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    3 posts

    @fgx1988 I lost all mine as well. I had not spent a single Opal since I started the game. Finally found an item I wanted to get and game says I don't have the Opal. I had almost 300.

  • sniper25741
    3 posts

    having the same issue i own two packs of gear sets and various weapons and had opals all delted wth is going on

  • Valdarious
    10 posts

    @tiltrush I just posted this also and it looks like it is happening to a lot of people now.

  • Stephke999
    8 posts

    This happened to me as well. I bought the Huldufolk set and it disappeared after the patch. It's very annoying.

  • Irakandjii
    1 posts

    I too lost my Opals, I had 227 less than most of you but still all I had. This is frustrating.

  • Limitless_808
    1 posts

    I too am experiencing this issue. It seems that after the new update was pushed, I load in with my armor set and everything, and seconds later it is gone. does not show up in inventory, or anything. I cannot even see that I have purchased any helix credits. I have recorded video as evidence that I have these items if it will help!

  • chrisvenn
    2 posts

    @tiltrush Also got the same issues.......not good

  • CryptoTrader101
    1 posts

    Me and 4 of my friends all have this issue now. Ubi fix your potato server please

  • Joep0987
    1 posts

    Same issue for me, 0 opals......

  • MythosTV
    1 posts

    @chrisvenn Similar issue. I have been doing contracts every day to save up Opal, and now it's reset back to default, and all my prime gear is missing. I panicked a bit lol

  • FGx1988
    99 posts

    @anghya yes, I have also waited for something useful in the shop, because I am not interested in all the items for the settlement and now all is gone. Collecting the opals was the only thing that I could do the last days because of bugs so I focused on doing daily's and collecting opals in the world.

  • sniper25741
    3 posts

    also lost two gear packs 100 opals the remainder of my 5k helix credits also even though it says i have access to beowulf quest i dont

  • iSupermanderson
    3 posts

    Good morning everyone!

    I just logged into my game and everything I purchased is gone.
    my dude suddenly ran around naked and without weapons.
    i checked the store and the 250 credit that were left are missing too, my purchases dont even show up in owned anymore.
    Does anyone else have these problems?

    how do i get it back?


  • filefool
    1 posts

    Same, already opened a ticket. All the premium gear (even the free stuff) and all my Helix credits are gone. That's real money that disappeared from the game, that should NOT be happening.

  • NeeonaaZZ
    2 posts

    Happend to me as well, this is some real ****.

  • VorkdeBalbek
    2 posts

    Same here, my carolingian Dynasty gear pack is gone too.

  • Kadwen_
    8 posts

    I just had this happen to me as well this morning.

    I was doing the Kingmaker mission to chase the son after the king is crowned. Game locked up and when i rebooted my Carolingian Dynasty armor set and Spear as well as my helix credits (300) were gone as well as all my Opals (58).

    If i reload a prior save i have the gear for a min then it goes away as soon as I get control of the character.

  • mesosd.PTT
    3 posts

    I have the same issue. My huldufolk gear is gone, and my helix credits too.

  • alpmartins2017
    2 posts

    Same here, my Carolingan Set I got from Amazon are missing now.

  • Feggz
    1 posts

    @fgx1988 Same here, from 200 opals to 50...

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