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  • guest-NPPMN2iY
    1 posts

    I experienced the same bug with the 'Needle' becoming impossible to kill. Then re-did the last bit of the quest (from the silver smelting location/sewer), fighting my way out of the of the sewer to the market and not fast-travelling as I had done previously.

    Quest completed fine.

    So you must fight your way out of the sewer in order to complete the quest.

    Hope this helps.

  • AkiraOshima
    2 posts

    @pigr0t any word? I’m having literally the same problem. Chick repeats herself sits down and doesn’t go to the archive. I found the icon but can’t interact with it. No saves far enough to fix it and I’m 200+ hours in

  • AkiraOshima
    2 posts

    @pigr0t same issue exactly! Any solution yet?

  • FiremanAllan
    1 posts

    Hi guys...
    Any idea how to fix this stupid bug yet..??
    I have completed everything in the game and it still won't let me kill the Needle??
    205 hrs into the game so do I just restart??
    Muchous love

    19 posts


    Nope . And as many people as already have reported this bug it still didnt make it into the "Reported Issue Megathread" . I dont know what else it takes. It feels like no one even reads this. I have stopped playing this game which i have already spent 150$ in because i cant proceed in it. Thats just sad.👎

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 664 posts

    Hey there everybody. I deeply apologize for the time it has taken to respond, but appreciate your patience during these times. The Game team is currently investigating this, but it has been difficult to reproduce. We have had some reports that loading an earlier save and re-doing the quest resolved it, however I understand the inconvenience that may cause. I would like to gather a little more information and forward it to the Game team. If you all are playing on PC or PS4, could you provide your save game files on a Support ticket? Then, provide your ticket number here and I can forward up that information to be included with the investigation. Thank you!

    Official Response
    19 posts

    @ubikobold Unfortunately I am on PS5 and it doesnt allow to share savegames. I can take a video if it helps. Since most people already proceeded with the game loading an old savegame is no option anymore. What would help immensively , also regarding all the other mission bugs , if you could implement an option to reset/restart missions. That would solve many existing problems and give you more time to get to the bottom of things.

    4 posts

    @bubbabear1543 same here so frustrating

  • Yuko-da
    1 posts

    In Jorvik, there are two task.

    1. Burning the Firebrand
    2. Pricking the Needle

    Select "Burning the Firebrand", then killed 3 people, but if you Do NOT go back to report it to LJUFVINA, and finish the "Pricking the Needle" task, then the story is stopped.
    LJUFVINA doesn't move from her table, and the Jorvic story cannot finish.
    I had to go back the game which I saved before.

  • Forest25515
    1 posts

    @desperadoz2010 I submitted my game files so i'm waiting to see if they are able to do anything or if we are just screwed.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 664 posts

    Sorry for the delay in response!

    DESPERADOZ2010, if you are able to provide a video that would be great! Just post it to YouTube as unlisted and then provide the link here. Also, I have forwarded up your suggestion of adding in the ability to restart or reset missions in the game!

    Forest25515, would you be able to provide your ticket number that contains your save files? Thank you for providing these!

    Official Response
  • Sefphy
    1 posts

    I'm playing on PS5.

    I had both "Burning the Firebrand" and "Pricking the Needle" active, so I killed the Firebrand and had the objective to return to Ljufvina, but there was no quest marker so I assumed I needed to go ahead and do "Pricking the Needle" first. After killing the Needle, that quest was completed. Now, when I return to Ljufvina, it shows a cutscene then she gets up, walks a few steps, then returns to the table and sits down. Any further attempts to interact with her simply cause her to repeat the cutscene and return to the table, as I've seen other people mention.

    Fast traveling doesn't change anything. I tried reloading older saves, including one where I hadn't yet killed the Needle, but that didn't make a difference. It just replayed a slightly different cutscene and told me to go check the trade depot, so I followed the Needle's quest to completion again, but that didn't fix the Firebrand's quest issue. Unfortunately, I don't have any older saves to try to salvage this, so hopefully the issue gets resolved soon - though, considering people have been having this issue since around the time of the game's release, I'm not sure...

  • Ubi-Wan
    Ubisoft Support Staff 631 posts

    @sefphyroth Hello there! Thanks for reaching out about this. The team is aware of this issue at this time, and are investigating. At this time, our teams would like those who are affected by this issue to submit a copy of their save game files by attaching them to a new case created with our dedicated support team, who will forward things up from there!

    Official Response
  • Hutchguv
    1 posts


    I cannot complete pricking the needle as well

    cannot assassinate the needle Assassinate does not appear as an option

    here is a link to the video on Twitter

  • JRabbit94
    3 posts

    im playing on ps4 and I have no saves to reload, I haven’t been able to proceed in the game since November.

    19 posts

    @ubikobold Thank you. The problem still remains after the patch from yesterday. Unable to progress in the main story , do the the order quest etc because of this
    here is a video

  • Huggybug
    4 posts

    On PS4 same problem. Most recent patch hasn’t fixed problem. Also bought season pass so want to finish game to get on with dlc content.

  • a-geologist
    2 posts

    @ubikobold I also fast travelled out of the underground which may have contributed to the bug.

  • GaimerLady
    10 posts

    @UbiKobold Just submitted my game files with the ticket number 13689963 for PS4.
    For some reason it wasn't allowing me to upload my game files as an attachment so I commented with a google drive link with the files.

  • OoKIEZoO
    2 posts

    I have the same problem also but I'm playing in the xbox series x. I can go back to an earlier save file but it means I loose 8 hours of gameplay. Also, the file I can go back to is an episode save cloud file and it says I will loose all previous data which is fine but it says that free roam won't be available after. Does anybody else know what this means?

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