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  • dlmthree
    77 posts

    @phoenixmoss Or be mindful what you break and you won't burn anything.

    Sure if you step in sweeping your greatsword around...

  • Max18400
    402 posts

    There isn't a mission where you kill cats? I've literally 100% all thy side quests and there are none where you kill any cats?

  • MexicanTemplar
    39 posts

    @phoenixmoss out of all the things u can blame ubisoft for this trash game, i believe this isnt one of those... the quest may be dumb and pointless, but not that much to make a rant out of it, i expected this game to be more violent and not kids friendly, sinces the game is rated M for 17+ more mature people... but we got this, but maaybe is because first world countries has become more soft and spoiled with time...

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @phoenixmoss I killed some by accident, reloaded and none died. The cats in Valhalla are one of my fav things, so I can't kill them either. I also refuse to kill foxes, seals etc, and why do we have to kill ravens although we have one as a buddy? I can never get my head around the choices game devs make regarding animals, but I probably take it a lot more seriously than the average gamer.

  • WhoCares78
    112 posts

    @kreutzgang They made some very odd design choices. I avoided killing ravens at first. I kept wondering if I was going to shoot Synin. But I was able to complete that task without killing any of the kitty hoarders cats. I heard them meowing and I switched out to a dagger to break everything. My wife on the other hand.... I think one cat survived.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts
    @kreutzgang My wife on the other hand.... I think one cat survived.

    NUUUU. *weeps*

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    my my.. arent you a crybaby.

    Of the stuff thats wrong with this game, you make a point about such a minor detail.

  • Lysvander
    47 posts
  • DaelosTheCat
    167 posts

    As much as I think the OP is overreacting, the side quests in Valhalla do all seem extremely out of place with their goofy writing and acting.

  • KeepItValhalla
    11 posts

    @phoenixmoss damn. Here I thought this was going to be a thread where we get to bash Ubisoft for their awful post-launch antics. You know, 97% of the content released so far hidden behind a paywall, the River Raids addition being nothing but a 2 - 3 hour repetitive grindfest in which your prize is a reskinned Thegn armor, etc etc...

    But no... we're talking about cats. Okay.

  • gearsmonger
    48 posts

    @daelosthecat Just like everything in the main game, ironically enough.

  • Mordule
    35 posts

    I suppose it is only ok to kill scores of humans that believe differently than you, want to defend their faith, and keep their homes. Hmm Eivor isn't exactly the good guy here if you think about it. Also as been stated you can be careful not to kill the cats.

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