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    @ubi-orion thank you.

    However this is still not under the known issues list nor the reported issues megathread. That may ultimately lead to new threads being created, which goes against the idea of centralized discussion of the matter.

    Could you please address that?

    Thank you and kind regards

  • danielbsnake72_
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    @kormac67 so it seems... But as a dev, it feels fairly logical to look for cases where this has happened (Gorm dead & no Vinland in the alliance map) and devise a manipulation of the saved game to fix/workaround the issue.

    Patching the game with such check and fix would be effective for both new "campaigns" and, most critically, for the ones with hundreds of hours spent in the game.

    If they start by addressing the root cause, then I guess I'll have a long time to wait before opening my wallet for the DLCs and future AC games 🙄


  • danielbsnake72_
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    @ubi-orion also, an additional thread to merge in this discussion: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/94561/in-strange-land-quest-bug


  • danielbsnake72_
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    @ubi-orion 4 more threads found on this matter. Could you please merge?




    Also, could you please add this to the lists on the reported issues and known issues pinned/locked threads?

    Thank you and kind regards

  • danielbsnake72_
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    Is this ever gonna be fixed?

  • Utter31
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    @ubi-orion Hi I posted regarding Vinland not existing in my run-through of the game a while back and have seen that you have kindly collated all similar occurrences. Thank you also for raising this issue for investigation.

    Has a solution been found?

    Thank you.

  • Snoman86
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    @danielbsnake72_ thank you for bringing me in this thread. I have felt alone in my issue and have fell on deaf ears. I have had this issue since the release date. Can't believe this has gone this long.

  • Snoman86
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    @ubi-orion is there an eta on this issue? I submitted a ticket back during first month of launch and have been told since then that it is being "actively investigated" I play on both ps5 and Xbox one. Both consoles have the same issue.

    What's concerning to me is this isn't even on the known issues page. So in my eyes, this isn't a big enough issue to ubisoft or you are hiding our issue from the public.

  • danielbsnake72_
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    No need to thanks. Yours is the most thorough explanation of the issue I've read.

    @ Ubisoft:

    • You should understand that players affected with this issue, as myself, may hold back from purchasing any future contents you may deliver, including DLCs and future games.
    • You must understand that this is a blocking issue and that a complete story arc is being withheld from the affected players.
      • We are completely unable to access the Vinland story arc.
      • This should be enough for you to prioritize solving or providing a workaround for this issue, as per your own words:
    Flagged issues are categorized and prioritized based on frequency, severity, and/or player impact. (E.g. Main quest progression blockers will generally see a higher priority than side content or quality of life issues)
    • We are also completely unable to complete the achievements set for this game, which is a blocker for completionists as myself.
    • It is hardly acceptable that up until now, all visible actions you have taken concerning this matter resume themselves to creating this compilation thread.
    • I have long ago requested that this issue is added to the thread Reported Issue Megathread - to no avail.
    • I have long ago requested that this issue is added to the thread Known Issues - also, to no avail.
    • You have all the images and save data you requested from me on the scope of the support ticket 14153563 and I have made myself available to help you out with any further requests - still, to no avail, since all I get is template replies pushing me away from "bothering" you with the matter.
    • I have offered, as can be read above in this thread, the suggestion not to focus on fixing the root cause - which is well described by fellow player Snoman86 but perhaps it is not an easy one to reproduce - and instead tackle on the effects with a viable workaround (something like reviving Gorm and triggering the Vinland story arc) - all in vain.
    • I would even be happy-ish with a "New Game +" option that would allow me to keep my skill points, abilities and items while repeating all this story elements in the game and, hopefully, being able to finally uncover the Vinland arc and collect the completion achievements, but this seems to have not been implemented yet.
    • I am yet to receive any proper reaction to this situation as can be understood from the aforementioned items, the lack of a statement on how is this being prioritized, the lack of regular up-to-date feedback on the matter and the resulting lack of estimation on when, how and even if this matter is being addressed.
    • This comes to show that you are utterly unprepared for a "Games as a Service" model and that you don't take ServiceDesk with the seriousness it deserves, regardless of it being in the gaming industry or any other.

    I am less and less confident that we'll get a proper response to this matter.
    Let's hope I'm proved wrong.

    Until then, best regards

  • J3ffCh4N
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    I cannot proceed to Vinland, when i speak to Randvi, there is no option for it.

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