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  • Fallub
    1 posts

    I can confirm this as well. On the PC I collected 3 opals after buying the map pack and after dying all the locations are still on the map but nothing to collect there. Even after loading an earlier save it is the same: the markers are on the map but the collectibles just aren't there.

  • MANO-DC13
    2 posts

    When you start a new game the opal icons keep appearing on the map even if you have already picked that one. Also if when you take an opal you do not save the game and you die, when you load the icon appears on the map without that opal being there.
    This can be quite confusing when it comes to knowing which opals you have and which ones you don't have.
    Thanks for your work !!

  • cunningham1191
    8 posts

    Several of the opals aren't clearing off the map when I pick them up, they've disappeared from the game world and there's no option to pick anything up when you go back to their location. Try quitting and returning to the location as well as loading a previous save.

    Playing on XSX

  • kenjiohnoway
    1 posts

    Opal stone icons on the map glitch out and stay on the map even if you've already collected them. If you've collected a stone and so happen to die before a save after obtaining the stone the icon is presented on the map again, but the stone will not be there that time. It is possible due to Opal being account bound. Players who do buy the map will end up having a ton of false icons if it isn't fixed. Also there is one Opal south of Grantebridgescire and a little east of Walden that cannot be picked up. It sits on a shelf, but there is no button prompt to collect it.

  • thomasdunford
    6 posts

    Hello fellow gamers, I had the same issue and found a 100% way to fix it.
    I had previously taken an opal, and while loading a previous gamesave the opal was not there, the autosave fonction repaced the save where I had picked up the Opal with the earlier one where I hadn't.
    I figured out it is because Opals are recorded on your Ubisoft account, and once picked up, will not reappear on earlier gamesaves.
    So the solution that works is a bit annoying but takes about 10 minutes if you're efficient.
    You have to create a new ubisoft account with another email.
    Then delete your Ubisoft account on the website, don't worry you will be able to reactivate that account before the next day since Ubisoft sends you an email to reactivate account if you wish.
    When you open the game, register to the new "fake" account and open your save. You can then pick up the Opal, do a quick save. After that delete the newly made "fake" account on the Ubisoft website, reactivate your real ubisoft account with the email you recieved, relaunch the game and log in to Ubisoft with your account. All fixed ! Good luck !

  • str4pk
    5 posts

    At the beginning of the game I collected 3 opals in Norway. Shortly after this I died and reloaded. Now the markers are still there but the opals aren’t anywhere to be found. I didn’t notice if I had more opals or not. could be the markers are glitched or the opals dissapeared

  • Jayshua_Lyn
    12 posts

    I restarted the game to fix a missed quest and ALL my collected Opals are still showing on the map and cannot be collected again!

    REALLY annoying to see them on the map if I can't actually collect them!

    Why does EVERY Ubisoft game come out SOOOO buggy?

  • Franks360
    13 posts

    So after 15 hours of playing I encountered a bug that has made me start a new game.
    While repeating my map clearing, I'm trying to gather the opal that my raven is spotting, only its not there.
    It's not there because I've already collected it on my other save, and it is still in my inventory.
    The issue is, once I get to England, I have no idea what opal I have or haven't already collected, yet they all show up when spotting.

  • eveamarr
    3 posts

    I have the same problem on ps4 version
    Had to load a older save cause of a bugged world event
    And now I have the icons on already harvested spots
    Only found out I had them in inventory a few hours later
    I had assumed they might have clipped under map until I had to load or fast travel at that point

  • Franks360
    13 posts

    we both had the same world event bug, I replied on your post about it.
    As someone who completely clears areas before moving on, these two bugs are really frustrating.

  • DutchDerq
    11 posts

    Same problem here

  • CyPh3RX2
    8 posts

    @ubi-swaggins ok here is the Video.

    Collectibles bug:

    Set of Rune bug:

    And another bug, i bought the Ultimate version of Assasin's Creed Valhalla in this version also includes the Set of Rune which is still something bugged, i don't know how to repeat this bug but sometimes i get new runes after loading, sometimes when i restart the game now i got the set 3 times.

  • Xilverix
    8 posts

    I haven't purchased map pack from E-Store but I also encounter this bug also. I just use raven to find location of opals. I collected an Opal but then some glitch happened so I had to load an old save. The mark could still be found at the same location with raven but when I get to the location, there is no opal because I've already collected it. Not game breaking bug but it is very annoying.

    This also affects in Core Challenge. The number of opals collected on overlay isn't the same to what I collected (I collected 24 but it only shows 22 missing ones before I collected before I loaded an old save).

  • Xan0010
    2 posts

    Opals, a limited and non-respawning in-game currency / resource, that are collected before you die, will permanently disappear from ALL previous saves after loading due to death in the game. The raven still finds the symbol of the opal and it also still appears on the compass, but the opals are lost forever, see attached screenshots.



    To reproduce, simply:
    - go to an opal and save manually (*)
    - collect the opal
    - die
    - load manual save (*)



    Case Number: 13197448


    Update 1:

    I restarted the game to find out if that resets the Opals but no, Opals are gone for good for ALL savegames in perpetuity !!! Every single Opal still has its symbol and compass entry visible.

    If I decide to start a new game after collecting ALL Opals, the gameworld in this new game will be 100% empty of Opals to collect and 100% full of Opal symbols and compass entries which lead to nothing. Its a major pain also because it kills replayability and clutters the gameworld with tons of empty collectible locations.

  • Xan0010
    2 posts

    I also have this bug. After loading a savegame or starting a new game, ALL Opals which were collected in ANY savegame are forever gone. The Raven still finds ALL their symbols and the same symbols, regardless of whether they were already collected or not, are still shown on the compass.

    If I decide to start a new game after collecting ALL Opals, the gameworld in this new game will be 100% empty of Opals to collect and 100% full of Opal symbols and compass entries which lead to nothing. As Ubisoft already gave advice to people that got their 2nd main quest bugged, to start over, Im sure many players will encounter this Bug and Im very suprised I dont find mention of it in the official Bug list.

    Its a major pain also because it kills replayability and clutters the gameworld with tons of empty collectible locations.



  • Showcase.
    1 posts

    @thomasdunford I can not log into the game with the "fake account" as it doesn't have Assassin's creed Valhalla activated on its account

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 703 posts

    Hello there, thank you for your report! I hope you are enjoying your new console!

    I have reported this issue to the developers. Would you be able to provide screenshots or a video of this issue for us?

    Official Response
  • Aurin84
    2 posts

    Hi I have this bug too..
    Also have bug with count of picked opals in my inventory... I definitely picked 8 opals but in inventory I have only 2 owned

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