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  • thegardener25
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    This post is deleted!
  • Jin....
    16 posts

    How is it going?
    I killed her. Because I thought It might be re-newed.
    But she's still dead even after restarting game.

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    @dintodo I have the exact same problem. I've tried fast travelling to other areas and returning later but it does not fix it for me. I've tried everything I can think of that might work to fix it but I cannot complete it. Dead bodies in the fort do not despawn and I tried some stuff with that by destroying the bodies but still no band member spawning. I want the platinum trophy. I haven't checked it for a couple of weeks though, but it doesn't appear to be listed anywhere by Ubisoft as under investigation or fixed. Ubisoft need to fix this.

    2 posts

    I actually just checked it and it's working for me. Whether it's just me idk. have they fixed it?

  • vmacero
    1 posts

    @ltvuko hi I have the same error, have you get solutionate this error??

  • Netspook
    329 posts

    Hi there.

    I came across this slight problem during the Falling Stars mystery in Lunden:

    After assembling the band, you need to stand on the empty space between the children in the first row and press the interact button. For me, the empty space wasn't empty at all, it was occupied by a man, and there was no prompt to press the button. Saving and quitting to desktop solved this, but note that quitting to menu did not.

    I dont' know if that solution will work for everyone who encounters this, therefore I'm reporting it. Should be fixed anyway.

    Btw, tried to include a screenshot of it, but got a message that the dimensions are too big. Not going to bother editing it to make it acceptable.

  • betty0510
    28 posts


    I'm playing the Falling Stars in Lynden, I have already found the three band members but when I return to the place where they play nothing happens despite the three members are there.
    The brief video that should start it doesn't.
    Please can you help me?

  • Ubi-Wan
    Ubisoft Support Staff 636 posts

    @netspook Hello there! Thanks for reaching out with this, and for providing your workaround. If you happen to encounter any further issues, please feel free to report them here with similar descriptions, as well as video or images of the issues in question, if able. We'll be happy to forward these reports to the team.

    Official Response
  • betty0510
    28 posts

    @maverick85lop I have the same problem, tomorrow I'll try to fix it using your solution, I hope it will work out

  • Ski_nnyman
    12 posts

    @ski_nnyman This is not in the known issues yet. Why?

  • Polar_Opp
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    This is literally the last thing I have to complete on the map. After talking to all 3 npcs none of them went back to the square to finish the event and 2 are not at there original spots anymore. The lady on the rock is still there but cannot speak to her and she will run away lol.

  • betty0510
    28 posts

    @maverick85lop Thank you so much, it worked also for me!

  • betty0510
    28 posts

    I fixed the bug using the solution that @maverick85lop suggested in another post, thank you again

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @jin Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that even after restarting the game, Ysane remains dead. Would you be able to upload a video of this to YouTube, then share that link with me here please?

    Official Response
  • CKEALiddy
    8 posts

    Lunden musician mystery, can’t interact with Ysane I have gotten the other 2 NPCs but can’t seem to get Ysane. I have 95 hours of gameplay, I have checked back to this locations pretty of times of the last 2 months.

    please help

  • Jin....
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  • djgardelas
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    It happens exactly the same. Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish and I'm using a translator.
    I have been playing 130 hours with ps5, I have completed everything except this mission because it has a bug.
    I can't get platinum if this problem is not fixed @UbiWan @Ubi-Woofer

    I have recorded the error and uploaded it to youtube so you can see what happens:

    Hope you can fix the problem. Thank you

  • DankWhiteJam
    1 posts

    I'm unable to complete the missing musicians mystery quest in Lunden. There is no option to speak with Cynewolf in the cage in the fort

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1222 posts

    Hey there folks.

    Just to confirm that this issue is known to the development team and is under active investigation at the moment. Apologies for any inconvenience caused whilst we're working on getting this resolved.

    Official Response
  • Dale_Factor
    3 posts

    In Lunden Mystery titled "Falling Stars" I am unable to interact with the quest NPC Ysane who is sitting there crying about Ostrid.
    This is the last anything I have to complete and it is stopping me from obtaining my Platinum trophy.
    I am too far to reload a save from before this point

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