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  • hunter1043
    25 posts

    @ufamas @JCar4327 I've cleared Hordafylke on PC without issue, unfortunately, so either something's gone wrong on your end or you need to make sure you are at the right angle and distance to pick them up because I know that there are several that are just slightly placed in hard to reach places. For example, in Glowecestrescire there's this one near Thieve's Warren that is placed on a post in between the horns of a skull on top and it is HARD to get. Then you have ones in Hamtunscire that are just placed randomly on the ground in the middle of nowhere for... reasons... lol. Maybe they ran out of time or ideas or both, who knows. lol Idk to me, if I was designing this mechanic, you should either have them rarer and consistently more difficult to get on the high end or keep the same distribution but even out the difficulty to get overall somewhere in the middle.

    Also, that's weird that no opals appear on the map in Norway for you @JCar4327 ... Like are they just not on the map or do they not exist on console at all? Have you looked into it by visiting a few locations? I know there are maps available online.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I have merged together several threads about opal markers not disappearing from the map after being collected into a single megathread. I apologise if any ongoing discussions have been disrupted by this merge.

    The issue where previously collected opal markers wouldn't disappear from the map has been marked as resolved in TU 1.1.0 by the development team. If you have collected an opal and the marker still shows as available on your map, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. Please include images/video that shows the opal has been collected, but the marker is still on your map.

    I would also like to take the time to share our support article about collecting opals, and how these can only be collected once per game.

    Any Opal that you collect will be registered to your account, meaning that once you have picked up a piece of Opal it will not appear again if you start a different save file with the same account. Similarly, any gear purchased with Opal will also be bound to the account it was purchased with.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • hunter1043
    25 posts

    It's been a while since I cleared Ulriken Peak (that was one of the first things I did in the game) and I vaguely remember them being a bit hard to get but I can't remember why.

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @hunter1043 What I meant is that I cleared them so no markers are showing.

  • uFamas
    25 posts


    Haha, both Opal markers on Ulriken Peak are gone for me now and I surely never picked the 2 opals up..like they never existed 🙄

  • hunter1043
    25 posts

    @ufamas weird lol

  • palkizulu
    1 posts

    I am unable to pick up an Opal. Game is with latest patch.

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @palkizulu Yeah, this has been reported weeks ago. There are currently 4 known to be bugged opals. Take a look at my post up top with all the pictures.

  • Apohutsy
    25 posts

    @seriousq25801 did you buy the map in the store with helix credits?

  • RealTaySwift
    4 posts

    I am also in the camp of not being able to pick up that stupid Opal off the shelf in the house near Walden. Not sure if the Opals are one of these things needed for completion to get certain items, but if so, this needs to be fixed, since it's been a problem since release of the game and there have been multiple patches now.

    3 posts

    I have a similar issue on Pc where some of the opals are not there even though it has a map marker for them one is in a house and another one was in a guard tower

  • macgruffus
    2 posts
    did you buy the map in the store with helix credits?

    I did and they no longer display on the map.

  • nubby7591
    1 posts

    So in my game when I collect an opal I've collected several but when I go in to my bag it says 0 owned.

  • fourlomm
    1 posts

    ALL OF the opals have disappeared off of my map. I know I have collected a good amount but not all of them. This happened right after I ran into a glitch In the ancients land where the red force field would not turn back to green. I rebooted to an earlier save and that fixed it however now I cannot see any opals.

  • cmhoughton
    32 posts

    I didn’t see this in known issues, so I’m posting here:

    I had the bug on Poor Fellow Soldier and finished the game otherwise, except for not being to catch certain fish and the drunk pig thing in Cent, so I started a new game.

    I was able to finish the new game, but I only had a few opals on the map. They were the ones that had been uncollectable before, like the one on the shelf in the cottage near Walden or the one in the stream running through Jorvik, but no others. I had originally purchased the map packs in the store, does that have anything to do with it?

    Can this be fixed? The missing opals are annoying since there’s been few items I wanted to buy from Reda’s shop, but not vital.

  • Syr_Hunter
    1 posts

    Purchased the Map Bundle from the store content.
    All items including opal locations show up in Norway. Opals do not show up on world map or in game on any other region except for Norway. Probably will put in a refund request as my purchase is broken. Anyone else have this issue or solution to this glitch?

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    @syr_hunter Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry to hear about this issue you're having with Opals not appearing on the World Map, despite having purchased this content. Please let me know if this continues to be an issue for you after completing the steps listed on our PS5 troubleshooting guide.

    Official Response
  • cmhoughton
    32 posts


    Does no one else have this problem? I haven’t even gotten one reply.

  • Yokomen-uchi
    1 posts

    OK, so I picked one opal and it didn't count. I picked another one to check it out and it didn't count either. Two opals that I'll never be able to get back because once picked they can never be picked again on a previous save file. To be honest I don't understand why they do this. I guess I won't be picking opals anymore just in case. It's already March and they haven't fixed this. Seriously? Shame on you, Ubisoft! (as if they cared about it 😒 ) I bought the Ultimate Edition a few days ago thinking that the issues would be corrected but apparently they're not. Next time I'll wait a year or more and the game will be fixed and cheaper... 😡

  • cmhoughton
    32 posts

    I still don’t have the opals on the map like I should have...

    I purchased the map packs and I started a new game primarily to workaround the main storyline quest to not get the final order member, so I know there should be a lot more opals on the map that I’m not seeing. The only ones I could pick up with the new game were the ones that were previously unable to pick up, like the one on the shelf in Walden and the stream running through Jorvik.

    Are the opals tied to my username or to the specific game?

  • B00MSIE
    373 posts


    You can only get the opals once. They are attached to your ubi connect accounts. So per ubisoft account you get them once per location. And everything you buy with it is also attached to your ubi connect account. If you load a save from the beginning or start the game again, you do not lose your opals and items bought with it and do also not get them again.

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