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  • xy.break
    5 posts

    I have two huntsman torsos, as in, if i put on one of them and then click on the other, it takes it off. it's the same item, but shown twice, it's also troublesome to upgrade, since it resets it if i put on the non upgraded version
    Is anyone else having this issue?

  • HoodedKeeper
    12 posts

    @xy-break Yup same issue with the same armor piece. I'm on PC.

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 699 posts

    Hey there, thanks for getting in touch! The developers are looking into this issue but I do not have a further update at this time. If further information is needed, we will be sure to let you guys know.

    Official Response
  • fhcorn
    5 posts

    Same with me on PC. Both can be enhanced, but one can't be upgraded.

  • I.z.i.
    24 posts

    I noticed some duplicated armors in may inventory and with old saved games found the cause. It's Sven, the Tattoo guy. Everything was fine in my inventory till the moment I clicked on Sven to talk to him.
    As soon i click on him, don't need to buy or change any tattoo, my inventory become a mess with duplicated armors. Not all of them just some armors and for now just chest peaces. Huntsman and Galloglach armors are bugged and maybe some more I don't have yet.
    Not only that I have two of the same armors but I also lost all my upgrades and runes from original armors. Both duplicated armors are somehow linked and I must upgraded both of them or upgrade is lost.

    It's impossible to play like that. For now I won't use Sven and I'm stuck with my originally designed Eivor.
    On Reddit I found a lot of players with the same problem, duplicated armors, but most of them don't know that Sven is the cause for this bug.
    I tried load back and talked to Sven few times and this bug is triggered every time. This is on PC, I don't know for consoles.

  • RaMan1972
    10 posts

    Hiya. I had a duplicate appear of the Galloglach armor earlier in the week, and I solved it by reloading an earlier save, eventually, but it happened again, and I figured out that it happens when I use the tattoo artist. Doesn't break the game or anything, but it's untidy and I suspect it's not meant to happen.

    Just a heads-up. Thanks.

  • RaMan1972
    10 posts

    @raman1972 Just to add, I experimented a bit, and if I upgrade the Galloglach armor and then use the tat artist, it duplicates it and also downgrades the existing one I had back to original tier. That's not good.

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 699 posts

    Hi there! We're aware of the duplication issue and are currently investigating it. I will add the details of your thread to the report!

    Official Response
  • uCanCallMeRoot
    7 posts

    Ran into a rather big bug and seems i am not the only one.
    Both Huntsman chest armor and Galloglach chest armor got duplicated and bug out now when u try to upgrade either of them. I saw players mentioning that they also got duplicated weapons and ship skins... with 70+ hours in and almost 300 powerlevel theres no point in restarting the game especially because it just happens again.

    The second bug which is more of an annoyance is that when u pick up an opal and have to reload the save for whatever reason (crash and the likes) the map marker will be still there, but the opal is gone. Highly likely because its already in inventory and these things get "saved" online, but these map markers needs to be locked at again too esepcially because u cant properly toggle them without toggling off most of the important markers.

  • vitoscarletta13
    1 posts

    I have just looted a second galloglach chestplate from spalding bandit lair, I’m not sure if I have already visited here to get the first piece or if I was supposed to receive something else ?

  • MajorSalty
    13 posts

    @colabeatssprite I can confirm this. I encountered the same bug. The Vegvisir Front Tattoo is missing and after talking to the Tattoo Artist I get the Galloglach armor!
    I'm on PC.

  • MajorSalty
    13 posts

    Encountered the same bug. Talking to Svend the tattoo artist adds the Galloglach Armor to my inventory.

    Not sure if it's related, but I also don't have the Vegvisir Front tattoo unlocked despite having the scheme.

  • jaybee693
    5 posts

    I have this bug too, except on PC. I also ended up with an extra Raven (starting) armor in my inventory after visiting the tattoo artist, but I bought more than one tattoo scheme that time so I don't know which did it.

    I wouldn't be concerned about this except that if you already have the armor in your inventory, receiving it again resets any upgrades to zero.

  • Psych0_Trauma
    51 posts

    same. Exact same spot as well. Guess i'll just reload and hope for a patch that actually fixes this.

  • Hyogoko
    3 posts

    I also have the same issue for this I have 2 huntsman torso pieces

  • TheParafex
    2 posts

    I completed a quest really early on in the story (just got to england and had to pledge myself to a region). When I suddenly just received the gallogliach armor piece. Apparently you unlock it from a wealth chest in Lincolnshire but I haven't even been there at all.

  • Narisomo
    4 posts


    I got the hunter armor twice (same image, stats, description etc.). I thought items are unique, so this is a bug?


  • Mataresian
    11 posts

    I don't know where they came from, but all of the sudden I noticed having two extra copies of two torso's I already own. That isn't supposed to happen, right? With each piece being unique and such. Anyone encountered the same bug?undefined

  • Dhamp1r
    6 posts

    I don't know how it happened, but I had 2 types of this armor. And if I equip it all, I have another one. And every time a new one is added (I checked up to 10). I cannot remove it from my inventory. What should I do? 😕undefinedundefined

  • FakhirSmart
    1 posts

    Yep.I have the same problem.

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