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    I have tried restarting the game, starting a new game, deleting all my saves, and I still can't pick up runes from the ground, any rune not just the one that gave me this bug. Here is alittle more information. The location it happened at was the one in Fornburg, on top of the little mountain that is almost surrounded by water. I was able to pick up runes from other locations till I tried picking this one up.

  • K9davis24
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    Been to multiple opal locations and nothing is there. No icon to collect or now item visible in norway. Ps4

  • Dead213End
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    @k9davis24 this happens when you load a saved game after you've already picked up one up. ya totally lame.

  • K9davis24
    4 posts


    I have never picked any up though. From the beginning they were never their.

  • Troopercooper80
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    Basically as title says, its on a shelf in a house behind Walden, it cannot be picked up.
    There simply isnt a pickup prompt even though the HUD shows its something you should be able to pick up.

  • cavveman
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    Have you perhaps been to Walden before and picked it up?
    Cause if you picked up an opal, the icon do not vanish(for a lot of players).


  • plochol
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    I can confirm what OP says, it's there, but cannot be picked up. I was there first time yesterday.

  • Troopercooper80
    64 posts

    @cavveman Hi thanks for replying, but no it have not been to Walden before.

    I tend to, as a pure autistic gamer :P, go 1 by 1 to every "thing" on the map.
    So i know i didnt pick it up yet, as i hadnt travelled to that side of the map yet.

    Anyway its simply bugged.

  • RealTaySwift
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    @pirateleg88 This is happening with the opel on a shelf in a house to the east of Walden.

  • VegR8derBaby
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    Opal just northeast of Walden in Grantebridgeshire inside of farmhouse does not bring up Y button to retrieve. I’ve tried everything.

  • x3ro-Shikari
    21 posts

    I'm also seeing this

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 789 posts

    @KingLobo150 Thank you for contacting us, apologies for the delayed response.

    Were you able to locate the Opal, or is it still missing for you?

    Official Response
  • jeje_71
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    This might be part of a much greater opal bug. Haven't been able to locate any opal on the map since the early beginning. All now looks like they are placed underneath the ground.

    this is the only bugged one i found for now, and is really nothing new since in odyssey i had a few dozen of ore / tree non-lootable and i think i found 2 or 3 ore in valhalla in the same case

    but since opal are much more limited in quantity, i think it warrants special attentions for these ones, considering they had to be hand-placed contrary to ore which must have been auto-generated to some extent.

  • EMSISS52
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    @irish_mandalor I faced the same problem. I can raise opals (for now). But the ones I picked up earlier don't disappear from the map and it's infuriating! (the problem on the PC)

  • EMSISS52
    2 posts

    @stoned019 I faced the same problem. I can raise opals (for now). But the ones I picked up earlier don't disappear from the map and it's infuriating! (the problem on the PC)

  • Serangels
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    Il m'est impossible de ramasser une Opale située sur une étagère dans une petite maison au nord-est de Walden , dans le Grantebridgescire.
    L'interaction "collecter" n'apparaît pas, pourtant il y a bien un petit point blanc dessus, elle est visible avec l'œil d'Odin et par le Corbeau.

    Pourriez-vous remédier a cela s'il vous plaît ?
    Je peux fournir photos et vidéos au besoin.


  • Jayshua_Lyn
    12 posts

    Yep. Having this same issue!

  • GFY64D
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    @atrixz I have the same issue

  • daz-lufc
    16 posts

    G=raetborough ,1 missing little treasure chest ,map show it but is missing

    I noticed this one last night- well annoying when you’re a completionist 😊

  • Srirachah
    1 posts

    same issue hope they fix soon

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