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  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    So I was able to complete 10 rounds and win 140 tokens. Not sure if it is coincidental but I stayed out of the center of the ring. All of the fights took place next to the barrels that Sunniva is standing near when she asks if you want to go on. Once the fight started I would run to that area and just keep the fight in that general spot.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there!

    As the Ostara Festival has now ended, we are now marking the issue wherein players experienced increased crashes due to the Ostara Festival as resolved.

    If you are still encountering crashes in-game, please check the megathread list for a similar thread and share your report there so we can investigate further. You can also make a thread of your own if you are unable to find a megathread that matches the issue you're encountering. When opening a new thread, please include as much information about the crashes you're encountering as possible.

    Alternatively, you're welcome to open a support ticket so our team can investigate further. You can open a support ticket in the following ways:

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • SluGGerBoyz
    3 posts

    i play on pc and i never had crash before , but today i crash every 4-5 min !! it so frustrating!!!

  • abdusamed_faker
    9 posts

    Can confirm. On ryzen 5 1600 5700 XT, it is crashing after 15 to 30 mins. Already clocked 4 crashes in past hour or two.

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Still crashing within Ravensthorpe. Not even participating in quests (festival challenges) any longer, just trying to change my appearance at the tattoo shop! Ravensthorpe is a super bug hot spot...STILL!

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @acedyn22 I'm not having that much issues now. Just during the fights and I think I found a way around that because I was able to do 10 rounds twice.

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    @jcar4327 Sweet. I am about to check out the Viking Brawl now. Hopefully I can get past round 3 without crashing now.
    I have already collected everything, I just want to know if it will still crash at this point.
    What system are you using?

  • Kara-D-Tara
    5 posts

    YEA!!! Can't finish the fight twice got round 10 half way through it froze then kicked how do you finish this in 48 hrs with all that.

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @acedyn22 Xbox One the original day one version with the 500G hard drive. Try staying close to the fence and out of the middle of the ring. worked for me.

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @kara-d-tara I think that was an error. The festival should last 21 days in total.

  • SuomiKissa
    12 posts

    Xbox - The game does not start.
    Black box.
    It took me 10 minutes to boot the console and start the game.
    The game gets stuck on the "checking for add.ons" screen. Server failure?

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 188 posts

    Well made it to round nine without freezing. I still haven't completed one Viking Brawl 😒
    That's much farther progress than before, but still not acceptable. I am so disappointed with this game, hopefully things will get better soon 🤞

  • gearsmonger
    48 posts

    @booomshakalaka_ Ubisoft support told me to verify my installation files on PC, as if it's not Ubi's fault they put out a buggy patch. What a joke.

  • gearsmonger
    48 posts

    According to Ubisoft support, I needed to verify my files were all installed properly (they are). What an embarrassment of a "patch"/event. They don't want you to actually play the game, they just want you to pay up on microtransactions.

  • Superfly_Boss
    80 posts

    Why is that every time you guys release these sort of events the game is utterly broken? Do you not have a team that tests for bugs before launching an update?

    Why is the game crashing every few feet you move in Ravensthorpe now? That egg thing took forever because every crash sent you back to start of the hunt. I had to work around that by manually saving after every find.

    I thought just maybe the fighting pit would be safe from this because you are staying in a small area. Nope, the game crashed in round 6 or 7.

    Please fix this and fix the bugs that are going to be on the upcoming DLC as well.

  • basel19751224
    53 posts

    on ps4 i cant go past round 3 on the boxing event without the game crashing
    some times crash in round 1 some times in round 2 but always crash in round 3 😞

  • brockthebadger
    1 posts

    I have had lots of issues with the Ostara Festival causing the game to freeze and crash, I have seen this during the egg hunt, lighting the fires of protection, and during the biking brawl. especially if you try this for a second time with the extra opponents added.

    The only way to then get back into the game is to restart the console, reloading the game which takes you back to your last save position.

  • Skulltrigger
    1 posts

    Yeah I have the same issue, again.
    The eastern stuff in general is a boring time eating and absolutly useless event.
    They take the old stuff and change only the assets and then they ship the old bug again with the patch to the players. Only lazy and incompetent developers do copy/past s..t.
    Shame on you UBI-Soft, for that I paying 15 bucks per month!

  • SpirantCrayon22
    426 posts

    Very frequent crashes on Xbox One S in particular, I got through the brawl on my Xbox One X though I still did get a CTD in Ravensthorpe when running up the path from Reda to Yanli. I occasionally get such a CTD when playing the game in general, no pattern, just the screen freezes, background sound continues, then stops, then restarts, then black screen with no sound, then home screen.

  • guest-tLKglLaD
    8 posts

    I’m on Xbox one. At the settlement since the start of the festival I crash around every 10 to 20 minutes. Got sick of it so went to Grantebridgescire and no problems. Seems to be related to the festival.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts

    Hello there!

    Thank you for reporting your experiences with crashes during the Ostara Festival. I've merged together a few threads about this issue into a single megathread, so I apologise if any ongoing conversations have been disrupted by this. Creating a single thread will allow us to keep all information and updates from the investigation in one place.

    The development team have been notified about the increased crashes that are happening in-game whilst taking part in the Ostara festival, and they are investigating this further. From what has been shared in the thread, it seems these crashes tend to happen more when taking part in the Ostara brawl, but I've also seen that some of you are experiencing crashes when collecting eggs and lighting the bonfires. I've let the development team know that the crashes seem to be happening more when carrying out tasks within Ravensthorpe.

    Once we have any new information from the investigation, we will reach out to you within this thread. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to update this thread with your experiences.

    I myself experienced frequent crashes when taking part in the Ostara brawl as well (the furthest I got was round 4 😞). I was able to play the archery and drinking contests without encountering any crashes, so these may be better ways to collect tokens at the moment.

    @KamikazeSG12 & @Abaddon_2012 - The development team are aware that players are being notified that there are only 48 hours left to the festival. Please be assured that the festival is due to last until 8 April. You can view a more accurate timer by speaking to Norvid.

    @valkyrie869 - I noticed Braun's absence during the drinking contest as well. Upon closer inspection, it looks like he's positioned behind you with his back to you (unlike other drinking contenders who will be positioned next to you). I also saw the camera flying away into the grass after finishing as well! I've raised this issue to the development team as well.

    @Acedyn22 - To get 40 tokens in the archery contest, you need to score at least 1500 points. Also, I love your suggestion of a horse with flowers in its mane!

    @isuwhat & @boo-yah1907 - As the Ostara crash reports are very recent, it's possible that the community team were not aware of these when updating the Known Issues list. We have notified the team of this now.

    @Kennyannydenny - Rest assured that the development team is aware of the increased crashes and are looking into it. Both myself and @Ubi-Woofer were offline when these crashes were first reported, so I apologise in the delay in reaching out to you all with an update.

    @JCar4327 - Thanks for letting us know you were able to avoid crashes by staying at the edge of the ring. I've let the development team know this information.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response

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