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    1 posts

    same here too. all the opals and carolingan set, including equipped runes, all gone. great job ubisoft.

  • Bodden60
    3 posts

    Lost all my Store bought weapons and armor after the game locked up, store is only showing that i own the hawk skin for raven also lost all my helix credits

  • kale3l
    15 posts


    me too my  huldufolk armor is gone with my 200 opals

  • Mikor_
    1 posts

    Today i lost my wepaon sejmitar, opal and helix points 😞

  • TheOddballOwl
    3 posts

    Happened to me as well

  • StarStrike80
    4 posts

    yep i lost everything that i have bought from the store, all Armor, weapons all of it. whats going on ?

  • xDsave
    1 posts

    After updating to Patch 1.04, weapons, opals and credits have disappeared. Runes inside Reda items have also disappeared.

  • huntsman34
    6 posts


    Same issue here

    Verifying the game files in ubisoft connect seems to have fixed the issue for me

  • D3uZ
    16 posts


    I login today too and ALL my store gear is gone...
    And I use store gear as main gear, so my character is "naked" at the moment, so I cannot play the game before this is fixed..
    I check on the store itself under "owned tab" and all my gear is gone + helix credit's I had is also gone. Wow just wow..
    Fix this ASAP!

  • Ruvebo
    1 posts

    Same here, do you even have a QA Ubi i feel like there is none?

  • Daleth42
    3 posts

    Just experienced it this morning as well, logged in a upon loading I went from wearing my Carolingian gear, to being naked all of a sudden.

  • xPwninTaNoobsx
    9 posts

    I am having the same issue right now as well. Found a work around for now. Boot up the game in offline mode and it will load your game correctly with your gear on you. It's gotta be some weird ubisoft server issue.

  • StarStrike80
    4 posts

    yep same thing has happened to me.

  • brink999
    2 posts

    @tiltrush Happened to me as well...thought I just upset someone at Ubi haha..

  • DonParic
    23 posts

    Same issiue played normal earlier today but now my helix creds are gone, my carolinian set is gone, i have 50 opals instead of 300 something i had earlier today. I reloaded cloud save from earlier today and everything was back now lets see for how long.

  • huntsman34
    6 posts


    Go into Ubisoft Connect and under the gasme properties, choose "Verify Files"

    This found some corrupted files for me, it redownloaded them and my purchases are back.

  • jnrxs
    3 posts

    Same here. All items purchased from the store or bought from Reda seems to have been removed. This is absolutely horrible.

  • FGx1988
    99 posts

    great, after looking for some other stuff I realized that also the amount of Helix credits and the bought stuff from the shop or twitch prime is lost...

  • D3uZ
    16 posts


    Same here. All my store gear is gone + my helix credit's.
    I check also on my "owned tab" and everything I owned there is gone too.
    Ultimate Edition stuff also gone.

  • Kneilhume
    4 posts

    Logged on this morning, character loading, everything normal. Loads in looking equipped, then all items disappear and character in his tightey whiteys. Search inventory, weapons and armor I have upgraded gone. Loaded previous save, same issue, equipped initially, but armor and weapons disappear. When attempt to reload the same save, clothing and armor gone on load screen. Anyone else have this issue?

    Additionally these items were purchased from the store and upgraded, and the store no longer shows they were ever purchased, so; most likely a store issue.

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