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  • Thiarot
    2 posts

    Sam issue here. I have collected all opals in Rygjafylke but map icon are there after starting a new game

  • WR3cker_DK
    75 posts


    Same problem here with ore

  • Thiarot
    2 posts

    Opal icons dont dissapper from world map at new game. I have collected all from Rygjafylke but after starting a new game opal icon are there.

    Playing on PC

  • TEKU4444
    3 posts

    same issue and also some opals cant pick

  • Nybling
    1 posts

    @jayshua_lyn I am having this same issue.

    Started ACV on PS4 b/c I didn't expect my PS5 to show up until much later. Got my PS5 today. Started new playthrough, opal locations are all wonky in Norway and early England areas where I already acquired them.

  • eskimosound
    6 posts

    So in Norway on the first Map bottom right hand corner there are 2 Opal Icons that have remained after collection.
    Has this been noted by Ubisoft?

  • PhoenixMental
    1 posts

    So I cannot see in game the opals I am supposed to collect. But when I look at my map I can see where they are. Then when i approach the location they dissapear. I did restart my playthrough where I had collected a bunch already, im not sure if that would effect it at all. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @eskimosound Thanks for the report.

    This is a known issue that the team are aware of, and it's currently being looked into.

    This should be resolved in a future update.

    Official Response
  • Mr.Foxconn
    17 posts

    Same problem here

  • Mr.Foxconn
    17 posts

    same+ wealth icons

  • Guixwing
    1 posts

    I had to start a new game after 10 hours playing due to a npc disappearing. Since then, all the opals I've found on my first game are still marked on the map but are not here

  • eskimosound
    6 posts

    @ubi-baron Thank you 👍 🕶

  • Brad2707
    8 posts

    @guixwing I've noted this same thing, it's terribly frustrating to my OCD. There's a couple threads much like this. Bumping for visibility.

  • Vallaine
    1 posts

    playing this on PS4, however, I have been to a couple of Opal locations and retrieved the opal but the icon is not being removed from my map after discovery. If I go back to the location, the Opal has gone but the map icon is still on my map?? possible glitch or is it just me.

  • Skinfaxe_DK
    5 posts

    @vallaine Same on PC - dont know if the marker bugges if you collect the opal and then reload an earlier save (the opal is still in your inventory, but the marker is not cleared now)?

  • Red-Hood72
    1 posts

    @epero The only place Ive seen this happen is in Mercury Temple in east anglia. The opal is meant to be on the statue's hand but isnt. I searched that place for nearly half an hour. Its pretty clear the opal is meant to be on the statue like alot of the others.

  • FGx1988
    101 posts

    @red-hood72 I have a similar problem. When you start a new game all Opal symbols are on the map, but if you have took the Opals in your first playthrough they will not be there anymore just the symbols show up. I don't know if it was planned by Ubisoft in this way because in Odyssey you could collect all the orichalcum crystals again in a new playthrough. It would be no issue if you could not collect them a second time, but in that case I would prefer that the symbols don't show up again.

  • KostasD95
    2 posts

    Apparently this is a thing !!! I mean no offense really, but does ubisoft took notice because i haven't seen any official report on the matter yet. Is not even listed on the "Issues Megathread".

  • Apohutsy
    25 posts

    @kostasd95 Not yet, it is not. I check it everyday to see if it's updated, but no. They have replied to some opal marker threads on here, so they know it is a thing. They just havent updated the noted issues list yet...

  • MElliott0601
    3 posts

    Hopefully this gets more attention. Pretty miffed that I bought the 10$ map pack and it's glitching up some of the markers and making it difficult to collect them all.

    What's the point of getting pack then?

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