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  • Fractal009
    Original poster 64 posts

    Everything is in the title, feed this if you like, so we can make our voice heard loud and clear to Ubisoft teams, about how disgraceful this release was...and how they make fun of us and our money !!!

    I got 120h+ playthrough on this game, level 320+ and I wont play it anymore until it s working as it should be..

    You are angry and feel like you are being played ?? You want answers from Ubisoft ??

    Tell them !!

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  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @fractal009 I'm not really angry, just sad and confused at some things.

    1. Why there are no player useable 1 handed swords in a game about Vikings and their popular 1 handed swords, I'll never know. But thank our lucky stars we have the huge [censored] off longswords which were pretty rare and a massive drain on resources smithing wise. Why make a huge sword when you can make maybe two or three smaller ones out of it?
    2. For some reason the longship doesn't act like a ship on the ocean, it'll skip around like a skipping stone and if you hit a high enough wave you'll literally fly through the air because the ship has no weight to it. It's fine on rivers though. It's not a huge issue personally but it is an eyesore trying to uncover the map.
    3. Raven is pretty much useless compared to Ikaros from the previous game. Enemy marking I can live without, but I've rarely used Syninn unless it was to try and find hidden entrances I might have missed.
    4. The depressing lack of armor. Even a transmog system. I don't know why they decided that the higher you upgrade your non-Assassin' looking gear, that it must have an Assassin' style to it. On top of that, most of the gear looks pretty ahistorical, especially things like the Brigandine which didn't exist for another few centuries if I recall right. The Einherjar Set looks alright in the store, it's a nice mix of chainmail, leather, and tunic, but it's permanently covered in blood so it's immediately undesirable. This is probably my biggest complaint, the absolute lack of armor variety. They could have at least doubled the amount of armor if they removed Ingots from chests and filled them with armor instead. Pushing Ingots onto enemy patrols, raids, Zealots, and fortresses, etc. There definitely needs to be more armor in the game, especially more historically based armor, like chainmail, tunic, fur/non fur cloak, leather straps, etc.
    5. My last complaint is how we can't kill civilians like the previous game. Sure it was comical and slightly annoying when some random dude grabbed a broom to attack you, but Vikings were notorious for the whole pillage and plunder thing, while killing civilians as they did it. Personally I hate the idea of desyncing because of civilian casualties. It made sense in previous games because it was part of the Creed, and as an Assassin character it fit the gameplay. Eivor isn't a member of the Hidden Ones, they just have mutual aims, so it doesn't make sense that Eivor wouldn't also kill civilians, unless they were just absolutely traumatized during the raid of Kjotve the Cruel in the prologue. They should have added a toggle for this, like we have with dismemberment and nudity. I can't count the number of times I've desync'd because some dumb civilians ran into my swings, they ran into explosive traps, were caught in an explosive barrel eruption, or I dropped a net full of stuff onto them. It's incredibly annoying.

    These are pretty much my only gripes with the game. Everything else is satisfying and I've completed everything aside from some altars which need too many fish, the terrible RNG hunting contracts, and all the useless resource chests I don' really need at this point. I want to give this game a 10/10, but most I can do is 8/10. It was far too short compared to Odyssey, with a depressing lack of content to keep me playing. Doing everything in Odyssey took me about 200+ hours, and I enjoyed every single minute, but it took me a little less than 150 to complete this game and I don't like that. Hopefully the repeatable raids will add some actual rewards, and maybe they'll make fortresses attackable again, those were a great part of the game that I already miss. For now it's just wait and see, and hope they don't keep screwing things up.

  • Fractal009
    Original poster 64 posts

    Indeed the fact that Eivor isnt member of the Hidden Ones shd allow him to slaughter every random dude with a broom as u say ( was so funny in Odyssey xD ), as a real Viking wd do..
    It breaks immersion i agree with you.
    The one handed sword... no comments it s a terrible lack
    The bird is useless but rather a useless bird then a scanner as Senu or Ikaros were (imo)
    But dont get me wrong I enjoy this game, I really do, that s why I m "active" on this forum, it s because I want to see it improved, but it shdnt have been released in it s current state.
    That s why I m mad and disappointed 🙂

  • kaleygh
    3 posts

    I feel the same. The game feels like a downgrade from Odyssey in pretty much every way.
    The assassination animations and executions are weird, slow and some are hilariously bad. The one where you strangle the big guys and then yell at them is especially [censored]. How could anyone think it was a good idea to ship the game in this state is beyond me.
    There is almost no incentive for hunting the Order and the Zealots. In the previous game you would get some really good items from killing mercenaries or the Order members.
    The armor system is really bad. Overall the items and set bonuses are bland and boring.
    There are so many bugs, the i gave up playing for now. I cannot fast travel anymore, some items seem to have gone missing from my inventory, while i now have duplicates of some armors. Investing in the Wolf bonus seems to actually make my ranged damage worse. How is this possible ?
    The bird is just useless.
    Pressing V (on PC anyways) to highlight things makes my whole screen go blue. This effect was much more discreet in the last two games, right now it feels like someone sticks a fork in my eye each time i use it.
    Some armors look bad. Clipping issues aside, the sets are quite disappointing, both visually and stat wise.
    The melee combat feels worse than in Odyssey. Allow us to cancel the execution animations please. I don't want to watch 5 wolves chewing on me while i spend precious seconds stuck hitting their buddy that was already dead. This makes me avoid melee combat and stick to ranged weapons.
    The longboat looks very weird. Not only such boats should have been larger (remember they were crossing the ocean in such longboats, where are they keeping their supplies?) but it feels like it is sitting on top of the water instead of floating IN the water.
    Valhalla is a joke. The Einherjar and many other supposedly powerful entities look like regular soldiers. Like [censored] Ubisoft, you could at least have made models that were a bit different to show those are "special".
    What happened to destabilizing regions, assassinating leaders and key people before taking over ? That was such an awesome mechanic. Now we just have to do a linear quest to take over, and i find myself forgetting who the people i helped were. I have a hard time becoming emotionally invested and caring about many of the npc`s.
    Overall, the world feels quite empty. There are huge areas where i haven't seen even a little animal.
    Why cant we kill civilians like in the previous game ? That allowed us to be hunted by mercs and allowed us to change the pace of the gameplay.
    The settlement was a nice idea, but i find myself rarely visiting it. There isn't much to do there other than grabbing a buff or upgrading gear.
    That being said, i was really excited for the game. They had a great theme to play with, I mean, who doesn't love Vikings ? What we got feels like a huge letdown. A boring, buggy game that seems to lack character and doesn't know in which direction to go.
    The game was fun for the first few hours, basically Norway and the first England region. But I doubt i will buy any DLC`s for AC Valhalla, there is too much that is wrong with it and i don't think they can or want to fix it. Cyberpunk is coming out soon anyways 🙂

  • kaleygh
    3 posts

    @kaleygh Oh, and i forgot to mention the horrendous skill tree. Whomever made that must suffer from some kind of disorder.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @kaleygh I feel the assassination animations are alright, but I rarely use assassinations so it's not a big deal to me.

    Some of the cinematic executions could use work though, and I wish there was a way to tell how you do them. I just start randomly chopping some dudes legs off with my Dane Axe and it's like, yeah, and then that's it, no context action or anything.

    There is "some" incentive to hunting the Order and Zealots, BUT only three Zealots drop a stone needed for a Mythic Two Handed Sword, and the last Order Member gives you an armor piece, but then you need to kill the Daughters of Lerion and get the chest at the end for the entire set, so you can then get a Mythic Hammer. There's really no point in killing them because 99% of them don't drop anything.

    I find I rarely use a full armor set, at most I'll use two pieces to get the base perk and then use something else in other slots, it really depends on how I want to look, but the problem is that all of the armor sets look terrible when you mix and match them for perks.

    I haven't run into many bugs, aside from this really annoying one with the Samhain Cloak in Glowecestrescire.

    I think the combat is an upgrade from Odyssey. It's more or less the same, relying on parries and such, but adding things like throwing weapons or Stun Finishers (like when you kill a dude with his sword but can't use his sword because you drop it)

    The Longship does feel too small, on top of the fact that four of your crew remains behind on the ship instead of jumping out and raiding with you. Then there's the issue of some characters like Bjorn the Berserker being kicked out of the ship roster so you have to constantly re-add him.

    I enjoyed destabilizing areas in Odyssey and I think it would fit if they did it right so you could do it organically instead of tying it to narratives. Some narrative arcs involve burning supplies, destroying reinforcements, etc, but it's not an overarching thing to do in the game.

    I agree on the settlement. There's really nothing for me to do in it aside from praying to the RNG Gods that I get Dogs teeth or Black Bear Fur to give to the Hunters. I don't care for fishing so I don't bother with it. I did like the mini-quests with some of the settlers though, it was a nice change of pace to go pick up supplies or have a mushroom trip with Petra. And for some reason my Feast function doesn't work at all, the crowd gathers but it never triggers the Feast scene. I think they could have made it an interactive thing too, like seeing everyone gathered and feasting with them, having drinking games, and other games to do as well to make it more immersive to show you care about your Clan's happiness, etc. Missed opportunity.

    But yeah, I put over 1300 hours into Odyssey because despite the lack of shields in an era set in Ancient Greece, it was a solid game. I really want to enjoy Valhalla, and I have done so to the best of my ability, but it feels like a huge step backward in many areas compared to previous games.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts

    Okay here are my gripes 🙂

    • No armour and weapon drops?
    • No armour /weapon rewards for big kills?
    • [censored] all armour designs especially light leather armours for sneaky builds
    • No dismantling
    • No arrow crafting
    • No transmogrification
    • NPC's actually have better gear
    • No reward in exploring..
    • No replay value
    • World events incredibly lame
    • Bugs crashes and more bugs
    • No decent music playing
    • Disappointing customisation options-hair styles are all butch, too many tattoos not enough feminine hairstyles
    • Skill Tree-awful awful awful
    • Raiding-repetitive...well vikings..I'm so over that, they were a nasty bloodthirsty bunch of criminals really
    • Chasing things on rooftops
    • Mini map compass location
    • Poor bird has been downgraded
    • Killing bosses for no reward (other than to make the world a better place)
    • No darts-where are my assassin tools? I miss them so much.
    • Awful finishers happening ALL THE TIME..hate that..
    • no quiet 'Im just walking thru town minding my own business assassinations', no double assassinations..big pause when assassinating, quick time events on assassinating..
    • No decent light armour in cash shop either

    Its not lived up to expectations, such a downgrade from Odyssy for me..but slightly better than a couple of the earlier titles.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Ops I forgot to mention female Eivors awful voice, it really bothers me. Sorry Eivor..😧

  • guest-fV7wNLSF
    6 posts

    I would love to have progressed as much as a lot of you guys seem to have, but I have been stuck on 'brewing a rebellion' for 2 weeks now, staring at the longhouse door, with no-one to help me. 😔

  • XboX.FPF
    22 posts

    After the update 26 nov, I still have issues with some Quests or collecting Wealth of a dead body..
    I am kinda mad because I have played for about 180h and am not able to get the Completionist All the way! achievement!

    My issues:

    • Mysterie Quest A desperate Bounty - The guy Hrorek is dead every time I get to the quest symbol

    (Early in the game he got killed by crossfire or something in the wild) Ever since this quest is bugged!


    • I completed tVinland before the update. After the update I magically had to collect another piece of wealth.. The war camps are all deserted, the guy with wealth is laying dead in the camp... Bugged!


    Playing this game, I encounterd many bugs and glitches.. Sometimes the game just had to restart after it suddenly froze during a fight, clip or after a boss fight.., setting you back if you didnt save..

    Some other strange GLITCHES:

    • I still have two dead horses in front of the raventhorpe longhouse because they got killed during my battle with Dag..

    • Some inventory issues like, treasure hoard maps that dont dissapear after the treasure is looted..
    • In my inventory the "Waterlogged Note" quest item does not show a picture (So just a black box)
    • When talking to Rhanvi the game is freezing when ending the conversation.. and while watching the alliance map the map sometimes appeared really light or really dark.. bit strange..

    • Some Quest I had to play for over 4 times before I was able to complete it due to glitched coversations..
    • I still dont have level two ability Mans best friend.. I completed the quest but didnt get the ability..

    • After the update I went out fishing but everytime when I catch a fish it doesnt show the fish.. ?!?! Eivor is showing something empty handed.. BIG GLITCH

    I hope another patch will do the trick and fix the issues. I noticed on the forum some people with the same issues are helped by the update 26 nov.. For some more issues are created,, I am probably going to wait forever for a FIX

    Are there more people experiencing the same thinghs?

  • Bob__Gnarly
    49 posts

    I'm just [censored] off with the corrupt saves and game crashes.

    It's not acceptable to release a game in this state, absolutely pathetic.

  • XboX.FPF
    22 posts

    @bob__gnarly I encountered the same issue. I noticed this happens only after starting the game straight away after being away or every time I skipped the title screen..
    So when I restarted my xbox before I started playing (The game need to load and checking for add-ons and guiding you to the title screen first) you should not encounter this problem..

  • Fractal009
    Original poster 64 posts


    Yes men, I kinda have same issues as you do, why is it they add a wealth in Vinland that you cant even collect because of a glitched dead body ???? This is just a waterdrop in the ocean of glitches/bugs/failures of this release...
    Keep feeding your madness they need to hear it, they dont deserve any "Oh it was hard time for them with the pandemic, give them some days to fix it.."

    No, no, brothers, we have been fooled once again by Ubisoft and their unfinished games. IT NEEDS TO END NOW !!!!

  • Patricia81994
    113 posts

    Well i'm not mad but i'm extremely disappointed in this game. The way i see it is that this looks like a game from a game company that has no experience whatsoever. And this is their first attempt to put a game on the market. But that isn't the case here Ubi has so much experience in making games good games very good games that this Valhalla is a real downgrade.

    Yeah i've said this before in another thread as well but this game should not be out now. I remember that there was a thread in the old ( better ) forum when someone said that this game should be postponed to 2021/22. And i replied with a big NO! but the guy was right this game should've bin postponed to 2021/22.

    And i simply cannot believe that this game has bin tested at all we're the beta testers it's as simple as that.

    I almost wanna bet that from all the replies that we'll made here on this brand new forum that at least 98% is negative and that says it all.

    I stopped playing Valhalla a couple of days ago i even did not install the new patch simply because there is so much wrong with it ( maybe not for me i don't know but i don't care anymore ). I might pick this game up a month from now we'll see. And i will keep an eye on this forum when there is a patch that finally works.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @fractal009 You can still address them having a hard time due to the pandemic and seeing them always delivering buggy games. This time around it feels even buggier which is probably due to the pandemic. But it isn't like their games usually are releasing without bugs. So yea, Ubisoft should either really invest into QA (dunno if they have good QA) and if they do or have it already invest in the developers actually listening to QA (which is the problem in most companies anyways)

  • Max18400
    411 posts

    Okay, so this is going to be a long post. Ngl, I do enjoy the game. There's plenty I like but there's equal about I dislike, which is not okay. Firstly, no one handed swords? Enough people have complained (including me) about why this is dumb so I won't go on about. I'm playing on xbox one S. I've never played a Assassin game as buggy. Even when I got unity it wasn't this bad (I got until week after launch). Many times I've just dropped dead whilst sailing or riding somewhere for no reason. Prompts don't always work, weird times I've just fallen through the ground and have had to restart the game. Or when I've fast travelled from Lunden to freeze and have Eivor free fall a foot of a poorly rendered roof for 15 minutes.
    And the combat. Ngl the combat when it works is enjoyable. That said, when it bugs, glitches or moves don't work like they should it ruins the experience. Plus stunning enemies... Wtaf. Its can be useful, but why would I invest time, resources and ingots on a weapon that I can't use to kill enemies or bosses? Adding insult to injury, I can't even use the weapon I want to use (one handed sword) but can use a enemies' own sword to kill him? WHY?! Then there's the oversized weapons... Again WHY? Why increase the size of a dane axe or longsword to commmically large proportions? The range doesn't change much when they increase in size anyway so even the hitbox system negates the reason why they become bigger. Only justifiable weapon this works is the spear. It looks almost final fantasy or monster hunter level weird. And coming from someone who's actually handed real weapons (I was part of a reenactment group before covid) using this weapons of that size would be impossible to swing and manouver effectively (I'm not exactly a small guy either as I'm 6.2 and a gym freak). Also, why no proper conquest battles or defensive raids? I know there's been chatter that It'll be patched in, but the fact it's not out on day 1 is just weird? Odyssey had more features and things to do on day 1?

    Also, as I've seen LOADS of people have said, what is the point in killing the order of ancients or zealots? There is literally no incentive. When the combat system works and doesn't glitch out, it's fun. But there's no reason to do it. Oh I get a medallion which when handed in doesn't give me diddly squat, I get some money and a rune I could've just brought from a merchant? The order of ancients is even worse. Half the time there's not even a fight to be had. Theres no incentive to hunt them down at all, no cool equipment, not narrative threads pushing the story on, nothing. I've completed the game only killing the order that the story made me kill. What's the point hunting down the others other than to complete the game and get a cinematic. So either give players a rewards, like cool pieces if equipment, or something else worth the gameplay to do.

    This brings me onto my next topic and potential SPOILERS. Why end the game at the historical event it ends at? WHY?! I can't even get my head around why they end it where they do. They should've ended it at the Battle of Edington where it established a status quo (for the most part) in England and created the dane law for the next 3-4 decades? Ending it just before that with no suggestion of a DLC which includes it just ends it at a really weird point where in a matter of months, everything changes really dramatically. It's like watching a guy pull back a bow string and then stop watching as he's about to let go. If anyone has seen series 1 of the The Last Kingdom or read anything about viking age England, they know what I'm on about.

    I'm a huge history nerd, and the viking age is literally my bread and butter (I have 2 degrees studying the period), and assassin creed is my most favourite video-game series. Should've been a match made in heaven. But they have rushed it, made so many mistakes and oversights it's borderline game breaking.

    Finally, this game seems to be a war between the developers/writers and producers/marketing team as to. The characters gender. Obviously having the option to have a female or Male Eivor is awesome, but the game and writing clearly pushes you to be a female? The name Eivor is a female name, I'm currently playing as a male and LOADS of characters have referred to me as she and Eivor's height in gameplay is weirdly shorter than 90% of characters yet in cinematics is a foot taller? Like [censored].
    Yet, the marketing, box cover art and trailers clearly favour a male character? If it didn't have an effect on gameplay I wouldny care, but the whole process has clearly been rushed.

    Sorry for the long post, I'm just so disappointed in this game. I'm fighting the urge to go back to odyssey, I really am trying to love this game, but it just needs so much work to make it a good game.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @max18400 The order of the ancients gives you skills when you give the medallions to Haytham. But listening to Odyssey fans on this forum all day the only real incentive for them is generic random loot 😕

  • Max18400
    411 posts

    @souldrinkerlp it's skills I'll never use though. Also, I get having less loot in the game, but they've gone from. One extreme to the other. I'd prefer if they had unique equipment for targets such more weapons, realistic armors, one handedbswords etc. instead of what? 4 axes, 3 dane axes, 3 great swords, 3 spears, 3 daggers, 2 hammers, 9 bows and around 14 shields (seriously why so many shields).

  • geoage095
    39 posts

    @souldrinkerlp Skills get repetitive,loot doesn't. Besides only a handful of skills are actually usefull in this game. It would have been much better if Haytham actually gave you a set or unique weapons from his homeland/brotherhood. Have you seen his sword....CURVED SWORDS!!!And one-handed at that.

    The game has a severe lack of loot,the majority of the playerbase is saying that.

  • Max18400
    411 posts

    Yes to this. Scaling down loot is fine. Going to other extreme isn't

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