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  • OrcBeard92
    Original poster 85 posts

    @ubi-keo I think it is somehow linked to the transmog system. Ask the devs to change the appearance of gear pieces, then give those pieces to the Jomsviking. That is where I have noticed the easiest way to reproduce the bug.

    Items which are not edited will remain on the Jomsviking.

  • isuwhat
    127 posts

    @orcbeard92 i haven't used the transmog system at all and my gear resets every-time. But its certainly only been happening since transmog was brought in

  • OrcBeard92
    Original poster 85 posts

    @isuwhat Yeah, you're right. I'm just trying to think of the best way they can replicate the bug, if they are claiming they can't replicate it themselves. (Which is honestly kind of baffling, who is testing these bugs?)

  • azullFR
    394 posts

    Exactely !
    Same case for me 🙂
    Never used transmog, but all Jomsviking stuff (Armor and Weapons) resets to system default at each new start 🙂

  • ImaginaryRuins
    314 posts

    @isuwhat Same here; I haven't touched transmog at all (I don't need it, in Odyssey or in Valhalla). The gear-reset bug still happens.

  • Rowannicus
    8 posts

    DITTO - Jomsviking gear constantly resets to the default rubbish.

    ALSO My jomsviking doesn’t have all of my gear,

    At first I thought he didn’t have certain items like Mjolnir, Thor’s armour, Ragnar’s Drengilir dagger, or Excalibur because they are unique one-off items, but he also doesn’t have the soldier’s flail and a number of other things from the later game.

    This is really frustrating. Another thing I hate about River Raids is how raiders are always blowing themselves up - they run around with torches (before the enemy combatants have been killed) and walk straight into those big red oil flagons. Drives me insane.

    Only managed to get this far by editing someone else’s save because I was one of the lucky ones to get the game-breaking Brewing Storm bug.

    Valhalla has way more bugs than Cyberpunk 2077 ever did.
    And at least CDPR fixes their bugs.
    Ubisoft releases a [censored] broken festival and more goddam cats.

  • Rowannicus
    8 posts

    In my case the longship also resets to default (as well as my Jomsviking)

    On river raids lately my longship has the hideous Raven Clan sail etc.

    None of the customisations for the entire River Raids component are being saved.

  • eproxima
    1 posts

    Hello all. This is my experience with the issue.

    I started ACV and selected "Continue" just to find my Jomsvikings outfit back to default.
    I reapplied my chosen style to the Jomsviking and saved the game manually in main menu. (Save #11)

    Test 1:
    Keeping the game active (same session), I selected "Quit to Title Screen" to check theese variants:
    Continue Game. Result: Jomsviking has my applied outfit.
    Load Game. Result: Jomsviking has my applied outfit. (Save #11)

    Test 2:
    I shut down the game (exit to dashboard and assured that i had closed the game) and then launched the game again.
    Continue Game. Result: Jomsviking resets.
    Load Game. Result: Jomsviking has my applied outfit. (Save #11)

    So even if my new game session got my Jomsviking reset, it seems that you can work this out by saving manually before ending your session, and choose "load game" when you start your next session. Then you keep your custom outfit on your Jomsviking.

    I have upload the video to Live to Ubisoft if it helps out.
    There you can see a fresh start with the Continue result and the Load Game result.


  • Spades1961
    33 posts

    "The development team have been unable to reproduce this issue when testing, but are still investigating."

    Are you sure they are testing Valhalla, not Odyssee? 'Coz everyone else has this problem, right from the start >.<

  • Yesin069
    400 posts


    This feels really strange and i cant believe that. Everyone I know who plays that game has this issue and it is as easy as breathing to reproduce:

    1. Put other than default gear on your Jomsviking!
    2. Play the game and it will work but at some point you will end the game and go working or sleeping or eating!
    3. Reload the game and see that the Jomsviking gear is back to default!
    4. Voila, you have reproduced a "very complex" bug!

    When such a small issue takes the devs so much effort and time to fix, i am really not surprised that there are still many day 1 bugs that are not fixed. Are there actually the real devs working on bugfixes for this game or is it outsourced and the real devs work on the DLC and new games? It really feels strange and like amateurs or people that arent familar with the tools of this game work on handling bugfixes for this game. This is also seen when looking at many bugfixes that get mentioned in more than one patchnote article because it wasnt fixed in the patch before.

    Also where are minor fixes for things like wrong written stats in the details page of the Berserker armor and the St. Georges armor, or missing "Updated Codex" pop-ups in the PC version? Those fixes can be done within minutes at the side? It just feels unprofessional, letting bugs like that for months in a game that isnt titled an early access release.

    I think the actual devs that made this game in the first place wouldn have that many problems in fixing such issues, like 2 missing fish types or gear always reverting back after relaunch. Open your engine a little bit and any modder will fix those issues in a day or two without knowing the source code of this engine or how the game works.

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