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  • HAZDOG98
    1 posts

    I’ve been trying to get all the tattoos, succeeded in clearing the map of all icons, go to my tattoo shop to browse them and realise I have 4 Odins emblem face tattoos... assuming this is a bug and 3 of them should be different tattoos, how can I fix this???

  • Ubi-Ginge
    Ubisoft Support Staff 133 posts

    Do you only experience this with the Galloglach armour or others?
    Could you possibly share footage of this happening

    Official Response
  • cinixxerios
    2 posts


    I've run into a rather odd bug, early on in my play through I found the Galloglach Armor (Fond before the 1.0.2 update) and it's been one of the pieces I've used through out my play through. While going back through Lincolnscire trying to get all the Wealth chests to finish the area (post 1.0.2 update) I came to Spalding Bandit Lair and open its chest to find the Galloglach Armor again. The armor seems to reset the visuals of the other piece I have (Which is now Legendary). I'm not sure what caused this and there's more then 20 hours of game play between when I first found the Galloglach armor and when I ended up finding the duplicate so I am not sure if the issue is this chest or was another one I ran into.

    For now I went back to my save before that bug and just have been avoiding the Bandit Lair but I can't clear that location so long as this is a thing. Playing on PC as well if that matters.

  • MajorSalty
    13 posts

    Only happens with the Galloglach armor for me. Simply talking to Svend triggers it, no matter if his tattoo shop is built or not.
    I haven't reached the location where you find the armor yet, so no but I did record some footage of the armor being added to your inventory after talking to Svend:

    First with his shop not built, Galloglach armor appearing in inventory after talking to Svend:

    And with his shop built, showing both the Vegvisir chest tattoo not being available despite having the Vegvisir (Front) Scheme for it, as well as the Galloglach armor being added to the inventory:

    I suspect that the missing tattoo and the armor duplicate are related. I've seen other reports of players where the Huntsman armor is added to the inventory instead and I think having a different tattoo missing.

  • Gingerface642
    13 posts

    Not a major issue but still a bit annoying, I have duplicate armour for the huntsman and galloglaich chest pieces, I've upgraded one version of huntsman to silver and one version of galloglaich to gold but if I hover over the duplicate versions that aren't upgraded it temporarily resets my upgraded version until I return to the blacksmith at ravensthorpe

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 700 posts

    Hey there! We are aware of this issue and are working on resolving it. No workaround at the moment I'm afraid, but I appreciate the report.

    Official Response
  • Etny2k
    16 posts

    I am not sure how I got 2 of these armors but it is bugging me.

  • Kostas_172
    1 posts

    so basically i just looted a chest and i got an armor i already had, no idea where i originally found it, idk if it glitched and it was supposed to give me a different armor the first time and now i wont be able to complete one of the sets, cause if thats the case, it would be really annoying


  • mbiggs31183
    13 posts

    I have this same issue with the Huntsman armor. The weird thing is I can upgrade one, but not the other.

  • thuggin_21bjorn
    1 posts

    Hi Ubisoft

    I’ve gotten the Galloglach Torso armor piece twice now. I have an upgraded Flawless version, and a superior version. 
    I believe it’s a bug, and I’m therefore missing another armor or weapon piece. 

    I got the 2nd one at Spalding Bandit Lair, in Lincolnscire. 

  • MajorSalty
    13 posts

    Not sure if it's still needed, but I have a video of it happening, not with the Muninn Call tattoo and the Huntsman Armor as descript by fuffness, but with the Vegvisir Scheme (Front) which doesn't unlock and getting the Galloglach Armor instead:

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Hello everyone!

    I can see there have been a lot of discussions regarding duplicate items, so I have merged you all together. Your experiences may differ slightly but they all seem to relate to the same issue source.

    Our team are investigating this issue as we speak, and we'll let you know if we have any questions!

    Official Response
  • ThatGuyWithFace
    1 posts

    The Vegvisir Front(chest) tattoo schematic seems to be bugged. Once you hand it over to Svend(tattoo NPC) it doesn't properly add the Vegvisir tattoo to the chest tattoo list, and it seems to add the Galloglach Torso armor, even if you don't have it. This might be linked to the Galloglach torso armor dupe bug.

  • AbraXaz13
    6 posts


    yesterday i completed the East - Anglia quest line. After i returned to my settlement i noticed a new armor chest piece in my inventory.

    The Galloglaigh armor chest piece wich didn't pick up because according to google its in a completly different region.

    Did anyone else got this after some quest? Or some other pieces of armor?

    Maybe it is a quest reward and i just missed the notification...

    Also i have two pieces of the Huntsman armor chestpiece and if i equip one, both highlight as equiped, thats just a display bug i guess.

  • Yi2010558
    2 posts

    Okay, now there are two issues I would like to address, one is major, the other is minor.

    The major issue is the duplicating Huntsman Armor bug. You will find a Huntsman armor piece in one of the chests in Grantebridgescire. However, if you talked to the tattoo shop's person in your own settlement, you will get another piece as well. Since this game should have one piece of equipment each, I believe this is an unintended bug.

    The other issue we have is the fish good/hunts good trade store will still offer the same design item after it has been already traded. For example, you may trade for the design item of Asgard shield for your longboat from the fish good trade shop twice. Doing so will also make 2 appearances in your longboat configurtion menu, which is extremely strange.

    Please try to fix them in the next patch, thank you.

  • Fractal009
    63 posts

    Hello everyone, anyone got this bug with the Gallowglach Set ? (or any other ) As I was looting the Spandid Bandid Lair on the very southern shores of Lincolnscire, i dropped as planned the Gallowglach chest, wich is normal since it s the location you will find this piece of set. My problem is that i already had that piece of set in my inventory ! So my question is, is this a bug, is this intended, did I drop first place the Gallowglach chest instead of another one, in wich case I m fu..d because I will never have what I was supposed to drop. So, what I did was to load a previous save and keep the safe closed until I figure out what s happening here. This is really bad if it prevents me from having any other gear completed because of a missing chest.
    I play on PS4 Pro and i hope someone can help me on this because this game is really enjoyable but full of bugs to be honest.(check the longhouse hunting trophies bug as well please 🙂 Thank You

  • zouLIFEE
    5 posts

    Platform: PC

    I have duplicates of 2 different Equipment pieces. I don't know how I got them. Here is a Video:

    You'll see PS4 Controls in the Video because I've connected my PS4 Controller via USB to my PC.

  • Fractal009
    63 posts

    I have same bug men, read my post 🙂

  • yhibiki
    6 posts

    I have a similar bug, but it's the Hunter armor that's duplicated. And one of them is at a higher level than the other.

  • Fractal009
    63 posts



    I just wish it s not replacing another piece of set and prevents you from dropping it..

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