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  • PirateLeg88
    9 posts

    I too also purchased the opal "map pack" on series x Console. When I pick up opal then run into a bug/die in game and the game reverts to a previous save, the opal icon's remain on the map and when I go to "said" opal location, nothing is there to pick up because i have picked it up already but the icon remains on the map, very confusing as I'm a Completionist and want to 100% the map, please fix this bug

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1402 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I have merged together several threads about opal markers not disappearing from the map after being collected into a single megathread. I apologise if any ongoing discussions have been disrupted by this merge.

    The issue where previously collected opal markers wouldn't disappear from the map has been marked as resolved in TU 1.1.0 by the development team. If you have collected an opal and the marker still shows as available on your map, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Please include images/video that shows the opal has been collected, but the marker is still on your map.

    I would also like to take the time to share our support article about collecting opals, and how these can only be collected once per game.

    Any Opal that you collect will be registered to your account, meaning that once you have picked up a piece of Opal it will not appear again if you start a different save file with the same account. Similarly, any gear purchased with Opal will also be bound to the account it was purchased with.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • MarvnLeMartian
    4 posts

    @pordigy86 Hi. I will. However, this proposed solution isn’t mine and I caution anyone who tries it to do so at their own risk.

  • MarvnLeMartian
    4 posts

    I was asked to post this “solution” by another user. This is not mine and use it at your own risks.

    4 posts

    yes opal is still bugged.... ugly... i dont play in the moment, i only test it yesterday.
    sadly that you need to pay money for a alpha game (sorry, i need to say it hart).
    after that you buy helix for getting the card for opal...
    than you found out... opal doesnt work like it should work.

    look into the forums and see many others have the same problem.
    its only a script that ubisoft need to run .... so all can collect opals and if you start new game all collected opals are not shown anymore.

    this is a shame for ubisoft and be warned.... user will remind this and will skip games (like they do from another publisher = EA).

  • FOGGY06
    6 posts

    @linkedtoreality you get 50 opals a day? i only get 5 per mission from 2 missions i'm only getting 10 [censored]?

  • WolfxPegazus_
    6 posts


    Yea same here. I picked up an opal and then died shortly after so I then loaded a previous save and once I respawned, the map marker for that same opal was still there. I ran over to the spot and the opal wasn't there. It annoyed my OCD of collecting everything off of the map so I started a new game thinking it would help but once I got to the point where map markers show up, all of the map markers for opals were there even for the ones I had already collected in my previous save. I also purchased the map pack from the store prior to starting my very first save. I haven't played since due to this bug because it just annoys my OCD too much. Was hoping they'd fix it in the new patch but they didn't unfortunately.

  • Franks360
    13 posts

    Still not fixed

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    it don't matter 5 or 10000000000000, the opal dealer is broken for alot of people, for me he broke hafway the game, and is stil broken, he just sit there
    so even if you get 100000000000 opals a day no way to spend them

  • Pordigy86
    39 posts

    Dear Ubisoft

    This is the link to similar content, but they posted in "General Discussion" instead of "Player Support", hope that you are aware of the problems. Thanks in advance.

  • JCar4327
    599 posts

    So, I have posted some of these elsewhere, but putting them here so they are in a more general location.


    This is the Floating Opal in Snotinghamscire.

    This one is on the shelf shown above and cannot be picked up. It is outside of Walden in Grantebridgescire.


    This one is in a creek in the town of Hemthorpe. It is there, but like the one on the shelf cannot be picked up.

    This one is on top of the mountain Tip of the Spear. You cannot see it, but if you use Odin's site you can see its glow just under the surface.

    These are the ones that are known bugs and have been reported in a couple of threads by myself or others.

  • commanderkorra
    1 posts

    My issue is near Walden, and Opal in the house Northeast is unobtainable. I can't pick it up no matter what I do.

  • JCar4327
    599 posts

    @commanderkorra Yeah, that one has been on the list the longest. I'm on Xbox, but it appears the bug actually affects all platforms from the discussions I have had in other threads. The more annoying bug is the one where the markers stay on the map if you die and get put to a save before you collected it or start a fresh game. I can't wait to have a map full of these things when I start my next play through.

  • adidanapande
    4 posts

    @chackra Same thing happened to me. My OCD couldn't take it. I even stopped playing the game waiting for it to get fixed. 😞

  • guest-cV0qS9GG
    7 posts

    same problem
    hope come out new patch after collect will disappear on the map

  • ilker.BaHaR
    10 posts

    Hello. I bought the package from the store that shows all the locations for the map. But I can't find opals wherever I go. Although marked on the map, opals are not visible and cannot be retrieved.

  • Pordigy86
    39 posts

    Dear Ubisoft,

    Opal Glitch (1) - all these are picked, glitch in world map

    Opal Glitch (2) - Could not pick this opal

  • JCar4327
    599 posts

    @pordigy86 Your first picture does not show actual glitched/bugged opals; it shows bugged markers on your map. They are well aware of the bugged markers after being picked up; someone else's map would probably look different than yours because they didn't load into a save after having picked up those particular opals. So, the picture is misleading in that it will not be the same for everyone. The second and third pictures depict an actual bugged opal and would be the same for everyone, just like the essentially same photos I posted above. There are currently, to the best of my knowledge, only 4 bugged opals.

  • dahz35
    2 posts

    I went through most of Oxenefordscire clearing up the map of wealth and opals. When I was mostly finished, I realized I had screwed up a quest, the Randvi quest, and decided to redo the quest. This quest occurred before I pledged to Oxenefordscire. So I reloaded a save before that and redid the Randvi quest. Now, all the opal I found in Oxenefordscire, on my previous save, which is opal no longer in my inventory, is missing. The map markers are on my map but the opal is not in those locations on the map.

  • Bing0K1ng
    18 posts

    @thomasdunford What kind of an answer is it you give here. Not worth the effort. Such an error shouldnt happen.

  • gdubs907
    2 posts

    When I pick up an Opal and load a previous save, the Opal I picked up stays in my inventory. For example, I pick up a single Opal to bring my total from 200 to 201, I reload a save before picking up said Opal for whatever reason, and the Opal I picked up after the save remains in my inventory for a total of 201 when it should go back to 200. Because it stays in my inventory, the Opal obviously isn't there anymore even when you load a previous save. However, the marker on the map reappears and now you have a marker with no Opal. It does not matter which Opal it is, this has happened to me in each location for multiple Opals.

    Not game breaking or anything but it is annoying to have them remain on the map when you are hunting for them. You have to remember, "oh is that one of the ones I already picked up and is bugged, or should I go back just in case?"

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