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  • Ruan642
    6 posts

    @serberous69 I get to round 9 and it crashes everytime, I feel your pain

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2812 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello there!

    As the Ostara Festival has now ended, we are now marking the issue wherein players experienced increased crashes due to the Ostara Festival as resolved.

    If you are still encountering crashes in-game, please check the megathread list for a similar thread and share your report there so we can investigate further. You can also make a thread of your own if you are unable to find a megathread that matches the issue you're encountering. When opening a new thread, please include as much information about the crashes you're encountering as possible.

    Alternatively, you're welcome to open a support ticket so our team can investigate further. You can open a support ticket in the following ways:

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 187 posts

    @abaddon_2012 Precisely!!

  • Serberous69
    5 posts

    @boo-yah1907 thanks I'll have to try that. Seams that the crash in the brawl happens for me after focus is lost (round 5+) and running around the ring to regain stamina and get too close to edge of ring that camera is outside of the ring. Just another bug in this game for me. Still can't finish the Asgard campaign because of the "Defensive Measures" bug.

  • BooomShakalaka_
    21 posts

    My game won't stop crashing. I can't finish the fighting quest. Crashing at round 3-6.

  • BooomShakalaka_
    21 posts

    @gearsmonger same here man.
    My game won't stop crashing. I can't finish the fighting quest. Crashing at round 3-6. (PC)

  • Hypercubus
    8 posts


    i also have these issues on PS4.
    During the easter-egg-hunt the game chrashes for 5 Times.
    During the Ostara Brawl Tournament, the game crashes for 3 Times. First time it crashes in battle 3, 2nd time in battle 4, 3rd time in battle 6.
    You fixed a lot of bugs with this update, but the Ostara Festival have multiple issues.

    It seems that Ubisoft just releases untested stuff. Its like in the film "Groundhog Day".... a new release is almost unplayable, becaus of technical issues and bugs.
    How about testing before releasing?

  • Acedyn22
    Original poster 187 posts

    Ostara tattoos pictured, but reporting a glitch of carrying an arrow around spoiler

  • Gyce2005
    1 posts

    Same issue, game freeze every 10 minutes... Since last update...

  • wysnoghurg
    2 posts

    3 crashes within one hour. Looks like they didn't do any testing. The ostara festival is pointless.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    Same here. Two crashes in ten minutes while doing the egg hunt. From 11 back to 5, then to 8 and again back to 5. Great fun. Thanks Ubisoft for yet another bugged update. You're on a roll!

  • Syrjaelae86
    16 posts

    Figures. 🤦♂️ Yule Festival all over again. Just tell me that the horrible bow lady with about three lines is gone?

  • VAV7718
    2 posts

    The game has been crashing for me mostly when inside Ravensthorpe. Crashed 5 times in the last 2 hours. This is not cool.

  • lemmie88
    133 posts
    @acedyn22 Yeah, it seems to be something with the settlement. To much going on there or something.

    I suspect the 99999 butterflies. 🕵

  • valkyrie869
    23 posts

    @valkyrie869 Also restarting the game and console fixes nothing. Saw an article online claiming that this helped, but it doesn't (I restarted my console multiple times and still had issues.) Also noticed that the whole Ostara area (as soon as you cross the bridge) is super laggy.

    The drinking game with Braun is also glitched and he doesn't even appear during the competition, he's invisible. After winning the competition, the camera will do some crazy stuff and fly around the area of the festival... I have no idea what's going on haha...

    Really hope Ubisoft gives us a day or two as an extension since the first day has so far been a tremendous flop. 😕

  • Ryusennin
    71 posts

    Game crashed 5 minutes into the start of the festival.

    A dude rambled about equinox blablablah, then someone talked about an egg hunt, then the game warned me that the festival was about to end in less than 48 hours ([censored]?), then I started to move and the game "oh no!" crashed to the desktop. I though it couldn't possibly be worse than the buggy Yule festival, but here we go again.

    To put things in perspective, I finished the game (almost 100%) long ago and I have Excalibur. My character was already in Raventhorpe when I loaded my latest save and Ostara started.

    Windows 10 | Ryzen 2600X | Vega 56

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    Make that three crashes... Really.

    Edit: And that makes four crashes. In half an hour. That's a record even for this game for me. I've had enough for today.

  • Moditemarde1
    34 posts

    Same. Crashes when talking to npcs or buying from them since the new patch. Really blocked on progression there and it prevents me from festival rewards. I am on stadia. Please help !

  • Moditemarde1
    34 posts

    Multiple crashes on stadia like everyone in this thread.

  • hroozenbeek
    1024 posts

    Oh yes, when I started playing today and the festival began, I got a warning that I only had 48 hours left before the festival ended...

  • MK-mirentxu
    1 posts

    Since the patch 1.2.0, I have a lot of crashes, it happens while doing different activities(moving on horse, moving on boat, opening/closing map, fighting)
    At first I thought it was the auto save that was causing crashes but my last crash was while fighting.
    When it happen, the game freeze some few seconds and crash.

    For today I'm at 30 crashes, it's really frustrating and force me to do quicksave really often.

    I wasn't getting those crashes before 1.2.0

    My configuration: 
    Plateforme: PC Windows 10 64bits - Uplay
    GPU Nvidia RTX 3070
    CPU Intel i7-10700K
    RAM 64GB

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