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  • Mid-Kendov-Kaan
    6 posts

    @gergid I've made it a habit that before I go to the tattoo shop I save my game and proceed with caution. If duplicates appear I go back and don't get a "new look"

  • Gergid
    27 posts

    I did the same but always got the duplicate. Probably a specific scheme in your inventory cause it to trigger, at least this is what I heard. I hope the next update will fix this issue but after playing more than 150 hours with the same look it's really attached to me. So probably I will only make some minor changes in his arms and upper body.

  • Javi-Marti
    1 posts

    Title update 1.1.0 and I'm still having duplicated gear...

  • ziggurcat
    167 posts

    @javi-marti I also have duplicates of some gear.

  • FiercestClover7
    1 posts

    I had armor duplicate, AFTER the "fix" (1.1 on ps4) also, now new armor runes cannot be slotted. They can be seen in BAG and sold to merchants but they do not appear in the list when slotting runes. While the Yuletide event was fun, I am glad Eivor spawns in sober again.

  • WhosBadMD
    1 posts

    This bug is irritating, especially since the 1.1.0 patch notes indicate the duplicate armor was removed, but the root cause of the issue is quite obviously not addressed. I noticed the issue after I acquired the bugged tattoo design, so I've resigned to simply never speak to the tattoo artist again to avoid triggering the armor duplication. Hardly game-breaking, but frustrating when half the rewards for exploration are tattoos I can never use.

  • soliunasm
    5 posts

    I've had my armor duplicate even after the patches on an Xbone One X. I immediately obtained a second Hunstman Armor after talking to the tattoo guy and submitting my tattoos but I'm not sure how I got a second Galloglach Armor, I think it might have either been looted or happened after I messed with my ship. They're also not removed from my inventory even though they're supposed to be as far as I understand? I'm worried about upgrading either of them or attaching runes to them just because of them eating my materials or duplicating the runes themselves.

  • Kormac67
    579 posts

    @soliunasm I got the second Galloglach armor after I went on a flying paper rampage (before they fix the blinding rush cheese 🙂 ) and brought them all to Tove.
    Nothing was fixed ever. Neither were duplicate armors removed, nor the tattoo dupe bug, nor that you can buy infinite identical bows.

  • BradfordBantam
    2 posts

    I’m having this problem too. Huntsman chest piece is duplicated by the munin call tattoo but luckily I managed to reload a save from before I bought it. I’ve seen people report the duplicate galloglaich armour after a bunch of different actions but for me it was after taking some tattoo designs (the floating paper collectibles, not store bought ones) to Tove. Funny thing is this isn’t a duplicate for me, because I don’t actually have the galloglaich armour yet. One just pops into my inventory

  • trickitrules
    10 posts

    latest patch fixes the Munnin tattoo issue. Has it resolved the dupe armour since the two are intricately linked?

  • TheeElf
    168 posts

    @trickitrules No. Still have duplicate Huntsman and Galloglach armor and three The Mark of Sol bows.

  • JiminiFrog
    6 posts

    To be honest there seem to be a lot of unresolved issues regarding... all kinds of duplicates (I'm on PS4, don't know if that's relevant or not). Here's what I got:

    • I caught two tattoos schemes as flying papers (probably the Vegvisir and Munnin front tattoos since I've done everything and they're still missing) but when I gave them to Tove, I got the Hunstman armor and the Galloglach armor twice and no new tattoo. That was supposed to be fixed but I still have the dupes and no new tattoo.
    • I found all the treasures and twice (Hamtunscire and Suthsexe - Monk's Lair) I didn't get any loot. I was supposed to get the Crossface and Warrior Tears tattoos but didn't because... I already had them. I don't know if we can get them on two occasions (which seems weird) or if they took another reward's place...
    • Also, the rewards for the fisherman's missions that aren't runes seem to be duplicates as well: I was just supposed to get a settlement decoration but didn't get anything. I think that's because I already have that decoration. I also got the whole Asgardian ship after I beat the Asgard storylines but they're also available as rewards for the fisherman's missions. I used to have dupes of that ship cosmetics (because of the parts the fisherman's grandson gave me) but since the update, they're gone (which is good). That said, the parts I didn't get yet are still available as rewards. So I'll either get dupes again or just no reward for the fish I caught for him. Either way, that doesn't seem normal.

  • Capercaillie97
    1 posts

    Have they fix the armor duplication bug with the latest patch?

  • JiminiFrog
    6 posts

    Since I kept doing the fishing hut's missions, I'm just posting to confirm that I didn't get any dupes for the ship cosmetics and settlement decorations. So if you already got those before doing Arth's deliveries like I did, you won't get any reward (except for the runes and ingots).

  • Agtav007_
    1 posts

    I somehow managed to loot the galloglach chest piece twice so i had two in my inventory. then i upgraded one of them which resulted in another duplicate and i cannot upgrade any of them. please fix this bug:))

  • TheeElf
    168 posts

    @agtav007_ There is a display glitch with the duplicate armor but I was able to fully upgrade both of them. I noticed though that one of them being fully upgraded when I went to upgrade the other one it changed my fully upgraded one to match the lesser one. BUT when I left the inventory screen back to the game then went back into the inventory the one was still fully upgraded and the other one was a level higher than it previously was. As of right now I have both fully upgraded and maxed out. Go back and check your inventory again after making sure you are playing as Eivor again and then open the menu. There is a glitch with the Galloglach and Huntsman arrmors and then there is a shop issue where you can purchase The Mark of Sol even if you already have it which will result in that particular bow being listed multiple times in your inventory as well.

  • PiMaC
    29 posts

    Still an issue after 1.1.1., on Xbox Series X


  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    u can abuse this to duplicate runes , also you still can get a second bow of sole from the store and duplicate weapon runes as well.

    Its crazy that this hasnt been fixed yet, as enemies hardly drop runes and this way you can make tons and earn silver in the proces,

  • PiMaC
    29 posts

    @asgardian02 I already have way to many runes and also collaborated on the thread that it needs a "sort" option because it's a freaking mess.

    Someone found out that you are limited to seeing only 100 runes when you want to socket them. I have like 180+, so there's almost half of them missing in an almost complete disorder (minor, normal, greater) with NO STACK. Like why stack everything EXCEPT runes....

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    yes when you are replacing runes, you get only to see a small portion of all your runes.

    The entire inventory is a total mess, its the worst in any game i have played thusfar.

    I have a 27inch screen, and bet many ppl have bigger and yet the icon are super huge and the inventory itself super small, endless scrolling to look stuff up is annoying AF.

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