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  • Matthew1994mor
    2 posts

    Update: I found another one that I believe is broken. The one where you help a guy throw his stuff off the top of the mountain wont complete. He jumps and then nothing happens.

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 702 posts

    Hi there, thank you for your report! That is a really odd one....and it happened after the "mushroom taking" mystery? Odd!

    I'm sorry you came across this, the video is much appreciated. I have passed this up to the developers for investigation! 🙂

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Ginge
    Ubisoft Support Staff 257 posts

    If you still experience this after going through the steps in our PC troubleshooting guide, can you please contact us via Facebook PM or Twitter DM and send us a copy of your save game.

    Official Response
  • Albetax
    4 posts

    Bug in event story and drengr errant in norway After the fight i can't complete the mission

  • Albetax
    4 posts

    Bug norway second quest

  • Albetax
    4 posts

    Bug in 2 event story and drengr quest After the fight i can't complete the mission

  • Albetax
    4 posts

    Bug in all event story Mission i can't interact with the quest

  • kizza0721
    63 posts

    This section is for forum feedback, not bug reports.

  • thevalcrist1985
    1 posts

    Completed this quest and old man jumped off the edge. Quest marker is still there and mysteries count won't update. Cannot restart quest.

  • jcriderlpn
    1 posts

    Heck, I was wondering how to even bring a beast back to this guy to begin with! LOL

  • Ayatollah769
    1 posts

    Most of the World Events in the game that I’ve tried have been bugged or broken. I am beyond disappointed in this game.

    The Hunt for Honor - I completed the event at the same time a bear killed the guy. Icon is still on the map, no resolution.

    Raider Recruit - I fight the 3 guys, nothing happens. I move in super slow motion. No resolution.

    Plight of the Warlock - No issues - completed.

    Elk of the Bloody Peaks - No issues - completed.

    Fly Agaric Hallucination Challenge - Make it through the 3 games as required. Nothing happens, no resolution.

    Old Man on the Ledge - Throw his crap off, he dives off the cliff. Nothing happens, no resolution.

    A New England - Start conversation - guys says to follow him and does nothing. No resolution.

    A Desperate Bounty - No issues - completed.

    edit - Wow, blocked the word b l 0 0 d y. Just a real great job Ubisoft. Trash.

  • nimilas
    1 posts

    Some World Events are not completing and the markers are still on the map, including:
    - Bring Me A Beast
    - Old Man on the Edge
    - The Rekindling

    Also, this one World Event 'A New England' wouldn't continue after the initial cut scene conversation with Hysing.

    Help! 😞 I tried going offline, fast travelling and restarting (as recommended), and reinstalling the game, but they still don't work right.

    What else can I do to fix it? Or do I just need to wait for the update? If the latter, how long will it be?

  • LEM.Hero
    1 posts

    I'm playig on PC, after completing the event I jumped off the cliff (Dying off course), then when I reloaded from last automatic save all the boxes had re-spawned but not the old man, I can see the World Event icon in the map and it's also missing from the region's mysteries count.

    I have fast-traveled a few times, completed the rest of the map and even restarted the game but nothing fixed it.

  • Tolkyyn
    90 posts

    I'm probably spelling the name wrong and SPOILER ALERT
    In a town in Norway that may be spelled Stavnger (there's no names on my map so it makes things VERY hard) Eivor finds a man who was at his/her home town when they were betrayed. She chases him to kill him, and every time she assassinates him, my PC crashes.

  • KoaNiolo
    1 posts

    This happened to me as well. Fell off the cliff soon after his event, reloaded at the top with his crates and without him. Unfortunately I didn't have a save I could load so I'm currently stuck unable to finish the event

  • Marquis_de_V
    1 posts

    @kingchallal I have the exact same problem so I can't complete Rygjafylke. I have all wealth & artifacts, but am missing 1 mystery because this mystery side quest won't complete. I threw the boxes, the old man jumped and is dead on the ground below, but the quest won't complete. Every time I leave and come back, the boxes are back at the top, but he is dead below. Please fix. I'd like to complete Rygjafylke with 100%.

  • ongeburz
    17 posts

    @marquis_de_v that is the quest that worked fine for me, it's the one with the viking sleepwalking that bugged out for me. When using the zipline I can not interact with him anymore.

  • satamerlauer
    1 posts

    I have problems with the following world mysteries so far:

    Rolf's request in Stavanger to help him choose the leader. I beat all 3 but when Rolf says ''that's enough'' nothing else happens, and Eivor is not able to do anything, just walk around slowly. Only way to escape is if I quit the game and load a save from before I approached Rolf. Also, when I quit to title screen, it does trigger the dialogue that should follow.
    Next mystery I have problem with is the hallucination challenge on the island of the deserted chalet. I go through the gates in the correct order, then there is a white screen as if something is about to happen, but nothing happens. I saw videos that Eivor should be saying sonething.
    Third mystery I have problem with is the one southwest of Stavanger when I should bring a beast to a guy so he can slay it. I got him a bear (should have been a wolf I know) he died, and doesn't respawn, but the mystery is not solved.

  • Pxichc
    2 posts

    I brought Erlend a beast, it killed him. Now the event marker is stuck on my map. I don't have an earlier save to go back to anymore. Am I going to have to start the whole thing over?

  • PVBuk
    1 posts

    After getting the comb, I tried to speak to Bil, but the ‘Speak’ triangle button prompt just disappeared, with no conversation following.
    I then walked back to Fornburg and found I couldn’t talk to Any NPC.
    Reloaded a save I made just after getting the comb, tried to speak to Bil: same bug.
    Loaded an earlier save before getting the comb, could talk to Bil to start quest, but once I got the comb, got the bug again.
    Playing on PS4 Pro on fully updated console firmware, and game (1.02).

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