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  • Guest_1327635
    27 posts

    Hope they will fix this issue in the upcoming weeks otherwise i will finish my game without using the Tattoo Shop. Luckily I am pleased with the look of my Eivor which I set back in Fornburg but it's ridiculous that you can't use a game element because it's not working properly.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @mid-kendov-kaan Indeed this happens to my game as well. Xbox One patched 1.1.0. Ubisoft claimed that they fixed this but it was not the case.

    Fortunately I noticed it before long so I have been holding onto all tattoo designs in my Inventory, as a means to avoid this glitch.

  • killerpanties
    2 posts

    @jcar4327 I just defeated a zealot outside of Wincestre and I noticed I have two Gallogach torso armors, one upgraded by me and the second being brown. The funny thing is that if I select the duplicate it downgrades the golden one into brown aswell. If I try to upgrade the duplicate nothing happens, when I upgrade the original it stays upgraded. When I equip the duplicate it equips the, now downgraded, original one aswell, as if I'm wearing both torso armors. What in the name of Odin is this?! This is almost gamebreaking, the amount of resources went into fully upgrading that piece of armor was no walk in the park, and now I have to do it AGAIN?! Or just don't select the glitched armor?
    I will just avoid selecting the glitched armor, but if you release a patch, please do it so that the one I upgraded stays and not the brown one with only one bar. I want to upgrade other armors aswell and I don't have time to waste to upgrade the same armor again.
    Do something with it. Let us send you our saves for example, and fix those files so there are no duplicates.

    I also have duplicates of the ship design...

  • Antipotheosis
    9 posts

    Last night I noticed that in my inventory where I used to have a fully upgraded Huntsman Armour Mythical Torso, I now have two Huntman Armour torsos that are now at the lowest level and the runes inserted have been removed, possibly lost completely.
    I keep my savegames in a looping cycle so that the oldest one gets replaced each time I save the game and looking at some earlier savegames I still have the fully upgraded torso piece with the runes inserted. 
    Instead of losing hours of gameplay, is it possible to simply fix my latest savegame so that the glitch can be repaired?
    I have no idea what caused the glitch so no way of knowing if there's a way of preventing it happening again.

    What I should have equipped on Eivor is the following torso item:
    Huntsman Armour Mythical Torso
    Increase range resistance diamond rune
    +3.0 armour rune
    +4.0 armour rune

    Some of my older savegames still show this item before the glitch occurred.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • JCar4327
    704 posts

    @killerpanties You should have probably sent this to @Ubi-Spud.

  • Antipotheosis
    9 posts

    if anyone else has this problem then apparently it's a glitch that is being used as an exploit. Something to do with the tattoos bought from Yanli are making items duplicate at their lowest level.
    Apparently it's being used as an exploit but for my fully upgraded torso armour disappearing is is a massive annoyance. I'm having to abandon hours of gameplay and continue on from an earlier game instead.

    tech support have been informed but I likely won't get the glitch reversed.

  • MagdaHitHard1
    2 posts

    I've had the same issue last week, with same tattoo and same armor set. The tattoo "Muninn Call (Front)" (bought from Yanli) is disappear... and the Huntsman armor is now in double.
    And had the same issue yesterday, I bought all scheme of "Auki symbol", and in tattoo shop the Front and 2 arms are disappear...

    Sorry but no video avalaible.

    Wish that this issue will be fix quickly.

  • Kormac67
    1069 posts

    @magdahithard1 Well we have had two patches since launch (not including the day 0), but this was never fixed. "removed duplicate items" was in the patch notes but not actually implemented.
    You can use the duplicate armor to duplicate gems and boost your silver. 🙂

  • MagdaHitHard1
    2 posts

    And if I want the missing tattoos schemes ? ;o)

  • Mid-Kendov-Kaan
    6 posts

    @kormac67 While I go by the "to each their own" method, Ive always preferred getting my silver without the need of glitches/cheats.

  • Mid-Kendov-Kaan
    6 posts

    @gergid I've made it a habit that before I go to the tattoo shop I save my game and proceed with caution. If duplicates appear I go back and don't get a "new look"

  • Guest_1327635
    27 posts

    I did the same but always got the duplicate. Probably a specific scheme in your inventory cause it to trigger, at least this is what I heard. I hope the next update will fix this issue but after playing more than 150 hours with the same look it's really attached to me. So probably I will only make some minor changes in his arms and upper body.

  • Javi-Marti
    10 posts

    Title update 1.1.0 and I'm still having duplicated gear...

  • ziggurcat
    167 posts

    @javi-marti I also have duplicates of some gear.

  • FiercestClover7
    1 posts

    I had armor duplicate, AFTER the "fix" (1.1 on ps4) also, now new armor runes cannot be slotted. They can be seen in BAG and sold to merchants but they do not appear in the list when slotting runes. While the Yuletide event was fun, I am glad Eivor spawns in sober again.

  • WhosBadMD
    1 posts

    This bug is irritating, especially since the 1.1.0 patch notes indicate the duplicate armor was removed, but the root cause of the issue is quite obviously not addressed. I noticed the issue after I acquired the bugged tattoo design, so I've resigned to simply never speak to the tattoo artist again to avoid triggering the armor duplication. Hardly game-breaking, but frustrating when half the rewards for exploration are tattoos I can never use.

  • soliunasm
    5 posts

    I've had my armor duplicate even after the patches on an Xbone One X. I immediately obtained a second Hunstman Armor after talking to the tattoo guy and submitting my tattoos but I'm not sure how I got a second Galloglach Armor, I think it might have either been looted or happened after I messed with my ship. They're also not removed from my inventory even though they're supposed to be as far as I understand? I'm worried about upgrading either of them or attaching runes to them just because of them eating my materials or duplicating the runes themselves.

  • Kormac67
    1069 posts

    @soliunasm I got the second Galloglach armor after I went on a flying paper rampage (before they fix the blinding rush cheese 🙂 ) and brought them all to Tove.
    Nothing was fixed ever. Neither were duplicate armors removed, nor the tattoo dupe bug, nor that you can buy infinite identical bows.

  • BradfordBantam
    2 posts

    I’m having this problem too. Huntsman chest piece is duplicated by the munin call tattoo but luckily I managed to reload a save from before I bought it. I’ve seen people report the duplicate galloglaich armour after a bunch of different actions but for me it was after taking some tattoo designs (the floating paper collectibles, not store bought ones) to Tove. Funny thing is this isn’t a duplicate for me, because I don’t actually have the galloglaich armour yet. One just pops into my inventory

  • trickitrules
    11 posts

    latest patch fixes the Munnin tattoo issue. Has it resolved the dupe armour since the two are intricately linked?

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