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  • white_n99
    21 posts

    I’m also having really bad screen tearing in Paris. It’s pretty bad, even compared to the usual tearing which has been present since launch. Why does this game have this issue which can’t seem to be fixed?

  • JustMerino
    31 posts

    @ubi-milky Hi , so any news on the screen tearing as by looking at the latest patch notes I don’t see screen tearing mentioned .

  • madlex48
    2 posts

    @ubi-borealis I know this is quite a late response, but the above steps did not resolve the issue. I notice this happens a lot when the game is auto saving as well as in high density areas. Happens a lot in Ravensthorpe as well.

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 829 posts

    @justmerino I'm afraid it only lists "Numerous graphics or lighting issues" so please let us know if you still experience it after the patch and we'll update the report to try and find out more information if this was meant to be covered by that.

    Official Response
  • Met4lmilt
    10 posts

    I'm still seeing screen tearing in performance mode on the recent update that was released the other day, this must be a problem not easily solved that is deep in the engine code as i'm seeing this same issue in Watch Dogs Legion (although not as bad) and i've seen some screen tearing also in gameplay footage of the upcoming Rider Republic game over on Youtube. I don't think the engine Ubisoft uses was properly setup with next gen hardware in mind, thus all the issues.

    The latest update also introduces some flickering textures/lighting on some roofs of houses and such in certain areas along with a myriad of other graphical issues i've noticed. I was going to post some videos to highlight what i'm seeing but i'm a grown adult that works 50-60hrs a week and i don't have the extra time to be bothered doing beta testing and QA work with no compensation in return, time is money sadly.

    I'm going to have to uninstall this game and move on to another game and maybe revisit it in a couple years, i still had fun with Valhalla even with the issues i encountered. Thanks for a good time Ubisoft.

  • Met4lmilt
    10 posts

    I had a little free time to post some small clips of the screen tearing before i go to work today, hopefully this will help and these are just three examples, i can get this game to tear in many many places throughout the game world besides the small examples i have provided below, also in the clips you will notice i'm kinda forcing the issue by panning the camera around but it happens when just playing the game how you would normally, i just did the camera panning from a high elevation so it can be clearly seen in the videos. Also like i stated before i'm seeing this in other Ubisoft titles on PS5 like Watch Dogs Legion and Riders Republic, so something isn't translating well over to the next gen hardware or maybe this is some kind of intentional cheat by the devs to keep these games consistently close to 60fps in performance mode. I'm not really sure as I'm not a developer, so take what i say with a grain of salt. Have a good day!

    Slow the videos down to 0.5 for a better visual of the issue at hand if needed.

  • JustMerino
    31 posts

    @met4lmilt I agree I really think it’s Ubisoft’s engine issue as I’ve had screen tearing with riders republic and Valhalla. And every other game I play / have played doesn’t have screen tearing issues.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4132 posts

    Hello there!

    Thanks for taking a time to share such an in-depth report of your experience with us, @Met4lmilt. We appreciate you taking the time to capture several videos of the screen tearing you've been experiencing as well. I'll pass these along to the development team for use in the ongoing investigation.

    We'd like to collect some additional information from you to include in your report to the development team. Could you please let us know the following information:

    • When did this issue first happen? How often does it occur?
    • Is the game installed on the internal HDD or an external drive? 
    • What is the make/model of the TV you are using? 
    • Which game settings are you using? (Performance or Quality)? 

    This will be helpful for the team as they continue to investigate what could potentially be causing the screen tearing issues to occur.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions as well, @JustMerino. I can see that you have already submitted a report to the development team for further investigation. As soon as we have any updates to share from the development team regarding screen tearing, we will let you know within the forums.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response

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