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  • lex981
    1 posts

    Im doing the oxenefordscire hoard map I went down the well where the treasure supposed to be there's nothing I exited it reloaded it nothing
    Anyone encountered this issue

  • SofaJockey
    372 posts

    @lex981 Worth double-checking that you haven't accidentally already picked up the 'Snakebite figurehead' because my game had a bug where the map stays in your inventory even when you have picked up the item.

    If in doubt, just re-load a save before you go to that sheep field and try again.

  • loki1130
    13 posts

    Have same issue.

  • loki1130
    13 posts

    Have the same issue. I think the place where it should be is the same place where Mystery Drengr: Gotafrid Fair-Robes world event takes place.

  • manceres
    3 posts

    Hi, Xbox one
    Oxenfordscire shows glow on ground but picking it up doesn't do anything
    the other two no glow or pickup prompt.

  • HectorArmas23
    2 posts

    When collecting the treasure, the map does not disappear the inventary.

  • MimiStormrage
    5 posts

    @loki1130 yes exactly

  • MimiStormrage
    5 posts

    @jeje_71 I'm on pc too, I hope they fix this soon

  • Aertic_m-Shot
    1 posts

    Same problem here

  • ugobananas
    13 posts

    I also just tried to loot the Hamtunscire treasure hoard and while the location shows up on the ground and I can loot it, nothing appeared in my inventory.

  • xtreme-legend-
    2 posts

    I have a few that are bugged. Some give me no reward and some dont even appear at location. Suthsexe, Hamtunscire, Oxenefordscire, Snotinghamscire, Eurvicscire and Sciropescire Castow Castle are all bugged for me.

  • DemonI81
    16 posts

    Series X
    This started before this latest patch.

    I currently have collected four Treasure Hoards, well, five, but the fifth, Oxenefordscire Hoard is collected but remains on the map to collect over and over (for XP, I do not repeatedly get the ship figurehead reward but did get it the first time I picked the treasure up). Also, the map is still in my inventory and my achievement progress has not updated/unlocked.

    I have applied the latest patch and picked the treasure up again. Everything remains unchanged/bug is still very much there.

    I did not realize this bug happened until ~10 hours of gameplay after it occurred. Going back in saves or restarting is not an option at this point.

  • Boeselock
    4 posts

    I'm having treasure hoard issues as well on PS4. The Oxenfordschire Hoard Map stayed in my inventory even after I looted the hoard itself (and I got the reward properly), but the Suthsexe Hoard and Sciropeschire Caustow Castle Hoard both don't give me a reward when I loot them besides XP, so I reverted my saves to before looting them as I figure it's more likely to get fixed than it is to get fixed and give out the reward retroactively.

  • FagForHire
    9 posts

    A minor bug here, but I would like to report it. PC PLATFORM
    Basically, I've found the Oxenefordscire trasure map and I've located the hoard. I collect the treasure but the map is still present in the inventory. Indeed, I can collect the treasure continously and it give me 180 exp each time. So it seems that until the map will not disappear I can collect the already collected treasure. Sorry for the word pun! XD

  • m1au
    58 posts

    yep same for me. also it doesn't count as collected artifact, so i'm still stuck at one missing. I got the ship design from that treasure chest but can indefinitely loot that spot.

  • koleksak15
    1 posts

    Oxenefordscire hoard map treasure is not allowing me to pick it up and the Eurvicscire treasure isn't appearing at all. With the 1.04 patch I lost a wealth check off in East Anglia, I had everything prior to the new patch. And can't progress after stairs in Brother's Keeper. 150 hours logged in.

  • denz_villegas
    2 posts

    Re: [BUG report ac Valhalla](/topic/81421/bug-report-ac-valhalla)

    Despite finding the Oxenefordeshire treasure hoard, the game does not register it as having been completed. If I leave the area or restart, it allows to me "Loot" the same place, gain XP, but still, the game doesn't register the fact that I already have the reward (Snakebite skin for longship). It's preventing 100% completion of the shire.

  • Pabegelis
    3 posts

    I m standing there where treasure is but i cant find nothing

  • Tsarchasm5
    9 posts

    @pabegelis photo?

  • Shdw_Phnx
    16 posts


    Same here. Both me and my brother have picked up the treasure in the well, but the map doesn't disappear from the inventory.

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