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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Duplicated Items in Inventory | POST HERE

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    I also have the same issue for this I have 2 huntsman torso pieces

  • TheParafex
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    I completed a quest really early on in the story (just got to england and had to pledge myself to a region). When I suddenly just received the gallogliach armor piece. Apparently you unlock it from a wealth chest in Lincolnshire but I haven't even been there at all.

  • Narisomo
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    I got the hunter armor twice (same image, stats, description etc.). I thought items are unique, so this is a bug?


  • Mataresian
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    I don't know where they came from, but all of the sudden I noticed having two extra copies of two torso's I already own. That isn't supposed to happen, right? With each piece being unique and such. Anyone encountered the same bug?undefined

  • Dhamp1r
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    I don't know how it happened, but I had 2 types of this armor. And if I equip it all, I have another one. And every time a new one is added (I checked up to 10). I cannot remove it from my inventory. What should I do? 😕undefinedundefined

  • FakhirSmart
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    Yep.I have the same problem.

  • Ganerumo
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    Hey there.

    While playing the game I've started to notice that, at various points, I will randomly be given either a piece of armor or a rune. I'm playing on the Ubisoft+ version of the game (I've noticed it runs on a different process, so I assume it may have some importance).

    The runes are granted when loading a save. These have always been the Rune of Health, Rune of Attack and Rune of Stealth, but their number varies each time. They can be sold without any issues.

    The armor bug is a bit more strange. Seemingly at random, a piece of armor can appear in my inventory, the same piece which I can then loot off a chest in its intended location. This has so far occurred three times, twice with the same armor piece:

    • The Huntsman Armor manifested in my inventory after completing the Ledecestrescire Kingmaker arc. I thought it was just a quest reward, but I then found it again in its intended chest.
    • After obtaining the "real" armor item in the chest, I started experimenting with rune placements, upgrading one or either of the items, etc. It somehow ended up creating a THIRD version.
    • In my current session, I went fishing and one catch turned into the Galloglach Armor, which turns out is supposed to be in a chest in a region I haven't been to yet.

    I don't know why this happens. I'm not a game developer but to me it seems like the game sometimes gets mixed up in addresses and gives the player the wrong thing.

    A couple of extra details about the Huntsman armor:

    • I could play with it equipped and have the stats applied without causing bugs
    • It replicated in my inventory after I upgraded one of them, equipped a rune into it, then opened the duplicate and equipped the same rune into it.
    • Swapping runes as mentioned above can sometimes also undo upgrades to the item, or transfer upgrades between them.
    • Equipping one item highlights all of them in the inventory, but I think this is purely UI related and does not imply the armor is actually equipped thrice.
    • Armor set bonuses are counted properly.

    No clue how that happened. It was pretty funny to catch a random fish only for it to turn into a full piece of armor. Would certainly like to know how that could even occur.

  • former_user
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    Hey there, thank you for this report! That is indeed strange. I wonder if the chest this piece is in is accessible as well? I will forward his to the team for review.

  • MajorSalty
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    Did you by any chance talk to the tattoo guy Svend? There's a bug that I'm also experiencing where I receive the Galloglach Armor in my inventory after talking to him in Raventhorpe (no matter if his shop is built or not), despite not having visited the location of the chest in Lincolnshire yet.

  • HAZDOG98
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    I’ve been trying to get all the tattoos, succeeded in clearing the map of all icons, go to my tattoo shop to browse them and realise I have 4 Odins emblem face tattoos... assuming this is a bug and 3 of them should be different tattoos, how can I fix this???

  • Ubi-Ginge
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    Do you only experience this with the Galloglach armour or others?
    Could you possibly share footage of this happening

  • cinixxerios
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    I've run into a rather odd bug, early on in my play through I found the Galloglach Armor (Fond before the 1.0.2 update) and it's been one of the pieces I've used through out my play through. While going back through Lincolnscire trying to get all the Wealth chests to finish the area (post 1.0.2 update) I came to Spalding Bandit Lair and open its chest to find the Galloglach Armor again. The armor seems to reset the visuals of the other piece I have (Which is now Legendary). I'm not sure what caused this and there's more then 20 hours of game play between when I first found the Galloglach armor and when I ended up finding the duplicate so I am not sure if the issue is this chest or was another one I ran into.

    For now I went back to my save before that bug and just have been avoiding the Bandit Lair but I can't clear that location so long as this is a thing. Playing on PC as well if that matters.

  • MajorSalty
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    Only happens with the Galloglach armor for me. Simply talking to Svend triggers it, no matter if his tattoo shop is built or not.
    I haven't reached the location where you find the armor yet, so no but I did record some footage of the armor being added to your inventory after talking to Svend:

    First with his shop not built, Galloglach armor appearing in inventory after talking to Svend:
    https://streamable.com/krxq29: (https://streamable.com/krxq29)

    And with his shop built, showing both the Vegvisir chest tattoo not being available despite having the Vegvisir (Front) Scheme for it, as well as the Galloglach armor being added to the inventory:
    https://streamable.com/35xxuu: (https://streamable.com/35xxuu)

    I suspect that the missing tattoo and the armor duplicate are related. I've seen other reports of players where the Huntsman armor is added to the inventory instead and I think having a different tattoo missing.

  • Gingerface642
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    Not a major issue but still a bit annoying, I have duplicate armour for the huntsman and galloglaich chest pieces, I've upgraded one version of huntsman to silver and one version of galloglaich to gold but if I hover over the duplicate versions that aren't upgraded it temporarily resets my upgraded version until I return to the blacksmith at ravensthorpe

  • former_user
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    Hey there! We are aware of this issue and are working on resolving it. No workaround at the moment I'm afraid, but I appreciate the report.

  • Etny2k
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    I am not sure how I got 2 of these armors but it is bugging me.

  • Kostas_172
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    so basically i just looted a chest and i got an armor i already had, no idea where i originally found it, idk if it glitched and it was supposed to give me a different armor the first time and now i wont be able to complete one of the sets, cause if thats the case, it would be really annoying


  • mbiggs31183
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    I have this same issue with the Huntsman armor. The weird thing is I can upgrade one, but not the other.

  • thuggin_21bjorn
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    Hi Ubisoft

    I’ve gotten the Galloglach Torso armor piece twice now. I have an upgraded Flawless version, and a superior version. 
    I believe it’s a bug, and I’m therefore missing another armor or weapon piece. 

    I got the 2nd one at Spalding Bandit Lair, in Lincolnscire. 

  • MajorSalty
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    Not sure if it's still needed, but I have a video of it happening, not with the Muninn Call tattoo and the Huntsman Armor as descript by fuffness, but with the Vegvisir Scheme (Front) which doesn't unlock and getting the Galloglach Armor instead:
    https://streamable.com/35xxuu: (https://streamable.com/35xxuu)

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