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  • FGx1988
    102 posts

    great, after looking for some other stuff I realized that also the amount of Helix credits and the bought stuff from the shop or twitch prime is lost...

  • D3uZ
    16 posts


    Same here. All my store gear is gone + my helix credit's.
    I check also on my "owned tab" and everything I owned there is gone too.
    Ultimate Edition stuff also gone.

  • Kneilhume
    4 posts

    Logged on this morning, character loading, everything normal. Loads in looking equipped, then all items disappear and character in his tightey whiteys. Search inventory, weapons and armor I have upgraded gone. Loaded previous save, same issue, equipped initially, but armor and weapons disappear. When attempt to reload the same save, clothing and armor gone on load screen. Anyone else have this issue?

    Additionally these items were purchased from the store and upgraded, and the store no longer shows they were ever purchased, so; most likely a store issue.

  • Aspera-SuPeRAaP
    1 posts

    got the same issue.......

    3 posts

    @fgx1988 yep, just seen I lost all my helix items as well.

  • Papa_Schwa
    1 posts

    Yikes, I came here to complain about my missing Mournful Cry that I picked up with the free Helix creds, but maybe I got off lucky compared to others.

  • DogeBotZ
    1 posts

    same, all gone, WTH

  • huntsman34
    6 posts

    Verify Game files, worked for me to get everything back

  • brink999
    2 posts

    This just in....any and all runes in said gear is also gone....sooooo theres that..

  • Morgster222
    3 posts

    I have had the exact same issue occur, it's a disgrace. They need to sort this issue out ASAP, or refund our hard earned money we have spent in game.

  • feralbeasts
    2 posts

    @huntsman34 My gear suddenly reappeared after I logging in again. I didn't get to verify the files like was suggested before it put everything back.

  • natavelk0321
    1 posts

    same for me

  • Foxed64
    2 posts

    I logged in to do my dailies, and when I was done interacting with Reda, I was given 50 opals. I summoned my horse and noticed it was the default one which made me check to find out if my Scimitar was unequipped. Not only was it unequipped, but it wasn't in my list of weapons. During my dailies I noticed Synin was restored to default as well. After I completed the dailies (and a weekly) I returned to Ravensthorpe to check with the stablemaster. My opal skins were gone for the horse and the raven. I also only had 80 opals, which is exactly what I had earned during those quests plus the 50 I got right after talking to Reda (I know I had at least 4 since I had 154 after buying a Synin skin earlier in the week).

    I lost the Scimitar (and the runes equipped - the rune to make a fire AoE on parry and two Great Runes of Haste)
    I lost the undead Horse skin
    I lost the white runes on black feathers Synin skin
    I lost an unknown amount of opals

    I also still have my duplicated Gallogach Torso armor. I do have duplicated Dane Axes, but I earned those from two different places (one was a wealth chest, the other from turning in Legendary Hunts).

    EDIT: I also only have 0 Helix Credits in the shop (was checking if the opal items I lost would be considered "Owned"). I remember earning 300 early on in the game, so those are gone now, too.

  • vincebar09
    3 posts

    In the same boat guys lost everything helix points weapons twitch packs ultimate edition gear e.t.c the job lot. I am seething.

  • Tiriteu932
    3 posts

    Hello , i have the same issue . My opals froms 203 yesterday dropped to 50 . I also lost all my helix items . I dont really know what's going on there .

  • MizEmily
    2 posts

    Lost my Carolingian gear, the Huldufolk shield I purchased from Reda, and ALL OF MY OPALS. Hoping this is fixed shortly since so many of us are having the same issues.

  • D3uZ
    16 posts

    So I login today 27/11-2020 to continue to play Assassin Creed Valhalla. However ALL my items are gone that I used on my character...
    All Ultimate Edition gear gone, all store items gone, and all helix credits I had also gone.
    What is going on? I use store gear as main gear, fully upgraded, so now I cannot play the game unless I use gear that is super low, witch I refuse to do.
    Please fix your game Ubisoft, this is really bad error.

  • xPwninTaNoobsx
    9 posts

    @wolf-man010 I am having the same issue right now as well. Found a work around for now. Boot up the game in offline mode and it will load your game correctly with your gear on you. It's gotta be some weird ubisoft server issue.

  • love0939
    2 posts

    Hi im not sure this is how Opal in the game work or just a bug. im been collecting these Opal up to 170 for 2 week...now i check Reda again after the weekly shop reset and my Opal is 50??? anyone have the same issue ?

  • Graygnawn
    7 posts

    @danarus I have the exact same problem. Was doing something in Oxenefordscire when my game suddenly froze and I was forced to restart it. When I opened it again, I found out my Helix items are gone. I think my game froze because I am equipped with Helix item.

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