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    Had the exact same problem just now, on PS4 Pro. Foliage started disappearing around Eivor after I died in a fight in East Anglia. Fast travelling, loading earlier saves or even reinstalling didn't seem to help.

    The solution that worked for me, for anybody still struggling with this: quitting the application and going directly to an earlier, unaffected save. Seems that if I booted up the latest save, after the bug started appearing, all other saves would be affected for that session. But going directly to an earlier save should work fine. Not an ideal solution, since some progress is lost, but it's better than invisible grass...

  • btthegeek
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    playing on ps4. Encountered bug where foliage disappears within radius of player character. Rope and canvas stall roof textures also not loading. Tried loading an earlier save, problem also present. Tried reinstalling game, problem also present. Tried fiddling with display settings, problem also present. Game unplayable at the moment.

  • SoulFox97
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    Lately parts of the environment disappear when I get to close. Like when you hide in bushes, I can see them but when I’m close to them they disappear and the only thing you see is the ground.

  • Porsche1471
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    I have played the game for 20h+. When I stated the game today I discovered that all vegetation disappears as I get closer. This inclued leafs on trees, grass, bushes, bushes for rations and the tall grass which makes it impossible to crouch and perform stealth attacks becuse the enemy detects you imediatly. HELP!

  • Ubi-Ginge
    Ubisoft Support Staff 257 posts

    Are they clearly visible then gradually disappear, or do they just completely vanish when you get within a certain distance?
    Can you share footage of this with us?

    Official Response
  • C0mr4dely
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    I got to Lunden on my save and now I have started experiencing a bug where the bushes and tall grass patches disappear on the screen upon entering them and don’t seem to function (guards who hadn’t been alerted to me or who aren’t even close to me will see me as though the cover isn’t there)

  • ToRoPL
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    Same bug here. Come one, this isn’t free to play, we spend money and game it’s unplayable...

  • EZ_b_EZ
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    @drunkpanda687 same thing happened to me roaming Essex during the Old Wounds quest. Stealth play is pretty much impossible now. Fun

  • Altaventi
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    get some bug artifact marker dissapear on Ledecestrescire, 2 artifacts short, consult the guide and all the missing mark artifact is tattoo and scheme artifact (checking my bag, consult the guide, dont have the specific tattoo [vestri wind scheme (back), and midgard scheme [front]). already finish the pledge on ledecestrescire, know where the artifacts is but no marker shown on the map (didnt found any flying paper also). anyone facing this problem?

  • Polyhead90
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    Sadly I have to report a very nasty bug on my side (seems like I am the only one).

    Since yesterday doing a mission in lunden all foliage based geometry (cards from grass, trees and bushes) are dissappearing around eivor in approximately 2m range. The raven is not affected by this. The hide mechanics still work. I tried reloading older files as well as reinstalling the game with no success. I also tried the ps4 and the ps5 game options. I am playing on a ps5.

    And help on that? It makes the game very unpleasant to play.

  • superpscola
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    Hi, I can not finish Defensive measures in Asgard. After killing the jotuns I could not talk to the builder (tried few times). I went to normal world, and now I can not come back to asgard, because I’m dying in seconds.

    please help 😕

  • ToRoPL
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    Strange thing, after 24 hours and several restarts my bug has gone. I did nothing, but for now my game is OK

  • partotomato
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    Same here (PS4). Bug occurs at the start of Unholy Father mission - all bushes in immediate vicinity disappear as you approach them. Makes the game unplayable. Once bug is triggered it effects all previous save games. Deleted the entire game, restarted and bug happened again at same point. Patch ASAP please.

  • guest-9SadcwiF
    3 posts

    Same issue for me as well... All the bugs are really disappointing... I had to restart once from scratch to do the main quest for this?!

  • gokerto
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    I started game second time when i faced so many bugs in game. When i was doing Soma quest grass and plants started to disappear. There are many bug in game waiting to be fixed. First i cant trade npc and speak with( barrack, shipyard..) now this..
    Yeah i am angry, sad, broken but these feelings are not important. The important thing is it has been two week and one week after last patch yet there is no answer from team.
    I am waiting to explode but of course i know no one care anything.
    We paid money bro i do not know for many people but i am working for this to but this. It is imoprtant for me damn it. Where is new update!? Ohh sorry yeah there is "COVID".
    You know there is covid but so many people have to work and complete their responsibility unfortunately...

    By the way company have to pay money to so many people because we are like game tester for Ubisoft.

    Anyway i am playing on Playstation 4
    Here is the video if you ask:

  • FrozenQueen1988
    3 posts

    @gokerto I had the same problem with disappearing grass and leafs. Try to make manual save game from main menu, and then load it. It helped in my game and sloved this problem . But its was very annoying and made the game quite unplayable. Dear Ubisoft, you should fix it ASAP. Regards,

  • Polyhead90
    3 posts

    Hey I have the same issue but the thing is, I can't get it fixed.. Did everything from reloading to manual save, switching char model and even reinstall the game. It's unplayable now. Did you found any solution other than manual save load?

    Last time for me to buy ubisoft games.

  • BuriedSorrowPS
    3 posts

    When are the refunds being issued? 😊

  • Ubi-Pingu
    Community Representative 111 posts


    Can you confirm if issue appears for everyone only on PS4?
    Did issue appeared from the very beginning of the game?
    Does issue appear only in certain locations / missions?

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • El_Mattiaso
    55 posts

    The issue has resolved itself. The bush disappeared as I got near it. Sorry for the very late reply, I haven't been able to post on these forums for several days due to some weird glitch.

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