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  • Yi2010558
    2 posts

    Okay, now there are two issues I would like to address, one is major, the other is minor.

    The major issue is the duplicating Huntsman Armor bug. You will find a Huntsman armor piece in one of the chests in Grantebridgescire. However, if you talked to the tattoo shop's person in your own settlement, you will get another piece as well. Since this game should have one piece of equipment each, I believe this is an unintended bug.

    The other issue we have is the fish good/hunts good trade store will still offer the same design item after it has been already traded. For example, you may trade for the design item of Asgard shield for your longboat from the fish good trade shop twice. Doing so will also make 2 appearances in your longboat configurtion menu, which is extremely strange.

    Please try to fix them in the next patch, thank you.

  • zouLIFEE
    5 posts

    Platform: PC

    I have duplicates of 2 different Equipment pieces. I don't know how I got them. Here is a Video:

    You'll see PS4 Controls in the Video because I've connected my PS4 Controller via USB to my PC.

  • Fractal009
    63 posts

    I have same bug men, read my post 🙂

  • yhibiki
    6 posts

    I have a similar bug, but it's the Hunter armor that's duplicated. And one of them is at a higher level than the other.

  • Fractal009
    63 posts



    I just wish it s not replacing another piece of set and prevents you from dropping it..

  • Fractal009
    63 posts


    Hello everyone, anyone got this bug with the Gallowglach Set ? (or any other ) As I was looting the Spandid Bandid Lair on the very southern shores of Lincolnscire, i dropped as planned the Gallowglach chest, wich is normal since it s the location you will find this piece of set. My problem is that i already had that piece of set in my inventory ! So my question is, is this a bug, is this intended, did I drop first place the Gallowglach chest instead of another one, in wich case I m fu..d because I will never have what I was supposed to drop. So, what I did was to load a previous save and keep the safe closed until I figure out what s happening here. This is really bad if it prevents me from having any other gear completed because of a missing chest.
    I play on PS4 Pro and i hope someone can help me on this because this game is really enjoyable but full of bugs to be honest.(check the longhouse hunting trophies bug as well please undefined

  • vanarlen
    14 posts

    @fractal009 think exactly the same happened to me. at least i have dupes of the Gallowglach Set, one dropped from a chest but i already had it in inventory (torso piece). 

  • Grand_310
    26 posts

    I also have duplicate item, i dont know how but i have 2 huntsman armor. i just found it when i want to upgrade my gear.



  • Flobberoni
    7 posts

    Hello, despite there being threads about this already , here's all the armors I found so far being available twice... (Please note as posted in screenshot)

    The 2 Armors being Galloglach and Huntsman.

    I cannot tell if this is present on the console versions aswell, so please figure that one out.

    Thank you.


  • xtracker85
    46 posts

    This armor duplication bug happens whenever you use the tattoo artist it seems. I got an extra huntsman armor right after I used that feature. I immediately reloaded a previous save that was a minute ago and it was no longer in my inventory. So until they fix this bug, I would advice against going to the tattoo artist (or at least make a save before doing so).

  • Ascate
    21 posts

    I have just noticed that some of the items in my inventory are duplicating themselves. I have 2 galloglach armors, 2 Huntsman armors and the tattoo artist is offering me 3 Odin Emblems for my head tattoo ..

    Also The Goddess of Birth is still bugged (I have made a separate topic about it, but it really frustrates me)

  • theomen-6662008
    1 posts

    So, I've have the full mythical set of galloglach armor for a while now. I just found a duplicate of the Torso armor. Scared me as it changed the value of my current mythical to superior. It can be "fixed" by exiting and re-entering the Torso section as it shows up as mythical again. However I still have this duplicate armor piece. Not game breaking but a little hard to deal with if I accidentally select the duplicate.

  • MichalSworo
    9 posts

    @dhamp1r I had found 2 same armors in two different chests, and now I'm afraid that O won't be able to find some other part of different set. 😞

  • MichalSworo
    9 posts

    I don’t think that it should happend but my Galloglach armor doubled. I mean that i found the same part of set in two different chests. Does it mean that i won’t get a part of some other set. One of the chests is in „bandit hideout in Spalding” and the other I really can’t tell because I loot everything and I just don’t remember. Also I would upload the photo of these armors but the page says that the file is to big.🙁 I’d really appreciate some feedback.

  • Dhamp1r
    6 posts

    @m1225 Yes, I'm afraid too. Hopefully Ubisoft will notice our feedback and make a fix in the next update, which will hopefully be released this month.

  • P2kanathip
    10 posts

    I think you don't have to worried, I got mine from random quest before I found another piece of the same armor at this bandit camp too. now I got almost all the armors and still not missed anything.

  • Eggplanticus
    4 posts

    I logged on today to find I had a new set of armor except it wasn’t new it was the huntsman chest piece 2 of them infact and I originally had it as flawless now it’s reset to superior I so now I lost the resources I had to upgrade it on top of having two now.

  • ac1dwir3
    6 posts

    I just collected a second Huntsman Armor from a chest in Ravensburg, Grantebridgescire. When I looked up is there are supposed to be duplicate armors, I came across a reddit post of multiple people having duplicates of armor pieces and upon receiving these duplicates their upgraded version is demoted to match the duplicate. My issue is happening on PS5 but I'm unsure if this a bug exclusive to PS5 or if it is an issue on all platforms.

    Current problems:

    • Duplicate Armor pieces
    • Upgraded Armor loses upgrades to match base duplicate

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    On PS4, duplication happens every time I upgrade a piece of armor or a weapon I use AND my Jomsviking uses. However, ONLY happens on his inventory screen by selecting him and only current + upgraded variants. Current variant is still selected, upgraded variant will be after it. Need to then select the "upgraded" counterpart manually. Also allows your Jomsviking to duel wield the same weapon i.e. upgraded in one hand, and prior variant in other.

  • Woossaa
    3 posts

    Hello, i have two Galloglaigh Armor in my Inventory.
    I apparently had the first in my inventory after Vinland and the second from the chest in Lincolnnescir.


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