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  • ninopalana
    1 posts

    @thefrozencreed same. Ran into the issue last night. This sucks.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2906 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all,

    Following the release of TU 1.2.2, the development team have marked this issue as resolved.

    If you are still unable to interact with the girl NPC to progress with "Plucking the Quill," please can you send us a video which shows the following:

    • You have the latest Title Update installed on your platform. You can check this in the right-hand corner of the main game menu.
    • Your current quest log, which shows your current quest objective in "Plucking the Quill."
    • You are still unable to interact with the girl NPC to progress in the quest.

    We can then forward these reports for further investigation by the development team.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • thetep13
    1 posts

    Just ran into this problem today (on PC) just to find out that the problem hasn't been fixed since November, OMG.

  • Halfway7
    3 posts

    This quest wasn't listed in the newest list of planned fixes for the next patch. I've looked on three different sites listing the planned fixes and not one of them lists this as even a known issue. Should we all just assume that Ubisoft doesn't care and has no real plans to fix this?

  • Breezlebub13
    2 posts

    @halfway7 doesn't sound entirely promising that we'll get the issue resolved any time soon.

  • dergutemario
    2 posts

    @halfway7 That is unbelievable!!! :(((((((

  • Willie2play
    1 posts

    Unable to speak to the girl after the charm choice in Plucking de Quill

  • ledwighp
    4 posts

    @ubikobold thanks for noticing after just a month and a half. Also thanks for NOT FIXING this in the next update. Some players haven’t been able to complete the game for almost two months. This is ridiculous and really gives off the impression that you don’t care about us fully experiencing the game as long as you get revenue from limited content and events... thx for nothing ubi

  • Runndd
    4 posts

    During "plucking the quill" i`m talking to some kids when some guards come over and start harassing them. I get 3 choices in dialog where one option is charisma related. After picking the charisma related option i`m supposed to "talk to the girl", but she just stands there and its not possible to talk to her.
    Is there a fix coming for this any time soon? I can see people have had this problem since November, but i could not find it in any of the list with fixes.

  • TheBubbyKing
    1 posts

    in the mission plucking the quill after fighting the bandits it asks you to talk to the girl and the girl is not able to be talked to. is there any work around or fix coming?

  • TheFrozenCreed
    Original poster 10 posts

    It has now been almost TWO MONTHS since i reported this, add a [censored] work around that lets players reset quest progress

  • Poudigne
    11 posts

    @thefrozencreed They, yet again, updated the known-bug megathread yesterday, and it seems to be a massive edit. But I still don't see "Plucking the quill" in here. I know it doesn't mean it's not being investigated... but for a game-breaking bug that its here since the game release... it's really worrying that they don't acknowledge it.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 541 posts

    Thank you Poudigne for providing this update! Yes, this issue should be fixed with the update tomorrow! However, if any of you still experience this after updating your game tomorrow, please let me know so I can immediately alert the Game team. Thanks again for all of your contributions towards this resolution!

    Official Response
  • cuttingege
    3 posts

    @ubikobold After 131 hours, I can now go back and complete this game.

  • fatbloke13
    3 posts

    @ubikobold I'm having major issues with Hilda the quill, I'm level 372 and finished all the alliances, I finished the quill quest ages ago but the quill doesn't show as killed on my order menu, I was hoping the patch would just fix it, I can't get back into the sewers nor remember the quest but for me unless I'm being stupid the game is totally broken and I'm not going back to a save 40 hours before to grind all that again

  • Malisef
    10 posts

    Fixed for me by 1.1.1. Give my thanks to the dev team. However your communication strategy of treating your customers like mushrooms was unacceptable. Maybe take a leaf from some other development companies in direct competition to you and actually provide information as to what went wrong and why it took so long to fix.

  • ledwighp
    4 posts

    @ubikobold I can’t believe I’m finding myself in this position again, I was so hopeful for the update, downloaded it, started the game... the girl is still broken. I can’t talk to her and can’t progress in any way. Please take a look at it again I’m really starting to lose my s**t

  • silacoid
    15 posts

    Fixed for me in 1.1.1 (PS5)

  • debassin
    2 posts

    Still won't work for me on 1.1.1 really frustrating

  • Poudigne
    11 posts

    @ledwighp it worked for me.

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