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    I have the same issue on xbox. I have the map, loot the hoard, get xp, and map doesnt go away. I have the cosmetic because i had picked it up before i got the map the 2nd time

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    i got the treasure map but when I go to the well there’s no treasure to loot. Saved and quit but no luck. Please fix your broken treasure locations been having issues with some of these.

  • ubiskr
    6 posts

    Bump. Same issue.

    I've finished the main campaign and I'm just "cleaning up" for 100% now, and the treasure is definitely not where it's supposed to be...

  • jeje_71
    76 posts

    @ubiskr it's not like it's very difficult to fix either, when loading the area with a loot, they only have to check if the associated map is in the inventory or not...

  • noa30
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    PS4 - Oxenfordschire map is still in my inventory but I got the treasure. If I go back to the well the glow is there and I can interact but I don't get anything.

    Eurvicscire treasure is definitely missing. Have the map in my inventory but the spot it's supposed to be at, there's no glowing spot.

  • jeje_71
    76 posts

    @noa30 same boat here
    oxenefordscire map in inventory, the glow which i can loot, but i get only experience and i don't have the snakebite scheme in my inventory...

  • The_Grayest_Ben
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    Same problem here – add it to the list I guess!

  • blemiglute
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    @surexposey same here

  • ViRaLuNdEaD
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    @surexposey I have a similar, but different issue. That hoard treasure spawned for me and I collected it, but the treasure map is still in my inventory and if I load the game and go there I can collect it again and again using the prompt but get nothing from it.

  • Draeoth
    33 posts

    After picking up the loot, the map is still in my inventory.

  • omniscient-eye
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    -Eurvicscire: The treasure cannot be found in the pool, I never picked it up (defeated the Drengir before picking up treasure map, if changes anything).
    -Oxenefordscire: Treasure map (well) remains in inventory after picking up treasure. When coming back treasure is still there but only gives XP, map always remain in inventory.

  • hotwheels78
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    Title says it all. There is no hoard in the well. Got the hoard map out of the cave, went to the well, and nothing. I check every corner to see if I'll get a prompt, but nothing. I'll use Odin's Sight, but nothing. It's just empty. Checked a few guides online to make sure I'm not missing anything, but I'm in the right place. Went back to a previous save from nearly an hour before, fast traveled to a different region, saved, fast traveled back, saved, restarted the game, went back to the cave for the map, went back to the well, and still nothing.

  • Lowly-Eidolon
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    The oxenefordescire Hoard treasure is not at the bottom of the well under the oldest tree near the small ruins in the Great plains of the south west to be looted, looks like maybe bandits or other Danes beat me to this one

  • Lowly-Eidolon
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    It seems that perhaps I took to long waiting to head over to the old Roman site the lost drengr had taken refuge in, the treasure hoard was not in the shallow water pool in front of the statue but the poor lost drengrs body was still there some 3 weeks since he was sent off to Valhalla

  • h4andwerkjj
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    So I have completed every area and I thought that was enough for the completionist trophy but I guess not. Do I need all treasure hoards for it?
    If so that a problem because two are bugged. The oxenefordscire treasure is there and I've collected it but the map stays in my inventory. The Eurviscire treasure just isn't there at all.

    No disrespect, but if you all can't figure out the treasure hoards can you just remove that part from the trophy? It just a little bit annoying spending 120 hours playing a game then not getting the trophy because of a bug.

  • NKSedya
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    Same issue (Xbox One)

  • Pabegelis
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  • Jaimew22
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    Same issue here on PS5 have the reward and can no longer find anything in the area but the map is still in my inventory

  • SofaJockey
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    @pabegelis That's exactly where I went too, but no joy. (Xbox)

  • AzkikrSean30
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    I've completed the treasure hoard in Oxenefordscire but it didn't register that collected the loot and the treasure hoard map is still in my inventory. I've since fast traveled, restarted the game and tried completing again and same thing happens. Eivor does the looting animation but no loot is collected. Still showing as my last artifact to complete in Oxenefordscire

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