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  • Asyncroon
    Original poster 9 posts

    @wookapotomas Thanks!

    Up until this moment no reply or solution has been issued.

    I'll keep you guys updated on this case

  • Asyncroon
    Original poster 9 posts

    As mentioned by @Celestrike also, I feel more and more it is related to the fact that the game is trying to be launched by a controller or not.
    If someone who plays with an XBox (or any other bluetooth) controller directly connected to a PC has the same issues, please reply!!

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 400 posts

    Hello @Asyncroon,

    Thank you for your update! I'm not sure if it's related to the controller itself, but as soon as the team has an update on this, you will receive reply 🙂

    If it's controller related, our team will also investigate it further 🙂

    Official Response
  • dalmomendonca92
    2 posts

    @asyncroon I'm having the same issue.

    AC Valhalla works fine if I launch it from UPlay, but it doesn't recognize my PS5 or Xbox controller. This is an issue for me because I can't play the game very well using the mouse and keyboard (i.e., I'm not good at it).

    For the past several months, the one workaround I've found was to add the game to Steam as a non-Steam game. Then I entered big picture mode with the PS5 controller connected. Then I launched AC Valhalla from Steam and the game recognized the controller as an input. This is the way I've been playing for several months. But it broke with the March update.

    Now, when I follow the same steps, the game's logo appears in the center of the screen for a few seconds, and then it crashes.

    If I follow the same steps with the Xbox controller, I get the same results. I always send the crash report, but I'm imagining nobody actually looks at these.


    Note that if I'm in big picture mode in steam, and then I disconnect the controller (PS5 or Xbox), I can launch the game from Steam just fine. But at that point the game doesn't recognize my controller, even if I plug it in after it's launched successfully.

    So I agree that there's something about having an external controller connected in big picture mode that causes the game to crash, and this was introduced with the v1.2 update. Until the game team/developers find a fix, is there a way to uninstall this latest update and just play the game on the previous version that used to work fine?

    I see that Ubisoft is aware of this issue and has not yet prioritized it highly enough to get it fixed. I imagine it's because they believe (perhaps rightly so) that there aren't many people in my situation: really invested in playing this game on the PC but in need of a controller instead of using the keyboard and mouse.

    On a personal note, this is particularly frustrating for me because I bought at $4k computer with the one and only purpose to play this game. Then I spent 177 hours on the game, and, in March, this broke and I can't finish it. So now I have an expensive machine collecting dust, and I feel disappointed that my experience doesn't seem important enough to merit a speedy fix (or workaround) to the bug introduced with the update.

    @Ubi-Mark Thank you for following up on this issue. In addition to what you've already done, what can you do today to find alignment between our needs and Ubisoft's commitment to honoring the gaming experience for users like us?

  • dalmomendonca92
    2 posts

    Here's the launcher log errors for when I try to launch the game through steam in big picture mode with each controller.


    NB: this post was "flagged as spam by" incorrectly. This is making it more difficult to post more info here to troubleshoot.

  • Asyncroon
    Original poster 9 posts

    @dalmomendonca92 This is really recognisable. Like said, I've found the same issues when starting the game in big picture with a keyboard and when then switching to the controller the game doesn't recognise it.
    When starting big picture with the controller, I can try to launch the game but it immediatly fails when the loading screen with the green AC Valhalla logo is displayed.
    The CPU usage is normally very high for several seconds (like 10s) when loading the game with Ubisoft Connect or with Steam (with AC Valhalla added as non-steam game to my library), but when launching in big picture with the controller the CPU usage drops to 0% after just 5s or so.

  • Semajaral_II
    2 posts

    Please address this issue Ubisoft. This poster went through painstaking detail to outline the issue to you. This was working perfectly fine before the latest update. I am also experiencing this issue and have played the game fine for 20+ hours via steam link/controller prior to this update. I cannot even launch it now.

    My issue manifests exactly as the original poster describes. I've added AC Valhalla to my Steam account as a non-steam game. I launch via controller in Big Picture mode, otherwise using a controller (e.g. using mouse mode via steam link) and the game will not launch. Ubisoft launcher appears briefly, followed by AC Valhalla launcher, then disappears. If I run the game directly via Ubisoft or if I click on the.exe directly in the folder it will launch properly. However, the controller input will NOT be recognized.

  • Semajaral_II
    2 posts

    @asyncroon Thank you for this post. You did a great job summing up the issues and even included excellent logs for them. I'm following the thread now as well as I am seeing the issue exactly as you described, and this is AFTER having played w/ a controller via Stream Link for easily 20+hours. Checked a few other Ubisoft titles I had installed as well and NONE have this issue. Clearly something broke w/ most recent update. Thanks again.

  • Asyncroon
    Original poster 9 posts

    Further update:


  • Grimm_Play
    1 posts

    same problem here. thanks for keeping us updated.

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