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  • Inquus-62
    2 posts

    Hat the same issue was naked in game.

    Have my gear back but hat to put it on myself. But i lost all runes that were in the gear. :(.

    Not happy at all.

    I have more problems after patch then i hat for the patch.

    Would be nice if ubisoft would realy test patches before setting it on servers

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3626 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I've merged together several threads about this incident together into one megathread. This has since been resolved by the development team, and we will now be closing this thread.

    If you have encountered any further issues with Opal/Helix credit purchased items disappearing from your inventory, please can you open up a new thread so we can take a closer look at this. You can also contact our support team directly by opening a support ticket or starting a live chat.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • piercehead
    2 posts

    @huntsman34 Yeah, that brings the gear back...but for me at least, all the runes that were slotted are now GONE.

  • iSupermanderson
    3 posts

    Okay so i reirifed my files and got my gear back, but the rune stones they had are all lost now 👎

  • DonParic
    23 posts

    @alpmartins2017 I had to reload earlier save to get it all back, did dailies to see if it will dissapear again but it didnt so far, made a new save and tried loading it and for now things are still there, big question is for how long though:)

  • vincebar09
    3 posts

    UPDATE. Seems like Ubisoft have fixed the issue just reloaded everything has returned Gear, Credits e.t.c. Thanks UBI for a quick fix to my problem. Hope everyone else if fixed also.

  • MizEmily
    2 posts

    @xpwnintanoobsx that worked, thanks for the workaround!

  • xPwninTaNoobsx
    9 posts

    @mizemily You are welcome!

  • master_ring
    41 posts


    remove developers. The only normal solution for ubisoft is to remove patch 1.04 and work till its polished.

  • SurelyNotPipou
    1 posts

    You just need to wait guys, so many people reporting at the same time that stuff linked to their account is gone, is most likely due to a general issue. I couldn't even log in to my account, it wasn't recognizing my password. Just be a little bit more patient, it'll come back.

  • Stephke999
    8 posts

    Thanks man, I just verified game files and I got everything back

  • StarStrike80
    4 posts

    i wouldn't verify files if the gear is coming back with missing runes and downgraded. just wait until ubisoft fix it guys.

  • RubenPatella
    1 posts

    @mckearnla Same to me... i had 160 opals, now just 50 without buy anything....

  • xPwninTaNoobsx
    9 posts

    It seems this issue has been resolved now. Logged back into Online mode and I have everything back.
    Ubisoft, them servers need some upgrades my dudes.

  • D3uZ
    16 posts

    @piercehead "Verify your files"
    This is sort of correct. I got my stuff back, however I had upgraded all my gear to max, and now I got my gear back as it came from the store NOT upgraded + all my runes in the gear is gone. GG

  • WarshaXx
    4 posts

    Tried to reload, didnt work. Seems like ALL store related items are gone...Weapons, armor, opals ,stuff i bought from store AND Reda. I even got the initial quest from Reda again ,like I never did speak to him.

  • Morgster222
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • D3uZ
    16 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • sssnake154
    1 posts

    Same here. Right as i saw a new cool bow, i was "Oh hell yeah, ill by that" and then found out that all of my 200+ opals and ALL the helix credits are gone. That's just...oof.

  • Bodden60
    3 posts

    Well i got my armor and weapons back, when ubisoft connect came back up. My armor is not at the same level as it was when i lost it, and the resources i used to upgrade it to that level were not returned,

  • rosyariete
    1 posts

    Seems like the runes are still missing tho

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