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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Opal markers don't disappear from the world map after collection | POST HERE

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    I have the game on pc and playstation 4 and ran into the same issue on both

  • AN_771
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    If you own the opal map that you can buy with helix credits and load an earlier save, any opals you had picked up after that save re-appear on the map and there's no way to remove them.
    Not a major issue, but still annoying..

  • former_user
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    Hey folks, we're aware of this issue and I'm sorry you've all encountered it. The developers were able to reproduce the issue and have plans to fix it in a future update. Thank you for your patience!

  • wakasakirocky
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    @chackra You are not alone. Exact same scenario for me. It tends to happen if I die and have picked up an opal, and the game reverts to a save prior to having picked up the opal.

  • DaelosTheCat
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    I noticed something similar. If you pick up an opal and then start a NEW game and go to the same place, there will be a Raven icon for an opal there, but physically there will be nothing.

  • ubitoby101
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    @chackra I’m having the same issue! (opals still on the map that I collected in a previous play through, but not actually there to collect). I hope they fix this soon in a patch ! If they are no longer available to collect in new games then fine, but they should def remove the map markers for them. If any one has a solution/ fix let us know. Thanks

  • MysticExile111
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    In my save file, I picked up an Opal in the Norway map close to the "Hlutrholt" location in Hordafylke. Not long after, I desynched due to character death and when my reloaded back in, I noticed the Opal collectible map icon still shows up. Thinking that perhaps I may not have collected it, I returned to the same area where I got the Opal only to find nothing there. I am now unable to have this icon removed from the map. Currently unsure which other collectibles on my map are exhibiting the same issue.

    Map Icon:

    Location w/ Missing Opal:

  • RevHaus
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    I have noticed that if I die shortly after collecting an opal, the opal goes into my inventory but the map icon remains. This has happened a couple of times now. Sure, the "easy fix" is just don't die. If only I were that good. This has happened with two bug "boss fights". Loyalskull in the starting area and the Daughter of Lerion in Grantebridgescire.

  • Thortok2000
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    Adding to existing thread, experiencing same issue. I am on PC.

    Opals I collect once, I can never collect again, even when loading a save from before I collected them (like after dying or loading any previous save)

    First time it happened I even started a completely new game and still couldn't collect it again.

    The map markers are still there but the item is not physically present and can't be looted.

    I also came across one opal that is on a shelf that I can see but can't loot.

    And the hoard from the hoard map for Oxenfordscire, there's nothing there, no glow or loot, can't complete that either.

  • MrGrimzz
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    so because of the map i purchased with real cash. because i am ocd about collecting everything.
    I now have opal icons on my map i can't clear out. i believe because i collected them but then reloaded a save from before i collected those.
    you can only get them once per account but the icon itself on the map doesn't work that way properly sadly.
    please fix this.

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    My problems different, I've bought the opals map, but half the opals are not there when I go get them. Some I've gotten, but some are on my map with no sign of them when i get there, and I've DEFINITELY not collected already/previous save. Anyone else have THIS problem?

  • earsndog31
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    Please help! So I had enough helix credits to get something from the store and I decided to get the opal map. Now I can see where all the opal is but now I can’t even pick any of them up and I’d rather just not see them anymore. I don’t even care if I get refunded my helix credits or not because they were just on my account and I didn’t even buy them. So please help me out!

  • ubitoby101
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    @earsndog31 I have the same problem. Opals that I have collected on a precious play through are still showing on the map, but are not there to collect.

  • ubitoby101
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    I am playing on PC, and I purchased the opals map from the store. I started a new game and I noticed that the opals I already collected from a previous playthrough are still showing on the map - but are not there to be collected. Personally I think the opals should be reset with each new game - but even if the opals can only be collected once per account (which I understand is the case) then the collected / missing opals should definitely not show on the map anymore! I also noticed this also happens if you die soon after collecting an opal and revert to an earlier save before it was collected - the map will still show the opal, but it is not there so you can’t remove it from the map. Please could this opal bug / glitch be fixed in the next patch so that the map does not show already collected opals. Thanks

  • seba84_2005
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    I have the same error. I bought the map after the game was finish, and I have the markers collected opal stones before I bought a map.

  • Double0Delmar
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    @tallpaul713 that’s my issue as well. I get to the location but nothing is there so it stays on my map

  • former_user
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    Hi there! The developers were able to reproduce this issue and plan to fix it in a future update. Keep an eye out for any future patch notes! 🙂

  • Tik3r-
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    i´m having the same issue, i´ve noticed that if you die after collecting the opal and load the last save the opal still shows in map, you go there but there is nothing to collect.

  • ImaginaryRuins
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    @ubi-spud Now this is the kind of response I expect and like. Please keep this up. 🙂

  • Tasha-Soriah
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    Please read fully. I upgraded my game from the ps4 version to the ps5 version but because they have seperate trophies i decided to start the game over on the ps5 rather than continue my game from the ps4. I have just finished the quest "family matters" and as i purchased the complete map pack in the ingame store with helix credits everything carried over as expected.
    My maps activated and i can now see on the map the opal symbols even though i have already picked them up im my previous playthrough. So i have opals in my inventory which is good, but i also have a map full of symbols of the ones i have alrdy gotten and the ones ive yet to get. If i go to one which i have alrdy picked up in my past playthrough nothing is there and the symbol doesnt disappear.
    Its obviously a bug and it seriously needs a fix. See pics that show the opal symbols everywhere, that the one im at isnt there and that i have a load in my bags right now:

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