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  • SouldrinkerLP
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    @fractal009 I genuinely don't think it is broken. They changed the aim assist to keep your aiming steady relatively to the target. It isn't meant to aim for you but help you aiming with a controller.

  • azullFR
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    For me it appears to be broken, I mean :
    I'm using controler on PS4 Pro and haved set Aim Assist to NULL :
    Sometimes during fight if you take the bown, the view will turn 180° to aim.... NOTHING !!!! and you're just turning back to all ennemies !!!!
    I thing it's due to the way they handle the camera

    • Same things occurs with hand weapons
    • You have to look at your feets every time you call the horse (can I have a look at ennemies surrounding ?)
    • All the finishers, makes you finish in an uneccepted position (would be nice to be able to skip them !)
    • When you run, for exemple, to the North & lookig at East, the camera will turn back to loot @ North (can I look where I want ?)
    • When you aim, for assassination, at a guy in a group, at the very last instant the game will decide that you will kill the guy who is behind the first one and ruin your strategy !

    Sometime I feel like I'm not authorized to play as I want, they decide what I'm doing, I hate this feeling....

    Else to mention : if you have a rune active for 2s, it's WASTED by the finisher animation !!!!!
    Sad, cause there's a lot of details in theyre world that are well thoughts ... but gameplay is disapointing.

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    Yeah, that's the other game that annoys me, too, but it pales in comparison to this travesty. I just reported the 13th game crash (it failed on loading the game on the "Press X" screen), and this game has only been out for roughly a month. Now that's performance.

  • Obeyyourmastr
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    This is just my opinion. Your gameplay experience may be totally different.

    Contains spoilers!!!

    I have played the game for 136 hours and have a 384 skill level.

    The first 40 hours of gameplay were captivating and engrossing. At 60 hours it became monotonous. At 80 hours it was boring.

    On the last two story arcs I used the space bar to expedite through all of the cut scenes and conversations because I didn’t care what the NPCs had to say. I didn’t waste time looting during the last two story arcs as I had already upgraded my gear to mythical.

    When I was transported out of the game for the last time to interact with Layla and the Animus I also used the space bar because all of the NPCs had diarrhea of the mouth.
    When I had control of Basim (“I did it because of my family”) during the last Animus scene I just re-entered the Animus without interacting with any of the environment…I just wanted to end the game. We all know the “tree” has many stories to tell.

    A lot of game resources could have been used to improve the core game if they omitted the immersion breaking Animus (current day) gameplay and data nodes.

    Once you finish the “end game” you see a pop up stating something to the fact “you have more secrets to discover and more lands to explore.” My reply is I finished the game and regret buying the season pass. I probably won’t play any of the expansions or DLCs as it adds nothing to the end game nor do I have any incentive to replay the game.

    Here are somethings I learned during my gameplay experience:

    I used the raven only a dozen times. Totally useless in the game.

    Most of your combat interactions will be melee so build around that.

    Assassination is an afterthought in this game.

    I upgraded the settlement to just below level 6…only to realize that the only buildings needed were the Hidden Ones Bureau for the Hidden Ones questlines and the cartographer. You spend very little time in your settlement anyway.

    ·        Blacksmith not needed…available in most towns and cities.
    ·        Stable not needed…available in most towns and cities.
    ·        Trader not needed…available in most towns and cities.
    ·        Seers hut not needed unless you want to do the side quests. You only get 10 skill points for completing both parts of the quest. You have to collect 30 “tears” for each part of the quest and you have a chance to kill a level 400 legendary animal.  Entire side quests has no effect on the end game.
    ·        Fishing hut not needed unless you want to waste time on broken quests.
    ·        Hunting lodge not needed unless you want to waste time on broken quests.
    ·        Shipyard not needed unless you want to change the appearance of your longboat which you don’t spend that much time on. No other longboat upgrades available.
    ·        Tattoo shop not needed unless you want to constantly change the limited available tattoos and hair styles.
    ·        Barracks not needed unless you want to recruit other players Jomsvikings. Has no effect on monastery raids. Go into a monastery with Eivor, kill everyone and then use your horn to call your raiders as you need them to open up the doors and raid chests.
    ·        Museum not needed. Only gives you cosmetic items for your settlement.
    ·        Reda is worthless as quests are broken and you need a large amount of opals to buy his junk.
    ·        All other outbuildings not needed unless you want feast buffs. I only used the longhouse feast buff once as I didn’t see any real benefit of the buffs during gameplay.

    Data nodes are useless. Just immersion breaking parkour puzzles that have nothing to do with the endgame. I did the first three data nodes and passed on the others.

    Chasing flying books only to be rewarded with a random tattoo. I did three and passed on the rest of them.

    The overabundance of “blocked” doors which have a chest with a miniscule amount of basic crafting materials and silver. Not worth the effort to solve the puzzles.

    The berserker quest is useless. When you finish the quest you get to recruit the berserker and not the bear. The bear dies from wounds/old age at the end of the quest.

    De-synchronized because I killed three civilians who happen to be in the middle of a quest/combat area.

    The convoluted skill tree. Just a disaster. Granted you can respect at no cost, but it is a waste of time to respect from bear to raven to wolf as the scenario changes. It doesn’t make a difference near end game as you have the skill points for all three skill trees.

    Yggdrasil story arc is boring and immersion breaking.

    Most of the countryside is lifeless.

    Would have been nice to have the ability to kill Basim by midgame and also the option to let Sigurd die in Fulke’s dungeon as he is just a waste of time.

    I won’t comment on the game breaking bugs as that is another topic in itself.

    I have learned my lesson to not buy pre-order game bundles. I’ll just save my cash and wait awhile after a game is released to purchase it based on valid reviews.

  • beerad916
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    @zuluhotelx-ray All three of these are bugged on PC as well.

  • CakeXassassin
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    @obeyyourmastr i agree with you the settlement is undersused and the story is too long, but its funny how every complaint that you have is because you didnt care to play the game, you jumped dialogues, skiped scenes and then complaint that the characters were boring and some scenes imersions breaking, dude you were killing the character building, you were breaking imersion.
    Yes the settlement is underused
    No there are not other blacksmiths
    The Hunter actually gives you some very good quests, as well as the Baker, the tattoo artist and the blacksmith.
    The costumization exists for those who Care, though i would like more
    Yes the world is a little empty but the world, but meh i kind of like the calmness of it all, could use some random events though
    This is not a game to be rushed, i took me 150 hours and i liked it, you cant Skip dialogues, you must read some notes expecially the ones in fulkes Castle and you must brethe and apreciate the beauty.
    If you are complaining it Was to easy now we got level scalling

  • CakeXassassin
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    This post is deleted!
  • CakeXassassin
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    i have finished everithing, that i could in the game (and i said that i could because there are bugs concerning some big fishes and the weather) and though i loved the big story, (that clearly has its pacing and motion captured flaws) and the small mistery events, i have to say that i miss traditional sidequests. i dont for any means want the return of huge check lists and meaningless,or randomized content that odyssey had.

    valhalla has some great sidequests, beiing the path of the berserker and legend of beowulf that actually have meaning to you character and give rewards like the bjorn raider, the other sidequests revolve arround the settlement, helping the huntsman or the baker in their problems, and then we have the checklists of the fisherman, and though i love this quests i have to say that they are clearly to few and only a small part of the setlement gets theyr story told.

    Helping settlers
    i would like to have continuation and rewards for the already started setlement quest lines, to have new missions regarding undeveloped settlers and to have new setlers, new stories, new rewards and new builings.
    not only i would like new buidings but i would like the already present buildings to change acording to the progress of the missions, like more fish on the fisherman if you finished the contracts, animal heads in the long house if finished the legendary hunts, or a femenin touch at the balcksmith after he gets maried, that would add to a sence of progress and imersion.

    Maintaining alliences
    recurring characters could apear again , during the story you call your aliances but they never call you back, and having previous character
    apear again for a final mission would ad a sence of acomplishment to your aliances.

    Searching for new allies
    you could meet npcs arround the world and have the give you an aliance, became your new raider or open the possibility to that. some of those npcs could appear latter in your settlement, be they traveling merchants that sell to you fish or animal parts, or new settlers that could open new bussinesses in your settlement.

    Daily content
    redas quests also need improving not only on the opal amount, but on the variety, the weekly Quest its way easy, it should be a complex Quest, instead of killing roaming guards, make us invade a big fortress, or have a second weekly with a roaming drengr/zelot/mini boss. Make lvl6 setlement offer a +% bônus in opal
    some more random events or avenge player quests yould also be a Nice return

    ...buildings like a tanner, that offers options to dye clothes and to have new cape skins that may or may not affect your notoriety status. and the so asked for transmog
    ...whale hunters that offer you a new whale hunting minigame, and that activates the presence of whales dolfins and sharks in the game( the seas are preaty mutch empty and [censored] PETA).
    ...traders that would allow you to trade resourses with other players, alies and other nations,allowing you to obtain exotic weapons from constantinople, kiev, france,rome...and new upgrade materials, decorations,tattoos...
    ...a animal tamer that would give you new animal summon abilitys (like bear and lynx instead of Wolf), and new horse and raven tecniques
    ,,,or a drengr to teach you new skills and runes

    More content and costumization
    and also to have more ship skins, armour, tatoos... present in the game.
    ...let us play a little with more unique tattoos and diferent colors of war Paint
    ...i dont need full ship sets just let me scavange figure heads from ship wreks and add a way to create your Standart to use on sails and shields, like the emblema creation on for honor
    ... A ancient roman rusted armor to be upgraded to centurion armor, a whaler outfit as rewards for the sabe Hunts, a winter armor with a coak of polar bear fur(and i mean not the fur sholders, the full Cape), more unique Styler outfits
    ... capes skins and dyes that you can change
    ...more hair styles...

    this are some of my ideas for the settlement, and post game content. i heard that new game plus will be added and new events, game modes, gear... will be added seasonally, and i really hope that some of my wishes come true.

    the game is huge, beautifull and living, but it lacks content and depth.

    its now worth my time to complain about bugs, crashes ,the lack of options like the quick save and Trans mog, and the optimization, só i leave only what i want on the setlement and sidequests

  • boo-yah1907
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    I really do think that the game has the exact same story with the previous one, for a time i even thought that valhalla is what odyssey should have been. After seeing ubisoft ignoring an issue, which would prevent me from stopping to play the game (not beeing able to complete the fishing hut orders) and acting like that they have no clue about the issue, for so long, along with the duplicate fafnirs fang and 3 hunstman torso s in different qualities still going on, i really wonder what the heck did i paid for. Also think previous games problems were a lot mellow compared to this one and you get gifted by a non upgradable low quality armor piece in this game which made it aaaaaaallllllll better...

  • CakeXassassin
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    @boo-yah1907 i think that the fish problem is a little more complicated, because it is related to the weather sistem

  • andrewise98
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    I'm just confused. Why can't I buy the season pass anymore on PS4? Is this just me or has anyone else noticed it's not available due to lacking "entitlement to PS5" something BS?

  • boo-yah1907
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    @rodrigo20121 dont think so otherwise it would have been fixed by now. they are deliberately ignoring it

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    Hello from holland
    im bit disapointed in valhalla game play
    denmark, england, some where in the usa with a indian family

    smashing enemies a lot, but where is the assasin creed evry target in england is one at same ....where is the story line
    sorry ubisoft i got all assasins but this is worst so far

    even ride waves in black pearl was nicer
    thumbs down for me

  • CakeXassassin
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    @dodo_nl the story jumps a little from here to there, but it does have a story line.
    3 story lines tangled with 10 stories. It gets confusing.
    Each arc is its own story, but there is the assassin and the sigurd storyes in the mix.
    The targets are actually a little Bether then in odyssey. Specially the ones from lunden, jorvik and winshester, they arent many but 9 templars are Bether than none

  • Seth_Greigis
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  • stevencod35
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    I can't believe how bad this game is, I like the actual game but there is so many bugs that ruin the game, I have reported one a while back no response at all, I can do other things as I have been but came across another 2 bugs which I haven't even bothered reporting as it gets ignored, valkas hut is bugged and there is missing keys I have come across, odins vision days the key is there but there isn't anything where it is meant to be, then all the other countless things that's others are reporting, I bought the game for 45 pounds and haven't played assassin's creed since black. Flag so was really looking forward to this but I feel to just trade the game because I feel I can't sell it to anyone because I'm ripping them off as it can't be completed, so how can ubisoft sell this with all these issues and get away with it is beyond me, I know from this day forward no matter how good the game looks I won't be buying anything else from them as there is too many problems all the time, ghost recon breakpoint was also abysmal too. I'm gonna give them till maybe half way through April then I'm gonna get rid off this game if it isn't fixed up a bit more as i can't even progress through the main story with valka this early on so unless that's fixed and these keys appear what is the point, I can't be bothered reporting and sending countless videos for each problem I come across because there is so many. If the game ain't complete don't sell it in the 1st place, laws should be made against this in the gaming industry as it is rife with plenty other games now.

  • LuisCRivera
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    So far, I deeply want two things:

    1) Have hood options for everyone: I could have hood on at the moment I want, at the status I want.

    2) Proper outfits physics: it is annoying how all of them are stick to your legs

  • Xyhail
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    Hey everyone

    So I don't normally do this and prefer happy obscurity, but I feel I need to make my feelings know, and I am not too sure if anyone has said this elsewhere.

    I will start by saying I thoroughly enjoy the Assasins Creed Franchise as a whole and have played every major title, I have been joying the open world feel of modern Assasins Creed, and hope to continue to do so, although I appreciate this a polarising opinion. I just enjoy being able to go where I want and to what I want within certain confines, i.e. risk of death in more difficult locations at the start.
    So my biggest gripe I guess is something that was introduced in Origins, and has maintained itself to Valhalla inc the Druids DLC.
    Now I never had this issue in Origins due to the nature of the new Mechanic.
    I am talking about the Cultist hit lists, I love the updated cultist hit lists, and the need to search for clues to discover the identity of your targets, I really enjoy it, I know people think it can be a little fetch quest type of thing, but I like being given the reason to explore the vast maps we are given to play within.


    right, that's my whinge over with.

    I look forward to enjoying this game with you all


  • flash2177
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    The only three I'm a bit annoyed about the game are as follows: 1) The skill tree. Funny how one said whoever made that must be suffering from a disorder... I mean, far out, it looks like a bloody mess... and to be honest, I forgot about half of the stuff on it. I have a short-term memory disorder from a trauma to the head that caused me to forget a few things. It's fine that the team is probably overambitious to a degree, but, of course, they can't please everyone. 2) The "mastery challenge," particularly the one at Odin's hideout, specifically the wolf trial. Watching the YouTube about that challenge, I don't think I've ever seen a bunch of angry gamers talking about it. I mean, it required "absolute perfection" when, repeatedly, one tries to do their best they could, but it's never enough. Plus all the time we're pouring in just for the sake of practicing for one location... really, some of us has a life. We can't just sit in the chair all day playing when we're out working a lot. It's a huge waste of time. As one would put it, that challenge must have been "made by the biggest ***hole on the team." I laughed, but I couldn't agree more. And lastly, 3) I've already mentioned the pouring of hours we put on a a particular location, but I'm referring to this game that, I think by far, takes the cake out of many games I've played. Don't get me wrong... it's a beautiful game. I don't mind the variety and such, but, oh gosh, one could only do so much. For some of us, we're a completionist; and when we love the game (or the franchise even), some of us would want to make sure not one thing is missing. I think of myself as one when I play with the right game that I love. I really thought I had beaten this game completely when it came out, but then there were more stuff added, and, after months of not playing that game, I'd have to practice the combat and relearn all that stuff once again. I'm not getting any younger, but as we get older, some of us aren't going to stick around to do the same thing over and over again. It's downright boring and a pain. Hopefully Ubisoft takes this matter to heart because there are a bunch of other games I'd love to play. Oh, I forgot to mention... for some of us who played the Yuletide Fest when it came out last year couldn't play it again this year. I know Ubisoft is already on that, but they're waiting until after Christmas... and maybe New Years. So, bummer. But I'm moving on to the next game anyway.

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