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    On ps4 falling stars world event ysane is not in her location in her stead are three children having a picnic please help I found the other 2 npcs but this one is not on the rock out side the city wall next to the bridge

  • Bezzator
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    Cynewulf is not appearing where they should be to complete mission. Other two members of band can be found. So mission cannot be completed.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    That's rather strange, but I appreciate you both confirming that completing the Lunden arc seems to resolve this issue! I've added this information to the report in hopes that it helps the team better pinpoint the cause of the error.

    Official Response
  • Jin....
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    Completing the Lunden arc doesn't resolver this issue.
    I hope that issue is added on the known issues list.

  • maurolandolt
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    @maverick85lop I have the exact same problem. I already tried different things but unfortunately with no result.

  • Timmaaaahhh
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    I freed Cynewulf early into Lunden, but I did not follow him. Later I talked to Ysane and Kitt. I then went to the Mystery start area and the three werent there. So I went back and freed Cyne again and all three were there. They sat down to play, but they never did start.

  • Maverick85lop
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    @maurolandolt I fixed the bug !!! it worked for me and I hope you too !! in practice when you go to complete the mission "interacting" by pressing Triangle and the mission does not end ... you move away ... start running away until you are brought back and the final movie of the mission starts !!!

  • ArgentOwl
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    Completing Lunden Arc does not work for everyone. Didn't work for me - I've completed main arc and now just tying loose ends - and Ysane still just crying and I can't talk to her though I've already spoken to her many hours before and recited a poem. I've spoken with two other musicians in the quest as well but they don't even appear on the square! It's very frustrating

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @Jin @ArgentOwl
    Thank you for letting me know that completing the Lunden Arc doesn't resolve this issue for the both of you. Are either of you playing on the PC or PS4/PS5? If so, please share your save files with us via a support ticket, then post your case numbers here.

    Official Response
  • Fabstertron
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    I have a problem with the falling stars quest on pc.

    I tried to do this quest after completing the Lunden arc.

    The lady on the lute outside the church was fine and ran off
    The man in the prison cage was fine and ran off

    However, Ysane is bugged and I cannot talk to her. I tried restarting the game with no avail. Here is a screenshot. I have no option to talk to her. Not sure what to do. Would appreciate any help, thank you.

  • twist025
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    I have a different bug, I can reunite the 3 members of the band but when I listen to the group performance nothing happen and when I leave, I can’t access the map or interact with anything else...
    tried already to use an older saving of the game and to even restart the game with no success.
    any help would be appreciated.

  • Blazeder
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    @twist025 I saw a solution for this in some another post. You have to call your horse when they start playing and leave the city. It should make the script start again and work.

    For my problem with Ysane, still no fix.

  • Meuchelfix77
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    @twist025 For me it worked to run into them, after they started playing. This triggered a glitched cutscene, and then the quest ended successfully.

  • Serebranka
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    How does I submit files for support ticket if 'Submit my case' button is inactive when I select any category and issue type at the top of the request window?

    I'm playing on PC btw

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @serebranka If you are having trouble with creating a support ticket, please complete our browser troubleshooting guide. Alternatively, I'd like to welcome you to reach out to our Support teams over Facebook or Twitter. From there, our teams will be able to create the support ticket for you, which you can then upload these files to.

    Official Response
  • Ashfu400
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    Hello i have some troubles with 2 Lunden Quests and i got stuck to get muy platinum trophie. One of them it's the fallen stars, i have alredy 2 npc on the location but when i aproach ysane i can't Talk with her, and the other one is A demonic stench, there the first shelf got stuck and incannot move , i've tried from each side but It didn't work please can someone help me with that?

  • JabbaTheFat2
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    The ‘falling stars’ quest set in lunden is broken, none of the band members show up in game when I visit their supposed locations so I can’t complete the quest.

  • Emzio30
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    Hi there,

    I have a problem with a quest in Lunden for AC Valhalla.

    The Falling Stars Quest, I talked to Ysane but unfortunately she is still stuck on the rock.

    Not sure if this is a known bug but just letting you know (I need to complete for 100%)!

    Kind Regards,


  • escoch90
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    PS4 Pro. In Falling Stars (mistery in Lunden) after the recovery of the three musicians, interacting in the crowd to cheer the band, the mistery does not show up completition.
    Moreover, the mini-map disappears and I and map results not available.
    I have to load the game ti continue playing.

    I have tried several times but the bug is still there...

  • fonfon59
    1 posts

    bonjour j’ai exactement le même soucis. L’as tu résolu? Merci

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