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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Opal markers don't disappear from the world map after collection | POST HERE

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    @ubi-spud thanks! Does that include the issue that they also weren’t showing in the inventory?

  • FOGGY06
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    They need to fix these damn opals, from reappearing on my map after dying, and a couple i can't pick up, the one just outside Walden, in a small house on a shelf, and this one is levitating above the ground and it is North West of Stoneburgh

  • FOGGY06
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    Add to that list the one at the base of the waterfall in Hemthorpe

  • former_user
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    Hey there! Thank you for the detailed report and screenshots. I hope you are enjoying your new console!

    The developers are aware of this issue and plan to fix it in a future update. Any news regarding patches etc will be communicated before release.

  • gvnzz
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    Same issue here, on PC. Icons for colledted Opal re-appear on the map when loading a previous save (which I had to do, due to another bug...)

  • LinkedToReality
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    @thomasdunford Imagine going through all that for 1 opal wen you get 50 each day from the daily missions xD

  • Pordigy86
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    same problem.. patch it as soon as possible please..

  • JCar4327
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    So I have seen a lot of posts about opals not appearing. The opal map is broken if you die and get put back to a save from before you picked up an opal. If you go to an opal you know you have not picked up then restart your game. I have had this happen a few times and restarting always appears to fix it. Also, I have found a few opals where the marker is in the wrong place, so look around a bit. One place in Cent showed the opal on the ground but it was actually up the side of the building near an animal skull. Another was in the middle of the road but the opal was on a small cross nearby.

  • VitalyTarasov
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    Мy inventory shows only one opal, although I collected more.😞

  • P2kanathip
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    @jcar4327 I found one up in the sky with a few rock. I guess they will upgrade the winged horse to be able to fly in the future patch.

  • JCar4327
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    @p2kanathip Is that in Snotinghamshre? I reported that one. There is another one in a stream in Hemthorpe that can't be gotten; no option to collect. I know someone also reported one in I think East Anglia that can't be gotten; agian no option to collect. And, I think there is one on the top of Tip of the Spear that seems to be underground.

  • Sareya84
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    I have this same issue. The opals remain on the map if I've collected them and subsequently died; furthermore, I tried starting a new game and all of the opal map markers are present on the world map. I also checked Ubisoft's support article regarding opals (Reference ID: 000079388) which verified that we can only collect the opals once, just like the orichalcum from Odyssey. I'm assuming this will eventually get fixed, but in the meantime it's a real annoyance.

  • atoboleski
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    Same issue. Seems that this happens if I have go load saved data or die and it loads me to a time before the opal was picked up. The opal is no longer their but the map marked stays.

  • Grand_310
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    some opal map still showe opal location even i already picked up, but when i start a new game all of them showed even i already pick them on my prev play.

  • Franks360
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    I actually bought the store item that shows them on the map, and it does the same, it shows opals that aren't actually there.
    I fully understand I already have them, I'm not saying there is a marker so I want that opal. I'm saying I have that opal, get rid of that marker.
    It's really annoying when I'm trying to clear zones.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
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    Hey folks,

    I am sorry that you have encountered this issue with the Opals on your map.

    The team are aware of this and are working to resolve it as soon as they can.

  • guest-EkPFmDuu
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    I think the same thing has happened to me. I collected three opals (with the help of the purchased map), and I must have died shortly after. I’m certain the icon disappeared right after collecting them, but after dying, the icons reappeared on the map. I went back to their locations, but there is no opal to collect. I reloaded an earlier save and returned to the location as indicated on the map, and still no opal to collect. The three opals do show up in my inventory. I’m even more irritated because I shelled out extra dough for that stinking map...

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    I Already Pick The Opal, But When I Reload A Save Before I Pick The Opal, Coz Im Dying When Fight Bear, The Icon Opal Show Again And Still Exist... But There Is No Opal I Can Pick.... But The Icon Still There.... Please Fixed It.... 

  • ochucki5
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    all opals dont spawn this is pointless

  • chrismarley1
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    I have collected an Opel, but then died to some wolves very soon after, but when the game reloaded from the auto save, which was just prior to the Opel being collected, the Opel is now gone but the icon is still on the world map.

    I cannot see anyway to remove the icon on the icon on the world map. Whilst it is a very minor bug and doesn’t affect the overall game play, it is just very frustrating that there is an Opel on the world map that I supposedly haven’t collected.

    Does anyone know of any work around, or if this is an issue other people have seen?

    xbox one
    digital download of game

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