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  • CakeXassassin
    43 posts

    @valtyrnine i think the survival mechanic was the cold water.
    and i dont find the puzzles boring. the better the resorce the harder the puzzle, regular chests that contain the materials dont count to progression like in odyssey and half the time dont have puzzles, the other half its just a mindless object to destroy and are so easy that you dont notice them.
    stamina could be implemented, the same way that diferent surfaces can be harder to climb than others, if you add stamina to climbing wet surfaces, rocky surfaces staight walls... and dont add stamina were were you see windows, statues, handholders, hooks... you can encorage the players to take certain climbing pats
    the other idea is to have climbing to cost stamina but have a good parckour, to make the parkour more fast and usefull than climbing. in a way that the player would rather find a parkour starter and parkour his way to the roofs than to just climb anywere.

  • ValtyrNine
    88 posts

    @souldrinkerlp I'm a former MMO player so the loot barrage was something I naturally tuned out, so I never had a particular issue with Odyssey's loot. I'm used to junk filling up my inventory and then needing to sort it out later. In fact, I enjoyed it because it rewarded going out of your way to kill enemies or explore certain areas in ways that Valhalla doesn't do. Valhalla feels almost barren because you eventually know that you've gotten every piece of equipment in the game and there's nothing else for you. That lack of meaningful loot is a definite issue. Ubisoft is a great anomaly of a studio that seems to be entirely incapable of getting its [censored] together to not regress their game mechanics. The equipment selection in this game is almost as barren as the selection that Syndicate had. It's like they take feedback and then overcorrect to the point that they create brand new issues. The Unity-Syndicate situation is a good example of it already having happened before.

  • krvpt.
    63 posts

    dude its been 22 days and i still cant launch the game due to the splash screen freeze! ive tried everything with ubi support and even community methods, nothing works. ubisoft needs to fix their damn game, this is the last game i will ever buy from them, if they dont fix this soon im getting a refund.

  • SouldrinkerLP
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    @valtyrnine The thing is: You see the endless random loot as progress. I don't get why all games have to be the same over and over again. And then people complain there are no new IPs and all games feel the same. I would agree that we need more sets. But not randomized gear. 10 more unqiue sets (40 gear items with 3-4 stages each totalling in 160 - 200 different visuals) would probably suffice.

    Edit: And maybe add the option to change color on gear 🙂

  • CakeXassassin
    43 posts

    @souldrinkerlp we need a tanner in the settlement to dye the colthes, and get new outfit color"skins" and capes, like a flower cape, or a assassin insignia cape.
    its a shame that you upgarde the theign armour and are forced to wear a blue cape instead of the beautifull red, you sould be able to dye them and add new paterns, because its the only thing you see when you enter a city, you should costumize it. and the cape color should automaticaly alter the cloth of the rest of the armour. the same way that in odyssey your hood and undergarments would change collor acording to the chest piece.
    people ask for trans mog but i say tanner, ac2 had the option to dye clothes its nothing new to te series. ac2 had capes that altered notority valhalla can have them too, a bandit cape for example it lets you enter bandit camps withou entering combat but every city becomes restricted area, or a mercian cape that removes distrust areas in mercia....
    ghost of tsushima has a lot less outfits tha valhalla but it feels bether because you can paint the armours and has a huge array of head gear that doesnt cout to armor bonus and allows costumization

  • Frosthound030
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    @rodrigo20121 and the fact that thegn armor is already upgraded twice by the time you find any of it, was so [censored] when i saw In my jomviking inventory the leather tunic base version of the thegn top, like wth if they are pushing the upgrade appearance system then why have gear pre upgraded from its base version before we even find it with no way to EVER get the base versions, lotta bad decisions were made by the devs in charge of weapons and armor

  • CakeXassassin
    43 posts

    @frosthound030 i think its so the further you are in terms of lvl the bether the rarity you get, it sucks to be lvl 400 witha legendary set and then to have to fully ugrade your new set and have to farm materials...

  • aldrichm8
    23 posts

    @souldrinkerlp And transmog.

  • Frosthound030
    124 posts

    @rodrigo20121 i thought this to until i made anew character to test out, it’s still the same upgrade on all the armors unfortunatly😢

    and i be lined for all the later armors right away, hopefully they’ll realize it’s no fun and just let us find them in their base version

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @aldrichm8 Exactly.

    What I would ask for:

    • Up to 10 more sets of armor (4 pieces each)
    • The ability to select previous upgrades cosmetically
    • Transmog
    • Change colors of amour pieces.

    Then I think most people would be happy 🙂

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • CakeXassassin
    43 posts

    @souldrinkerlp the ability to select previous upgrades and Transmog is the sameand i want the colors ting to have a mission and a house in the settlement. Just to give depth.

    I think 10 more outfits is too much, 5 are enough if they feel way diferent and have more diversity.
    There are 3 assassin outfits for God Sake , hidden ones, mentor and the other one.

    We need a chests piece like the One from the Berserker, that has a bare naked chest piece, they could add a whaler set like in ac4, a rusted roman armor that upgrades to roman centurion armor, a winter furry armor with a full polar bear fur cape, Edwards outfit and allow us to use the Vinland armour in England

    We need more unique outfits, i never felt pushed to Change from the Raven armor cuz it all looks the same to me, we need cloak skins and the way to use the cloak in battle

    Everiting is leather and metal with fur all arround, the most unique ones are the carolingian from Twitch prime, and the Berserker from the ultimate pack, and are need diferent colors, diferent materiais like snake or shark skin and Seal fur, diferent styles like a restored centuries old roman armor

    I also want more Raven and horse abilitys, the options to have a bear or lynx companion instead of the wolf, and wale hunt like in black flag cuz vikings did whale hunt, and that and other activitys to be ad could give the new sempre.

  • CakeXassassin
    43 posts

    i have finished everithing, that i could in the game (and i said that i could because there are bugs concerning some big fishes and the weather) and though i loved the big story, (that clearly has its pacing and motion captured flaws) and the small mistery events, i have to say that i miss traditiona sidequests. i dont for any means want the return of huge check lists and meaningless,or randomized content that odyssey had.

    valhalla has some great sidequests, beiing the path of the berserker and legend of beowulf that actually have meaning to you character and give rewards like the bjorn raider, the other sidequests revolve arround the settlement, helping the huntsman or the baker in their problems, and then we have the checklists of the fisherman, and though i love this quests i have to say that they are clearly to few and only a small part of the setlement gets theyr story told.

    i would like to have continuation and rewards for the already started setlement quest lines, to have new missions regarding undeveloped settlers and to have new setlers, new stories, new rewards and new builings.

    not only i would like new buidings but i would like the already present buildings to change acording to the progress of the missions, like more fish on the fisherman if you finished the contracts, animal heads in the long house if finished the legendary hunts, or a femenin touch at the balcksmith after he gets maried, that would add to a sence of progress and imersion.

    recurring characters could apear again , during the story you call your aliances but they never call you back, and having previous character
    apear again for a final mission would ad a sence of acomplishment to your aliances.

    you could meet npcs arround the world and have the give you an aliance, became your new raider or open the possibility to that. some of those npcs could appear latter in your settlement, be they traveling merchants that sell to you fish or animal parts, or new settlers that could open new bussinesses in your settlement.

    ...buildings like a tanner, that offers options to dye clothes and to have new cape skins that may or may not affect your notoriety status. and the so asked for transmog
    ...whale hunters that offer you a new whale hunting minigame, and that activates the presence of whales dolfins and sharks in the game( the seas are preaty mutch empty and [censored] PETA).
    ...traders that would allow you to trade resourses with other players, alies and other nations,allowing you to obtain exotic weapons from constantinople, kiev, france,rome...and new upgrade materials, decorations,tattoos...
    ...a animal tamer that would give you new animal summon abilitys (like bear and lynx instead of Wolf), and new horse and raven tecniques
    ,,,or a drengr to teach you new skills and runes

    and also to have more ship skins, armour, tatoos... present in the game.
    ...let us play a little with more unique tattoos and diferent colors of war Paint
    ...i dont need full ship sets just let me scavange figure heads from ship wreks and add a way to create your Standart to use on sails and shields, like the emblema creation on for honor
    ... A ancient roman rusted armor to be upgraded to centurion armor, a whaler outfit as rewards for the sabe Hunts, a winter armor with a coak of polar bear fur(and i mean not the fur sholders, the full Cape), more unique Styler outfits
    ... capes skins and dyes that you can change
    ...more hair styles...

    this are some of my ideas for the settlement, and post game content. i heard that new game plus will be added and new events, game modes, gear... will be added seasonally, and i really hope that some of my wishes come true.

    the game is huge, beautifull and living, but it lacks content and depth. And i love it, please give your ideas to keep this tread running with your and mine ideas, you can rant if you want

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts
    This post is deleted!
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    Get rid of or calm down the nonsensical civilian sniveling! They act like complete idiots, despite you just calmly walking around and looking for chests, etc. Even just sitting on your "Mount", near the civilians, and they're in absolute panic mode, yelling, screaming, pointing, waving their arms, crying, etc. It's annoying enough to go all Wolverine-like on them, just to get de-synced. 👎

  • NightHawk29
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    @fractal009 You got further than I did before I gave up and waiting for this game to be properly fixed and out of early beta state. I expected MUCH better from Ubisoft, this game has been a disaster. I love the setting (I have always loved the Viking era more than any other, and the AC series has always since the original been one of my all time favorite series), the combat and that's about it, the rest is utter garbage!

    Tons of bugs (I picked up an opal but game crashed and now the opal still shows on my map but is not in the world no matter how many times I went to go to that location in hopes it will correct the opal showing on the map), the beyond stupid skill tree, lack of being able to customize armor and weapon appearances like in Odyssey (why this step backwards?), performance issues that were supposed to be fixed in 1.0.4 but are now WORSE and so on! What an [censored] joke! (I play PC, just not to confuse the performance issues with consoles which have their own issues it seems too). If I didn't buy the physical collector's edition I'd be demanding a full complete refund weeks ago. Odyssey was phenomenal overall but this game took so so many steps backwards it feels like some kind of sick joke.

    Ubisoft, get your s**t together! I'm glad I didn't buy Watch Dogs Legion and even with the recent Black Friday sale wasn't enough to get me to purchase any other Ubisoft game after playing this. I am almost tempted to cancel my Immortals Fenyx Rising pre-order as well at this point and pretty much turn Ubisoft into what EA is to me... dead! I have not bought an EA title in at least a decade and refuse to ever buy an EA game and after this I am about ready to put Ubisoft in my "never buy from again" group of game developers/publishers!

  • Belcechus
    36 posts
    • Assassin's creed valhalla is the only video game that crashes on my ps4, I reported this error to technical support and I did not receive any response from them. I have also complained several times in the Spanish forum and they have ignored me. It wasn't until I got a reply from someone on the forum that I stopped thinking that ubisoft only cared about PC and xbox crushes.

    • In the options menu we can deactivate the blood and dismemberments, but we cannot activate the nudism filter because it does not work properly. I have it activated and the only breasts you can see are those of Lerion's demon daughters and the chest of a "working lady". The Roman statues have censored breasts with shells and there is a nudist camp where nudists wear underwear. Compared to the uncensored Greek statues of Odyssey or the topless women in Origins, Valhalla has regressed.

    • Eivor's musculature is not realistic because she is supposed to be a Viking and I don't understand how a Greek misthos can have more muscles than a drengr.

    • The small variety of hairstyles and hair dyes available for Eivor.

    • Eivor's hair and textures look bad from afar.

    • The video game is not clearly optimised for a ps4.

    • There are few female characters with whom to have a serious affair.

  • Fractal009
    Original poster 64 posts

    And please can we talk about the broken bow aiming system ????
    Is it going to be fixed one day ??

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @belcechus As far as crashes go it's happening on my Xbox One X as well. Since I started the game at launch there have been 8 occasions where the game crashed, 3 to the dashboard. I'm not even counting the times I've gotten "stuck" in the environment in the game and had to manually restart the game. I doubt it'll be addressed as I also had the same issue with Odyssey. It hasn't happened on any other game I've played with the exception of The Division 2.

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    its not optimize for any platform, compare to ody it realy runs bad
    also go visit the forums for last dog and fenyx, both are filled with complains to

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