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  • OlmerGrey
    53 posts

    Well hey, they could make NO CONTENT AT ALL after official release (unless for some patches or what not). Some companies do that.

    Look at examples of games like Mass Effect:Andromeda or Jedi: Fallen Order - for one there was more content was promised and cancel later on, for other there was not ever a promise of post release content (just an exemples that come to minde).
    Both games was selling for 60$ or so, just saying.

    On the other note, there was Assassin's Creed: Unity - for which initially paid dls was given for free, and all other post-release content was canceled completely.
    This is another alternative of the future for game without "free" content.

    As for me, any content provided by developers for free after release beyond fixes/patches - without a doubt real FREE CONTENT without sarcastic quotes.

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    This link:

    this forum is just as buggy as the game, sometimes features work and other times for no reason at all they dont work.

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @olmergrey Are you suggesting that companies using misleading marketing is okay because other companies outright lie? You are never going to experience improvement in products if you use the worst examples as comparisons. The game is sold with the promise of updates to come, hence said updates are not free, you have to buy the game (and ergo said drip-released updates) and it's not cheap - nor is Ubisoft a charity.

  • ChuckKatse
    173 posts

    I did not even bother with it. Looked at what was offered for tokens at the event vendor and said forget it. Have never really been into decorating the settlement and to me the flower tattoos and festive wreath maybe for the female character by not the male.

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    my thoughts exactly. If you play female eivor it would be suitable, but certainly not for male eivor

  • MikiRoy
    2 posts

    @olmergrey I'm sorry but 60$ it's the cost for the game and only for that. The dlc's were never included. Even before, when there were no dlc, games cost the same amount and there were no guarantees for additional content. I don't think people buy $ 60 game in the hope that dlc will be made later.

  • Moditemarde1
    34 posts

    Fake content to bring back players to spend on the helix store and motivating them by doing discounts on recolours of stuff. Dolla dolla bill yall is a catch phrase for that company.

  • lemmie88
    83 posts

    @moditemarde1 so true 😔

    My theory is to seasonally make the game SO buggy that anyone actually trying to play it has to re-do it again when the festival is over. Thus providing the "replayability" that was advertised. That's what happened to me with Yule anyway.

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    Prior to launch they advertised the game with a road map. Part of the raod map is the seaosn pass, but also the other content you refer to as free.
    But honestly this isnt free content as they actively advertised with it.

  • kreutzgang
    600 posts

    @asgardian02 Exactly. Examples of free content in single player games, if we must imagine it exists, would be Diablo 3 - because it's still getting content after years, or Grim Dawn, which also added a lot of stuff over the years, in addition to the paid DLC's, which as far as I recall were not listed in the original game description. However, ultimately there's no such thing as free content in any game, even free to play games - it's just in them only some people pay - and in single player games, it will be calculated into the price of the base game and/or paid DLC's.

  • berttrabe
    1 posts

    yes, and its exactly as bug infested as the yule Festival

  • Asgardian02
    Original poster 1932 posts


    Diablo3 is still going strong a 3months cycle of new season content. The have added new class sets last year. Now they have completely overhauled the follower system, which is quite neat.

  • B00MSIE
    265 posts

    What bothers me more is that the game is becoming more broken after each event. After the last patch when you Quick Resume the game is unplayable. I have to hard quit it each time and restart my Xbox otherwise every other game will crash. Valhalla totally meshes everything up. As long as I do not play Valhalla everything is fine.

    I agree

  • Syrjaelae86
    10 posts

    @berttrabe it's probably even worse. Hell, they had to remove the settlement decorations to avoid game crashing all the time. Which means that you can't finish the first quest I think.🤔🤷♂️ Haven't bothered to check yet.

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