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  • WillGiles92
    16 posts

    @fade2black_23 I had this for a while but now seems to have resolved...

  • pumaxx_ub
    2 posts


    also after the 2.0 update the vegetation bug is still alive 😠

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Hello all!

    I managed to find quite a lot of threads surrounding this issue, so I have merged you all together.

    Our dev team are still looking into this, apologies for the incovenience.

    We will inform players once the issue has been resolved.

    Official Response
  • blizzardix
    1 posts

    70h hours in, Sciropescire, PS4 and same problem of "not rendering" vegetation around Eivor. Also, all the tight ropes are invisible and that makes the game way more challenging as you are unable to see the paths that you are supposed to use.

  • pumaxx_ub
    2 posts

    after another restart now it seems to be ok

  • mendonca.brian
    1 posts

    @ubi-raziel hey just started facing the disappearing foliage 56 hours into the game. Game has a lot bugs since the Yule festival... but this one has killed stealth play, which is my preferred game style. Any chance the dev guys putting out a new patch soon?

  • CameronP82
    1 posts

    @ubi-raziel I've got regular PS4. This issue just started for me when I turned on the game today. I'm 129hr played, 63.83% progress.
    From what I've read, you don't have a fix and it is affecting gameplay significantly.
    I for one can attest to this. I've also tried meditating. Reloading save points. Closing the application and restarting it and it doesn't fix it.

    I'm not really in the mood to uninstall and redo all the progress I've put in.

    And the fact that we are stuck at home because of COVID restrictions and I can't play a game I spent my hard earned money on because the environment just starts to disappear. This is ridiculous. Is this another CD Projekt Red???

  • guest-2MitEDGJ
    2 posts

    I started getting the same problem on my PS4 Pro after chasing the blacksmith in Lunden. Restarted, left the game alone for a day, etc. Nothing. Bushes/foliage disappear when you walk to them, then reappear when you're not near them. It's got me so frustrated, I literally can't enjoy or play the game now.

  • Ulotrico
    9 posts

    Just to mention that I'm experiencing the same issue.

    The game is becoming unplayable.

  • Spiral-Kamina
    4 posts

    Had this once in 50 hours playtime on PS4, fixed it by saving and restarting the game.
    Hasn’t happened on PS5 within 30 hours so far.

  • Matthaves2012
    1 posts

    I have same problem on my PS4 Slim. Problem started for me in Cent. When I approached dane's camp to rescue restrained soldiers all foliage and tall grass started to vanish like in 2m radius around Eivor. I'm after 60hrs of play. I tried to reaload previous saves and it appears that every save are infected, even the first one in Norway. I think we as community provided enough data to do some moves and statements about this bug. Game in this form is impossible to play.

    And questions for @Ubi-Raziel (since you're first to react on this post). Is there any progress on patching this bug? When we can expect next patch with sollution? Do we have remove our whole progress in AC:V or our saves will be fixed during patch? Is there any moral or technical support that we could provide (for example should we make a storm on Ubisoft Montreal building, take you hostage, cut from supplies of croissant and baguettes and hold you that way until problem is solved) Or maby you hanged the white flag because game gave you expected income and you don't give a "shunt" about it anymore?

    For now i can tell you that your market competitors CD Project Red are having more guts and balls to answer to players. I have Cyberpunk 2077 and believe me they repaired this significantly since release and their problems were vast comparing to your "dissapearing grass of doom" problem.

  • Ryan1983Ward
    1 posts

    This has worked for me! Well played that man!

  • Rachlily1971
    26 posts


    Is there any update on this please...Ubisoft or to anyone having this problem ???

  • Rachlily1971
    26 posts



  • MDMayerjr
    6 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Alenday64
    1 posts

    Anyone else have the tall grass you hide in completely disappear the moment you touch it? it comes back I just cant be near it. the berry bushes and mushrooms also are invisible, I can still collect them just cant see them to get them this applies to any greenery i go near. I also have no ropes even from a distance, I can still walk on them and use the rope slides just cant see them at all also when I land on tents of anything that is a tent the canvas disappears.

  • Thetellan
    1 posts

    All 3D bushes, grass and ropes dissappear when Eivor is close witch makes stealth impossible. Ruining the game.

  • Alendrix
    4 posts

    After 40+ hours of play I suddenly ran into an issue with ground cover (bushes, grass), tree leaves, and some ropes between buildings (to use for stealth) disappearing when Eivor gets close to them. It is like there is a sphere of foliage invisibility that causes it all to just fade out of existence.

    Things I’ve tried:
    Reloading earlier saves (only ones IN Norway seem unaffected, but if I can fast travel to England and DO, the problem returns)

    Deleting and reinstalling game

    Trying the PS4 version instead of PS5

    Changing from performance to quality and vice versa

    Rebooting console

    Video capture of issue:

  • Alendrix
    4 posts

    Still happens in 1.1.0 as I ran into it on the PS5 version and stopped playing as a result. I check each day to see if it ‘self fixes’ and it doesn’t. Nothing helps. No fast travel, meditation, sleeping etc. And it is just in Eivor’s sphere of influence, as you can see things vanish as you walk towards it.

  • Alendrix
    4 posts

    @tempus_909_l Started seeing this around the 40 hour mark also, while doing story quests in Ox-something-enescire (can’t recall off hand). It hit me a day or two after Christmas.

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