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  • XristosAnesti7
    3 posts


    Hello again, thanks so much for your reply.

    My PS5 will not let me send you all the save file.

    But YouTube will let me show you the video:

    Note: There is something interesting going on in the mission space. If I kill wolves and fast travel nearby and return, then an invisible and immovable wolf image stacks on top of the wolf corpses. If I next then repeat this process, two wolf images will stack on the wolf corpses. Each time I repeat it, it adds another wolf. This repeats to infinity, apparently, with wolf stacks approaching the sky. In my video you can see the one-wolf stack.

    I don't know if this helps you all or not, but I thought I'd let you know. Sorry I can't get you a save file yet.

  • AKG2002
    1 posts

    @ubi-baron I’m 72 hours into the game on Xbox one and have no saves before this quest. I encountered another bug with the mission next to the hunt for honour and I know this will prevent 100% completion, any help would be very much appreciated. (this quest and the one with Rolf the raider are bugged out) I am so invested with this game and will not deny it is a beauty, however, these glitches are the end of me:/

  • UNC25
    1 posts

    Norway mysteries unable to complete.

    Started with The Hunt for Honor which the wolf killed the man and then I killed the wolf. The mystery still shows on the map and is not complete.

    I left and have now completed well over 100 hours. I came back to Norway- Hordafylke to hunt the legendary animal. I completed that successfully and decided to complete the other mysteries that I missed.  

    1st one I attempted was the fly agaric (fighting the 4 enemies. Once I’ve beat them the crows and multi colored sky remains and will not show complete. I have to run far away from the location to get the screen back to normal. I then left and tried to re load a previous save , hard reset of my console and restart the game - nothing worked. 

    I tried another mystery in Hordafylke : Lost Drengr and I can beat him up until he kneels and you need to interact with him. The game will not progress beyond that point and the mystery cannot be completed

  • Dr_October23_ub
    1 posts

    I have completed all of the tasks everywhere and I only have to do the flyting in Stavanger. I am not able to do the flyting mystery. I have completed everything else in Rygjafylke, but the flyter just stands there. It won’t let me interact with him.

  • ukjay7651
    8 posts

    So after today's update I'm still unable to finish quests on Norway, again all this started when the quest giver died on the Bring me the Beast quest.
    Also it would be nice to now if this is being looked at, just some acknowledgement would be nice from the developers please.

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @xristosanesti7 Thank you so much for taking the time to upload that video! I appreciate it and the additional details you provided about the issue. To clarify, you already completed the event, but the icon is still present on your map. However, upon going to the icon's location, you do not see anything there as shown in the video. Is this correct? I'm wanting to make sure I understand correctly, but please let me know if you did not complete the event already or if I misunderstood anything else!

    Official Response
  • cindygrape
    2 posts

    In Rygjafylke Mystery event possibly named ”A Warning to the Warlocks"? The Hunter supposed to be where the mystery mark is but doesn't spawn. You can't start the event. Heard others having a same issue.

  • cindygrape
    2 posts
    In Rygjafylke Mystery event possibly named ”A Warning to the Warlocks"? The Hunter supposed to be where the mystery mark is but doesn't spawn. You can't start the event. Heard others having a same issue.


    On ps4 btw

  • kmason54
    2 posts

    Cannot finish Norway mysteries, Drengr glitches on both, cannot talk to either after fight. Also cannot collect Odin's spear, prompt was there to pull, nothing happened, now spear has disappeared and not showing in inventory.

  • guest-76QDlV6L
    2 posts

    I've lately been trying to finish up all the world events I missed the first time playing on PS4, and have been able to complete all of them in England, Asgard, and Jotenheim, but am finding that multiple events in Norway won't complete. I'm having trouble specifically with:

    Raider Recruit: I can follow Rolf to the place where the fight takes place and I can start the fight, but after beating all 3 challengers, nothing happens. I cannot speak to Rolf again and I am stuck at walking speed, unable to open my map, summon my mount, etc. To reset, I have to load a previous save. This also happens if I allow them to beat me and get knocked down.

    The Hunt for Honor: The first time I tried to do this, Erlend was one-shotted by a wolf and now every time I return, he is still dead and won't respawn.

    Fly Agaric: This one just doesn't complete. I go through the doors in the correct order (they light up correctly) but after going through the last door, nothing happens.

    A New England: When I arrive on the island, I can talk to the man and go through all his initial dialogue. But when that ends and he says "follow me," nothing happens- he doesn't move.

    Fly Agaric: I have done this one about 4 times now, and every time I defeat the enemies, nothing happens.

    I have tried leaving the area and coming back, even leaving Norway completely and re-loading. I have restarted the game, and nothing. Please help! These are the last 5 world events I need to 100% the whole map!

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @guest-76qdlv6l Hiya and many thanks for reporting these issues you're encountering with various World Events in Norway. I'm going to list each issue out below in order to address each one separately, but please let me know if I have missed anything.

    1. Raider Recruit World Event in Rygjafylke - I believe this issue matches the following Megathread. Please update the Megathread if this ends up being for the same issue, so we can continue to track all reports of this bug there.
    2. The Hunt for Honor in Rygjafylke - Are you able to provide footage showing that Erlend is dead and will not respawn?
    3. Fly Agaric in Rygjafylke - A video showing you completing this challenge would be helpful to have as well please!
    4. A New England in Hordafylke - Similar to the two issues above, can provide video footage showing that after you speak with Hysing the World-Wise, nothing happens?
    5. Fly Agaric in Hordafylke - Do you remain in a hallucinating state after completing this challenge?
    Official Response
  • guest-QMBOBg61
    3 posts

    Found two bugs:

    • After defeating the Drengr in Hildesvini's cave, the speak option isn't showing, despite the ellipses showing above his head
    • When trying to help the arrive where you need to bring the polar bears and the wolves to camp North West or Eikundarsund, if the NPC is killed you cannot complete the quest

    Please help as I am close to finishing the game but these bugs are annoying.

  • Skoeman74
    8 posts

    This glitch is still present. I can't complete the quest. The dumb npc is dead. Any plans on fixing it.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1198 posts

    @skoeman74 I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with this world event. I can confirm that this issue is still being investigated by the dev team.

    I can only recommend reloading an earlier save before you started the world event if possible, then try again.

    Official Response
  • Skoeman74
    8 posts

    @ubi-keo yeah, that's not possible. This issue is months old now. Are we expected to buy the game and complete beta testing on your behalf?

  • Skoeman74
    8 posts

    I've also now got the issue with the Rygjafylke Fly Agaric puzzle not resolving. The fight with Erik Loyalskull didn't complete correctly either, thankfully I found a workaround for it.

    Most of the stuff in Norway seems broken. Was any testing done at all?

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1198 posts

    @skoeman74 I understand your frustration when encountering a bug within the game and I can only apologise.

    When we receive reports of bugs/glitches from our players we gather as much information as possible so that the dev team can investigate, try to reproduce the issue then work on a fix. Some of the bugs/glitches that are reported may not affect all players and those may be more difficult for the dev team to reproduce.

    I can assure you that the dev team are working hard to resolve the issues that have been reported.

    Official Response
  • ukjay7651
    8 posts

    Hi all , hoping someone could help out with this bug, Erlend accidentally got killed by a bear now I can't seem to finish this quest and I also don't seem to be able to complete any other mysteries either since he got killed.
    BTW the original mysterie was bring me a beast.
    I've tried leaving it to see if it reset , I've restarted game and I've also uninstall game but with no joy.
    This is on ps5

  • richiewazhere
    11 posts

    I am having all of the same exact bugs with the fly agarics, a hunt for honor, and a New England. Exactly the same as you described it. Along with the lost dengr orwig never death remains in celebrated status and I cannot get odins spear. I am 166 hours in and reloading older saves isn’t an option to get these done and get 100%.

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 996 posts

    Hello @ukjay7651

    Sorry to hear that you are unable to complete this mystery.

    I just checked this for you and I didn't find similar reported issues to this one yet. Can I kindly ask you to provide us with a short video of this occurring, so we can investigate it further for you?

    Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

    Official Response

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