the issue still occurs in-game on TU 1.4.0 in order to reopen the investigation with the development team. Thank you!

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