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    Same here, the key is visible with eagle vision but no key on the stool. I threw an exploding pot on the shop keeper so hes all dead btw. Still the key should have been on the stool anyway.

  • Yangpaine
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    You would think if when the devs look at a glitch and try to fix it with a patch, they would actually fix the problem. Unfortunately, it didn't work. There is now a key that shows up with Odin's vision in front of the house in Lunden, but there still isn't a physical key for me to pick up, so I still cannot get the quest done.

  • JacobTrevorson
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    @iicemoke i tried that, didnt do nothing

  • JacobTrevorson
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    @poorkenny travel to Norway and back didn't work for me... dammit

  • Irondane
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    I had the same problem so i blew the door with an oil lamp.

  • JessJack0
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    I’m on the mission ‘A Rivalry for the ages’ and I can’t gain access to the house because the key isn’t on the stool outside the house but the key symbol is showing. I paid the children on the street to distract Maximilian so I could get the key and enter the house and now I can’t complete the mission because I can’t get in the house. Please can anyone help me as I cant complete the game until this mission is done

  • Theshmee1
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    The devs said this was an issue alot of people were having even me, they said there working on fix for this. I just ended up paying for it

  • Gayngel2019
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    If you do not have the upgraded Dive of the Valyries you can go to the nearby world event and pick up an oil jar (or anywhere with oil), throw it at the back door so it is covered in oil and throw your torch at it. That will break the inside bar. I just did this today so do it quick before it gets patched.

  • guest-GiPflsqM
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    @serbassassin29 this worked for me as well. Thank you so much!

  • TrippinOnMayo
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    Same bug for me, will get level 2 dive of valkyries to work around it

  • BomberDuckie
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    you need to build the museum in your settlement when you done that you don’t need the key to enter the house

  • WastelandStag
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    The explosive vase worked a treat for me.

    My favourite part of all these bugs is that no one can even be bothered to acknowledge this.

    What play test size do they have that stuff like this gets missed?

    The mystery where I got the explosive vase from, the guy isn't even there? So I can't complete that one either.

  • guest-K0SYaBmJ
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    Hello, I am unable to progress with A Rivalry for the Ages. I can see the key with Odins sight but cannot pick it up. Max is nowhere to be found. The kids are standing on the corner. There is no means to move forward.

  • drewvicious777
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    Still cannot complete or restart quest. The key icon shows up with Odin sight but no key is on the stool. The shop owner is still stuck in an endless loop with the girl distracting him. Tried everything.

  • Grand_310
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    there is 3 ways to finish this quest:

    1. get your charisma to lv5 so you can "persuade" him.
    2. pay him.
    3. if you already pay the girl to distract him and stuck with the bug, use lv2 Dive of the Valkyries ability to the barred back door so it will break open and you can access the statue.

  • Keff92
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    So I go to Maximilians house and low and behold no key on stool. Also stuck on Ragnar quest so can't proceed with story. Thought maybe I'll do the side quests until they patch it. Nope turns out the side quests have just as many issues as the main quests. Bout done with Ubisoft games tbh. I understand bugs but when it gets to the point of not even being able to finish a quests and there's no work around other than wait for a patch...gets annoying real fast. Will probably shelf this game for the next 6 months to a year like I've done the rest, until its all fixed then ill jump back in and play.

  • DjFunkyMeat
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    They can with update 2.00 stop you farming in London but can't sort the key problem A rivalry for the ages

  • rutger1504
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    Hi there,

    The key in the quest called "A Rivalry for the Ages" is glitched (can't be picked up)
    You need to obtain the legionaire statue.
    If you hire the kids at the corner, they distract "Maximilian" but the girl keeps saying the same sentences over and over again. Could you please fix this?

    Thank you!

  • Akintude
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    Same here. Problem persists even after patch 1.10 (PC). Girl distracts Maximilian but still no keys on the stool to grab.

  • Akintude
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    I can confirm tha the problem persists even after patch 1.10 (PC). Maximilian is distracted by the girl but still no keys on the stool to grab.

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