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  • XX-Artorias-XX
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    This post is deleted!
  • longjohn119
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    @yesin069 Idk why people keep bringing those XP boosts up regarding Odyssey. I played the game from start to finish without using the Helix store once and never felt I had to grind. In Valhalla OTOH, most of the side content gets super grindy, even if one's motivation for doing it is not levelling up.

    I got the XP and Drachmae boosts as a gift from my nephew and I found the XP boost actually broke the game for me because you level up way faster than you can gather the resources to upgrade your armor and weapons or before you can acquire new replacements that don't need to be upgraded ..... The Drachmae boost however was more useful especially after you get to level 70 and have finished all the main big money quests

    The key to the game is to chase down the Cultists as they become available and if you do that you'll have no problem at all staying way above the level you need to progress the main story .... The last two times I played I was about 10 levels above everything after I left Athens ..... The same with the progressive leveling system that boosts everything up to your level, if they hadn't done that the game would have be ridiculously too easy ..... The only problem I have with the game balancing is the soft leather is way out of balance especially at the higher levels because your soft leather resources don't level up as fast as the upgrade costs ......

    You aren't supposed to Speed Run through an RPG, if you can then the game is broken

  • SaintlyStorms
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    They've really screwed up here with the transmog. 50 silver AND you have to go to your settlement just to do it?

    Absolute rubbish. Disappointed.

  • kreutzgang
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    @yesin069 So instead we get skill pints thrown at us in Valhalla making everyone have the entire tree maxed and difficulty settings pointless after about half way through because apparently we aren't supposed to do the side content, and it's just there for the luls. *shrug*

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  • longjohn119
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    @yesin069 Yeah I watched that video a couple of days ago ..... I don't always agree with Yong but I can't say he is wrong this time ......

    I feel sorry for any developers that have this kind of crapola shoved down their throats by (mis)management ..... No wonder Darby quit .....

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