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  • EmrysAndTheLion
    3 posts

    same issue

  • guest-NqsHai0A
    3 posts

    Same issuse here. I'm playing on a base PS4

  • Matador064
    4 posts

    Hi! I believe the game would say I haven't claimed the treasure since the map is still in my inventory.

    Earlier today I grabbed the Oxenefordscire hoard and got the 180xp, but the map is currently glitched in my inventory. I am not sure if it's the same thing.


  • yongli0124
    2 posts
  • Deadgirllwalkin
    2 posts

    So is it gonna get fixed? Because having the same problem here. Im at the right spot but nothing to be found.

  • Moonlitwings
    6 posts

    I've also encountered this issue. Got the hoard map, but no loot is spawning at the Drengr's pool.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    380 posts

    Same here, playing on Xbox One and patched 1.0.4. Also the Lecedestrescire and Oxenfordscire treasures are glitchy for many.

    Treasure hoard map bugs including this one have been reported for a long time and several times, but so far Ubisoft does not have much news about patching them.

  • guest-EkPFmDuu
    4 posts

    Same issue. I can confirm that I collected the hoard (snakebite figurehead), but the oxenefordshire hoard map still shows up in my inventory. Annoying.

  • DartDragon93
    3 posts

    I have the same Bug and i made a video with proof of it i will leave the link if you know how to fix plz tell me...

  • ChuckKatse
    209 posts

    Got the map went to the site. The Horde a Snakebite Long Ship design was supposed to be at the bottom of the well located at the site. The design was not there. I know I was at the right location because I looked it up on the net. There are several reports of the bug on the Reddit site. Surprised it has not been posted here. All that was down at the bottom of the well was some coins and two Winter Canterelle Plants. Oh and a bucket. Needs to be fixed. However, I am sure it won't be soon. Just another bug in a long list of bugs.

  • SofaJockey
    169 posts

    @chuckkatse I picked that one up (was able to equip it on my boat).

    But the treasure map remains in my inventory, so something is not quite right.

  • ChuckKatse
    209 posts

    @sofajockey Yep on Reditt several players said the same thing. Some get the design others don't. The map stays in their inventory even after getting the design. It is a bug that needs to be fixed.

  • Phinx-x33
    9 posts

    Damn. No solution then?

  • bitebug2003
    91 posts

    I got the design but the hoard map remains in the inventory.

    Also, the location of the loot on the Euviscere Hoard Map is correct, but in my game there is no loot

  • SofaJockey
    169 posts

    @bitebug2003 My experience exactly. 🙄

    UPDATE: This is still the case after patch 1.1.0

    No treasure in Eurvicscire.
    Oxenefordscire map remains in inventory.

  • Ross-Boy-89
    1 posts

    Nope, not even after the new update

  • ChuckKatse
    209 posts

    @chuckkatse Apparently the Treasure Hoard Map bug for Oxfordshire was fixed with the 1.1.0 patch. I went back to the well and the design was there. The map also was removed from my inventory.

  • ishofique
    5 posts

    Just here to confirm. Lasted driver patch. Latest game patch. But still no loot. I suspect it was on the square pool.

  • SofaJockey
    169 posts

    @chuckkatse Apparently the Treasure Hoard Map bug for Oxfordshire was fixed with the 1.1.0 patch. I went back to the well and the design was there. The map also was removed from my inventory.

    In which case it's not retrospective. I already have the design so not removing the map from my inventory is no big deal.

    But the Eurvicscire treasure is still missing to me.

  • Magus_Zeal
    3 posts

    @poorkenny I’m on PS5 with patch 1.1 bug still present. Collected treasure but map remains in inventory.

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